Samsung Creative Labs Tag+ Review – Digital Technology To Play Games?

These days, adults are not the only ones to benefit from technological innovation and automation. Companies are also scrambling to develop amazing and high-tech creations for kids so that they can enjoy from better and more interesting play time.

One tech giant that is currently developing an new product exclusively for kids and their gameplay is Samsung.

Called the Tag+, this toy is everything that you expect and more. It is being developed through Samsung’s Creative Lab Project for Kids, the toy is easy to use, its functional, and it involves intuitive interactions so that your kid can also get a piece of the online world.

Here is everything you need to know about this product that will soon be on market:

What is Samsung Creative Labs Tag+?

The Tag+ Solution is a new device produced by Samsung that will revolutionize playtime for the kids. It is a small gadget probably suitable for children who are ages 7+.

Samsung is currently referring to the device as its Smart Tag Solution and it is the latest digital companion for your child.

It is comprised of three different components – the toy, the user, and the dedicated application that provides the usage with a number of functions that can be tapped into by using the Tag+ toy.

How Does the Tag+ Work?

The Tag+ is unlike any device that you’ve ever encountered. The product is designed for parents who are looking for interactive fun toys for their children.

The product combines a smart tab that has four functions and a button that provides the user with an array of possibilities. It is important to note that for the device to work properly, your child needs to have a tablet as well.

When your child uses the four functions on the tab or the button, the Tag+ features will appear on the tablet screen. With the digital connectivity, your children can enjoy from more interactive gameplay and they can become a part of the Tag+ community.

Even more interesting is that the device can be bumped against another tag that belongs to another child, which then enables the children to make a totally new toy.

The Components of the Tag+

As mentioned above, there four different functions that the device features and the button as well. The device’s capabilities are as follows:

  • Click

    The clicking capability which is done with the button enables your child to access the device’s features on the tablet device.

    For example, they will be able to reach the toy manuals and videos so that they can use the Tag+ to create new toys out of their building blocks and Legos. With this feature, your child won’t have to go through another boring playtime experience.

  • Long-Press

    With the Long-Press capability, your child will be able to share their finished creation with other children who use the Tag+ system. They can take a picture of their toy and upload it to the system so other kids who use the same toy can view just what can be done.

    Conversely, your child can also view other kids’ creations, so long as they are also using the Tag+.

    As you can tell, the Tag+ is a device that allows for a great deal of communication and connectivity between children, which is certainly an interesting way to approach gameplay.

  • Shake

    When your child shakes the device, he or she will be able to connect even faster with other children who are using the same toy. With this quick and streamlined feature, your child can quickly share their creations and view others by making a simple shaking move.

  • Bump

    Finally, the bump capability is used when two children have the Tag+. As two Tag+ devices are bumped together, the two children are able to make something entirely new with their toy.

    This leads to expanded gameplay and innovative solutions and projects that your child can tap into. Better yet, it enables your kids to get playmates who are part of their own personal social platform.

As you can tell, the Tag+ is truly an innovative and interesting solution when it comes to gameplay. The device gives your kid access to an array of other options when it comes the creations that they can make with their toys.

Further, it enables them to become part of a community and social media platform that is specifically developed for children.

Very few, if any game products on the market offer you the same types of capabilities and features, which makes Samsung into one of the most revolutionary options to date.

Turning One Toy into Multiple Projects

The Tag+ also solves one of the greatest challenges that parents have, which is only getting one use out of a single toy. With the Tag+, you can expand your child’s gameplay and revolutionize the way they approach using the toy.

The Tag+ enables you to view how other children use the toy, what they’ve built with it, and their own creations so that your child can tap into the fun.

Further, the Tag+ makes it even easier by suggesting new toy creations on its own so your kid can go through their own building process and then upload the information to the Tag+ interface.

With these capabilities, your child can expand their gameplay and become proud and confident in their own abilities as well.

Tag+ Availability

Unfortunately, the Tag+ is not yet available on the market. Samsung is still in the process of developing the device and presenting it at roadshows so that users can try out the product and learn about it.

The availability is expected to be announced early this year and the product should be on the market soon. To stay up to date regarding its release, just keep reading about the latest developments.


Overall, if you are interested in changing the way your child approaches gameplay, then the Tag+ may be the ideal device. With this system, you can expand their creations and give them the opportunity to share their work with other kids using the Tag+.


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