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SpyCam HD Review – Does The Tiny Eye Spy Cam HD Work Effectively?


The Tiny Eye Spy Cam HD is a small camera that looks like an adapter for your phone, which you can plug in to any outlet to record footage of your home to review when you return.

Sometimes, the security of knowing exactly what people are doing in your absence can give you the sense of security that you need.

What Is SpyCam HD?

When you let anyone new into your home without your supervision, you’re putting all your trust in a stranger.

You may have them watching your children, or cleaning your home, but you probably go through an interview process to make sure you feel comfortable with their presence.

Even if you ask this new person every question you can possibly have, you may still feel apprehensive about their presence. To make sure that these strangers have the integrity that you believe they do, then the SpyCam HD can help you.

The Tiny Eye Spy Cam HD gives you the chance to see what goes on in your home or office that you aren’t seeing. The device looks like a plugin in that you use to charge your phone, making it inconspicuous to anyone else who enters your home.

It’s easy to activate, and it even offers a USB port to give the impression that you can plug in your charging cord for a tablet or smartphone.

Security cameras are often very expensive, and tend to be fairly obvious. With the rise in nanny cams and similar types of technology, the employees that you hire for your home can easily see they are being watched.

For some individuals, knowing they are being watched is a form of deterrent. Unfortunately, the type of person that needs to be watched to maintain their integrity is likely to do something wrong when they think they aren’t under surveillance anymore.

If you want to know who is in your home, and what they are doing without your presence, the Tiny Eye Spy Cam HD is a great way to find out.

How Does SpyCam HD Work?

The Tiny Eye Spy Cam HD is setup to look like the charging adapter for your phone, but each part of the device helps to record what you need to know. On the front of the SpyCam, you have a functional USB interface, which you can still charge your phone with.

If you look above the USB port, you will notice a tiny dot, which is the 1080p camera, which gives you an impressive video of whatever footage is recorded.

The camera is activated by motion sensors, so it will start recording whenever movement is detected, without any activation needed form you.

To the left of the camera lens, there’s an indicator light that lets you know that it’s working.

On the plug-in side of the SpyCam HD, the device features a microphone, so that you aren’t left with useless footage with no context.

Just as the camera activates at the exposure to movement, the microphone automatically records sound from the moment it picks it up.

At the end of the day, to save the recordings you can plug a USB drive into the SpyCam to transfer the data. Then, it’s up to you to do with it as you wish, if anything needs to happen at all.

Purchasing SpyCam HD

If you decide that you need to include the SpyCam HD in your home, your total cost for a single camera will usually be $59.99. However, the website is presently offering the device to you for 50% off, which is $39.99.

When you supervise your home with the SpyCam HD, you are bound to want more than one camera around to get the best security in your home. If you decide to purchase more than one device at a time, you will be subject to special pricing. You can choose to:

  • Buy one at full price, with the second device for 50% off: $49.99
  • Buy two at full price, with the third device for free: $59.99

Unlike other brands that provide you with a specific amount of time that you’re able to return the products, in the event that you are dissatisfied with the performance.

Unfortunately, the creators of SpyCam HD have stipulated that all sales are final through their third-party purchasing website.

SpyCam HD Contacts

When you want to purchase such a high-quality piece of equipment for the surveillance and security of your home, you want to make sure you have all the information available.

While there’s limited details on the website, you can turn to the customer service team for answers to the remaining questions you may have.

The fastest way to reach a representative is by making a phone call to 1-844-465-8255. The website doesn’t indicate any hours of operation, which can make it difficult to reach someone when you need to.

However, if you can’t reach the team by phone, you can still send a message to

SpyCam HD Conclusion

Anyone who trusts someone alone in their home, whether it’s your children or hired workers, should have the reassurance that the Tiny Eye Spy Cam HD can offer.

It’s affordable for any budget, which allows you to feel more secure about the activities that go on when you’re not at your house.

While you may be suspicious or cautious for no reason, the Tiny Eye Spy Cam HD helps you to erase any doubt that you may still have.



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