Electronics Assistive Technology Source Wifi Review – Practical Reliable Internet Access Anywhere Service?

Source Wifi Review – Practical Reliable Internet Access Anywhere Service?


Source Wi-Fi is an internet provider that promises to provide reliable internet access anywhere you go – so you can connect to Wi-Fi everywhere. Learn more about Source Wi-Fi today in our review.

What Is Source Wi-Fi?

Source Wi-Fi is a new ISP-like service that promises to change the way we access the internet.

The company is currently accepting beta applicants through its official website. At the Source Wi-Fi website, customers are enticed with offers of “reliable internet access anywhere you go” and the ability to “connect to WiFi anywhere”.

The company has a simple mission: to cover the world in cheap, reliable internet access.

After paying for a subscription to Source, you gain access to the company’s community of access points around the world.

Another innovative feature for Source Wi-Fi is that you only pay for the time or data you use. Their standard rate is $4 per GB. The company believes that standard ISP plans – where you pay a fixed rate for a fixed amount of data per month – are horribly outdated.

But there’s one big thing that immediately distinguishes Source from its competitors: you can actually make money by sharing your own Wi-Fi. You can sign up to become a Source provider, then get paid to share your Wi-Fi with the world.

How Does Source Wi-Fi Work?

Here’s the basic step by step guide to using Source Wi-Fi:

Step 1) Download the Source app for your laptop or mobile device.
Step 2) Find a Source provider: There’s a growing network of hotspots around the world.
Step 3) Only pay for the time you use. The company charges $4 per GB, which they claim is 3 times cheaper than the average mobile data plan.

Source Wifi Advantages

Why should you sign up for Source? Why wouldn’t you just use your mobile device’s existing data plan – or free Wi-Fi hotspots? Obviously, Source is aware they have competition. That’s why they’re enticing customers with benefits like:

Solid Connections:

Free Wi-Fi is rarely reliable, fast, or steady. Connections can drop. Authentication processes can frequently kick you off the network. With Source, you never have to enter a password or deal with login screens.

Cheaper Than Mobile Plans:

Source’s main advantage over cell phone data plans is that it’s cheaper. The company claims to charge rates that are 3 times cheaper than cell plans.

They also remind you that, “85% of the time you’re using your smartphone’s data plan, you’re actually in range of a WiFi hotspot”. With Source, you automatically switch onto the fastest, cheapest Source provider in range of your device.

Peace Of Mind When Traveling:

Source makes it easier to travel. You don’t have to mess around with login screens or hand your credit card info to untrustworthy services. You know Source is going to be there and be reliable when you need it.

The other advantage of Source Wi-Fi is that you can make money off your own Wi-Fi connection. We’ll explain how that works below.

Earn Money From Your Own Wi-Fi Network

One of the unique features about Source Wi-Fi is that it’s democratizing internet access: you can share your Wi-Fi connection to earn a little extra money on the side.

Essentially, all you need to do is buy a preconfigured router from Source. That router is the same cost as existing routers. If you’re in one of Source’s launch cities, then they’ll even install it for you.

After setting up the router, you’ll have two Wi-Fi hotspots. One is for your personal use and the other is for Source users. This is done for security – and to prevent your home network from ever slowing down.

Source users can log onto the network, but your internet isn’t affected. Source also installs extra security features for peace of mind.

As a Source provider, you can manage guest and friend access from the Source app on your phone. You can also create whitelists and blacklists, manage firewall settings, check out how much money you’re making, and cash out.

The Source Wi-Fi Technology

Obviously, there’s a lot going on with Source Wi-Fi. How does the company provide secure internet for guests and users? What’s the secret power behind its service?

Source uses blockchain technology. The company is a blockchain powered network for internet access. Here’s how they explain it on their official website’s Technology page:

“Source is a blockchain powered network for internet access.

By incentivizing every internet connected individual to share their internet access, we’re not only increasing the connectivity of digital consumers worldwide but also minimizing the costs of wireless access and communication.

We are currently building on top of the Ethereum blockchain, to power payments, authentication, and our registry of verified internet providers. We're building a platform to bring internet infrastructure into the modern age.”

Source’s effectiveness is tied to the Source Network Token, which is a single standardized token capable of purchasing internet access from any Source provider. If you have the Source Network Token, you’ll be able to securely access the internet from Source hotspots.

Blockchain technology isn’t just about security: the company is also using the technology to make micropayments more economical:

“Wireless access deserves a pay-as-you-go model. Current pricing schemes are outdated, inefficient, and favor centralization of large monopolistic Internet service providers.

We‘ve chosen a blockchain architecture to take advantage of payment channel technology to facilitate fast and scalable micropayments.”

In other words, Source wants to end the days where we paid $70 per month for an internet connection with a set data cap – whether we approach that data cap or not.

That means you pay for the internet you actually use, and save a lot of money on your internet expenses.

About Source

Source was co-founded by Dillon Chen (CEO & co-founder), Drew Stone (CTO & co-founder), and Joe Farned (CPO & co-founder).

You can contact Source through their online email form.

Source Wifi Summary

You can download Source today from the official website. You can also sign up for the beta through that website.

Stay tuned for more information about Source and its unique Wi-Fi model as the company continues to grow. The company has the potential to democratize internet access in the same way Uber and Lyft have democratized the taxi industry.



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