SnapPower GuideLight USB Charger & LED Nightlight Technology Review

SnapPower Review

SnapPower claims to be the best nightlight in history. It helps you add pathway lighting to your home in seconds. Here’s our SnapPower review.


What is SnapPower?

SnapPower is an electrical outlet cover that promises to brighten your home, charge your technology, and simplify your life using a minimalistic upgrade.

That upgrade comes in the form of an electrical outlet cover. That cover leaves your two outlets free to use while giving you a USB port or an LED light that shines out of the bottom of the cover.

There are two different versions of SnapPower: one is a nightlight that uses LED light to illuminate counters or pathways in your home at night. The other is a charger, which has a USB port you can use to charge your electronics.

SnapPower products promise to be convenient to use and easy to install: you just remove your existing electrical outlet cover and then replace it with the SnapPower cover. The minimalistic design of the SnapPower cover also ensures that it can fit easily into any home décor. It just looks like a white electrical outlet cover with a thicker section at the bottom: that’s it.

The LED lights on the SnapPower outlet cost less than 10 cents per year to run continuously. Each light also lasts 25+ years.

SnapPower Products

There are two versions of the SnapPower: there’s the SnapPower Guidelight and the SnapPower Charger.

The Guidelight features the LED light that costs 10 cents per year to run and lasts 25 years. The Charger, on the other hand, features a USB port that you can use to charge your electronics.

Both SnapPower outlet covers look almost identical: they just look like outlet covers with a thicker section on the bottom.

You can purchase either SnapPower in a duplex or décor outlet style. The Duplex has slots cut out for two electrical outlets, while the décor has one large rectangular window cut out.

How to Install the SnapPower

The SnapPower promises to be easy to install even if you have no equipment and no expertise. There are no batteries or wires required.

Instead, the power of the SnapPower comes from the outlet screws on your existing outlet. The prongs on the back of the SnapPower plastic outlet cover make a contact point with these screws, transferring power.

You just unscrew your existing utility cover, place the SnapPower over top, and screw it into place.

SnapPower Pricing

SnapPower is currently only available online through the official website and is not available in any retail stores. The SnapPower Charger outlet covers are slightly more expensive than the Guidelight options. Here’s how pricing breaks down:


– 5 Pack (Décor/Duplex): $65

-10 Pack (Décor/Duplex): $120

-3 Pack (Décor/Duplex): $42

-Single: (Décor/Duplex): $15


-5 Pack (Décor/Duplex): $85

-10 Pack (Décor/Duplex): $160

-3 Pack (Décor/Duplex): $54

-2 Pack (Décor/Duplex): $38

-Single (Décor/Duplex): $20

The company also sells USB and Lightning connector cords that use ultra-durable technology and a 6 foot long cord to make charging your smartphones and tablets easier than ever before. Both the Lightning and the Micro USB charging cords are priced at $6. If you purchased multiple items from the SnapPower store, then you may receive these cords as a bonus. The default electronics cord length, by the way, is 3 feet, so the SnapPower cables effectively double your range.

About SnapPower

SnapPower is a company that was founded with the goal “to create simple and convenient solutions to power home electronics and automation devices with our innovative prong technology”, according to their bio page. The company is working to launch a line of products that solve basic issues we face in our homes.

SnapPower first launched its Guidelight back in March 2014. Then, they launched the SnapPower USB Charger in March 2015.

The company also has a lineup of 6 foot long USB charging cables designed for use with Apple (Lightning connector) or Android (micro USB).

SnapPower is headquartered in Utah at the following address:

426 East 1750 North

Unit D

Vineyard, UT 84057

You can contact the company by email at [email protected].

Ultimately, SnapPower is a lineup of helpful home technology devices that seek to make your life easier by giving you an accessible charging port or an illuminated pathway in your home. They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and last a lifetime.



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