Electronics Assistive Technology SuperCalla Review: Magnetic Charging Data Cable to Shape, Charge and Store?

SuperCalla Review: Magnetic Charging Data Cable to Shape, Charge and Store?


SuperCalla is a charging/data transfer cable that can connect nearly any two cords to maintain simple and easy organization. The cable uses the creator’s “automagic” technology as a way to keep the cable tidy, though the design is still patent pending.

What Is the SuperCalla All About?

Organization is the key to keeping any office or entertainment setup from looking like a tangled mess. While there are some people that don’t prioritize straightened cords and a clean space for electronics, far more people are highly meticulous. They could spend hours (whether they want to or not) just setting up their electronics in a way that is as coordinated as it is aesthetically pleasing. While there are many television stands and computer desks that promise to organize, SuperCalla deals with organization at the source of the most clutter – the cords.

Declared by the creators as the first charging and data transfer cable of its kind, SuperCalla is the ideal gift for anyone with OCD. The design keeps the entire cord perfectly coiled against itself without overlaps or tangled, but with a strength that prevents it from sagging or dragging along cables. This lack of slack makes the cable perfect for bringing during travel, preventing tangles effectively.

There are some consumers that might see this cable and compare it with self-coiling options, and they are only half-right. Unlike other types of cables that only fit a few different outlets, consumers are able to choose nearly any combination of multiple types of outlets. In fact, it can connect:

  • iPhone to USB A or USB C
  • Type C to Type C or USB A
  • Micro to USB A

With the option of two different colors, consumers can buy as many cords as they need to keep their home or office space organized in a chic way. The cables are compatible with fast data transfer processes, and they offer fast-charging capability when connected to these types of adapters.

Getting Involved with SuperCalla’s Kickstarter Campaign

The main downside about SuperCalla right now is that consumers cannot actually get it shipped to them quite yet. The company presently has a Kickstarter campaign, allowing them to gain funding from “backers” (anyone who contributes) as a source of production income.

As an incentive to get involved with the campaign, the creators have created multiple packages that correspond to the amount contributed. The packages include:

  • $19 pledge for one SuperCalla cable pack
  • $29 pledge for two SuperCalla cable packs
  • $37 pledge for three SuperCalla cable packs
  • $69 pledge for six SuperCalla cable packs (a.k.a. the family pack)
  • $97 pledge for nine SuperCalla cable packs (a.k.a. the office pack)

With each of the packages, consumers have the ability to choose their connection type, as well as the color and length, and the packages start to go out in June 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions About SuperCalla

Since SuperCalla is so new that no one has it yet, there’s probably a few questions that consumers have. Here’s a few of the answers that customers need to know about SuperCalla before they buy.

Q: How long is the cable?

A: That’s up to the customer! SuperCalla offers either a 3-foot or a 6-foot long cable. Consumers can choose from Diamond White and Jet Black at checkout.

Q: Is there a lot of resistance?

A: No. While the cable will remain neatly coiled while in use, it will easily hold the shape it is positioned in when the user plugs in their electronics.

Q: How is the cable held together?

A: SuperCalla keeps its shape with many magnets, which click together to keep the cord in place. These magnets are fixed in place, which makes it easy for consumers to shape or coil the cable as they desire.

Q: What if the customer wants to get more than one reward?

A: While backers can pledge for the highest package quantity, the creators request that consumers do not exceed the predetermined pledge options. Backers will have the chance to add more cables when the campaign ends.

Q: What if a backer regrets their investment?

A: With Kickstarter campaigns, all funds are released to SuperCalla’s production team after the end date. No refunds are available.

SuperCalla Bottom Line – Prepare for the Launch!

The biggest fidgeters and sternest organizers alike will greatly appreciate the design of SuperCalla, held together with an innovative technology that is not available from other companies. Though it is addictive and entertaining to shape, the creators are clear that it is not meant for children and that it should only be used by ages 15 and up. After a year of testing, SuperCalla is ready to be launched to the public, offering a new and fun way to keep any equipment neat.



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