Electronics Assistive Technology NativoPro Review: Smart Bluetooth Voice Translator and Language Speaking Aid

NativoPro Review: Smart Bluetooth Voice Translator and Language Speaking Aid


NativoPro is a portable handheld device that instantly translates in real-time 14 spoken languages into another. The device plays back the translated phrase into the different languages in a matter of seconds with a wireless Bluetooth connection.

What is NativoPro For?

Language can be a major barrier when it comes to communication. For the many people who travel to other countries, being able to understand the local language can make the difference between getting lost, having a good time while on vacation, and connecting with someone new. Even for someone who doesn’t travel often, the United States has plenty of different languages spoken as it is, but no one has time to learn every single one of them.

Electronic translators have become popular in recent years, and the NativoPro aims to be part of those high-quality options. Shaped like a remote, the user just has to record themselves speaking and select the language they want to switch to. There are a total of 14 languages programmed into NativoPro, which playback with clear sound quality in real-time, making it the perfect device to keep in a purse or pocket wherever the user goes.

To offer greater flexibility to users, the translator is equipped with a Bluetooth wireless connection, which is compatible with most phones. While the connection will last up to ten meters away, the voice recognition software must be no more than two meters away to work. Just charge the 3.7 V, 750 mA energy-saving, and long-lasting battery and bring the translator anywhere you go.

Buying NativoPro

For a limited time, the creators behind NativoPro offer a 50% off discount while the product is newly launched. Consumers can buy multiple NativoPro translators in one order and increasing the size of the order will bring down the cost per item.

Right now, the official store offers the following packages in gray and silver:

  • One NativoPro translator for $89
  • Two NativoPro translators for $149
  • Three NativoPro translators for $209

A warranty for one year ($5.95) or two years ($9.95) is available when the customer checks out.

NativoPro Summary

NativoPro is helpful to customers that frequently are around people that speak a different language, interpreting the language quickly. While much cheaper than hiring an interpreter, the website doesn’t say which languages the translator has preinstalled, which makes it difficult to determine if this is the right product for every person.

For any other information, customers will need to reach out to Ecomerzpro Club via a phone call at;

  • US customers 347-708-1493, Monday thru Friday
  • United Kingdom: +44 2036086701 Monday to Friday
  • Spain: + 34 911988049 Monday to Friday

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