SparkR Review – Mark Cuban’s Powerful Tactical Flashlight Survival Tool?

Being outdoors hiking, biking, camping, and fishing can be a favorite past time of many. If you find yourself in a jam outdoors, though, a family trip can easily become a survival scenario. Making sure you are prepared with the proper tools for fire building and light can make a huge difference in your experience in an emergency situation.

Now there is a device that acts as a 3 in 1 multi tool. It contains a plasma lighter, flashlight, and can be converted into a lantern if need be. It is designed to be a helpful tool in emergency situations, and is built with durable materials that may make this a useful tool for you.

Today we will be discussing a product called the Sparkr 3 in 1 Multi Tool by Power Practical. We will be reviewing this product and helping you determine if it is the right one for you to try.

What Is SparkR?

The Sparkr 3 in 1 Multi Tool is a lighter, flashlight, and lantern, all in one light and easy to use product. It is designed for outdoor use, such as camping, hiking, and more. It may be a lifesaver in an emergency situation, and is weather proof, water proof, and durable.

How Does Sparkr Work?

The Sparkr Tool works with a rechargeable battery and three tools in one. It can be a useful tool in emergency situations, and it may be able to help you find your way, even in the dark.

SparkR Benefits

Other benefits of the Sparkr Multi Tool include:

  • Can help you start a fire with a plasma lighter that is waterproof and easy to spark. It will start a spark even if it is wet or raining outside
  • It has a 400 lumen flashlight at the end that may be able to help you find your way to safety if you are lost in the dark or are camping and need to walk around. This flashlight also has three settings to choose from, depending on the level of light in the environment you are in
  • It is 100% weather proof, and will still start a fire, light the way, and hang where you need it, even in the rain or snow
  • Only weights .4 pounds, so it is very light and easy to transport and use
  • Turns into a lantern with a translucent cap and tie off, so you can hang it on a tree, tent pole, and more if you need a lantern with more generalized light
  • The rechargeable battery can give you up to 12 hours of light between charges and 100+ starts from the lighter. It can be fully charged within only 4 hours, and plugs into any outlet via USB.
  • It is made with military grade materials such as anodized aluminum, so it can withstand the toughest conditions

How SparkR Benefits Me

This tool can benefit you by providing centralized light in the dark with a flashlight and lantern and helping you build a fire in cases of emergency. Since it is rechargeable, it is an easy addition to any emergency kit, and saves money by not requiring battery changes. It is water proof and easy to use, and each charge can give you hundreds of fire starts and/or up to 12 hours of light in the dark.

SparkR Creators

The 3 in 1 Multi Tool is made by a company called Sparkr, which is a Mark Cuban company. They successfully won a Shark Tank contract, and were able to raise more than $500,000 dollars for production of these tools. We hope that this tool will be a beneficial one to all outdoor sportsmen, and will be a welcome addition to any emergency kit.

Purchasing SparkR

The Sparkr 3 in 1 Multi Tool is available for purchase from their website as follows:

  • 1 Multi Tool: $59.99 plus shipping and handling
  • 2 Multi Tools (buy one, get one 25% off): $104.98 plus shipping and handling
  • 3 Multi Tools (buy two, get one 50% off): $149.98 plus shipping and handling
  • 4 Multi Tools (buy three, get one FREE): $179.97 plus shipping and handling

SparkR Conclusion

If you are looking for an easy, lightweight emergency tool that is rechargeable, want something that can help you start a fire without the use of matches or other non water proof tools, need a high power flashlight in cases of emergency, or just want to try something new for your emergency kit, the Sparkr 3 in 1 Multi Tool may be the right one for you to try.

Though we have not tried or used this product yet, we will update our information with new comments below as time goes on and more details become available. In the mean time, you can check out their website for testimonials and ratings by other customers to get an idea of what this product may be able to do for you.


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