Ritmo Mundo Quantum Watches Review – High Quality Watch Worth Buying?

Who says you have to spend $1,000+ to wear a luxurious, badass, classy, rare wristwatch? You really don’t; not when you have Ritmo Mundo. That’s the idea behind Ritmo Mundo’s recently launched line of Quantum wristwatches.

What Are Quantum Watches?

Founded by Ali Soltani, a watchmaker whose family owns and runs the David Orgell watch store in Beverly Hills, LA, California, the Quantum's are designed for the discerning watch person looking for class, style, luxury, boldness and affordability in their timepieces.

The name Ritmo Mundo itself means rhythm of the earth, a name that’s in sync with the truly gorgeous wristwatches the company produces. While the company has other lines of wristwatches, this review is for their edgy, bold Quantum watches.

These wristwatches are frequently purchased and used by Hollywood A-listers who want rarity, class, style, and functionality all included in their wristwatches.

These are for the savvy, sophisticated individual who knows what they want from a watch, and would like some mystery about their brand of watch.

In fact, this watch company has garnered accolades from multiple top media outlets, including one from Vogue where the line of watches was described as “Rolex meet juicy couture”.

If you were having any doubts because it’s not as mainstream as Rolex, as popular as Patek Phillippe, or as ridiculously priced as Audemars Piguet, that’s because it’s not just an overpriced “box?” of dials.

It provides incredible value for the money and will get heads turning, and eyes full of questions when you wear it anywhere.

Ritmo Mundo’s Quantum watches are in a class of their own, and portray you as a man or woman with a daring sense of style and sophistication.

Introduced in 2014, these watches have once again launched the company into limelight, making them the darling of wristwatch lovers all over the world.

The Quantum line often evokes an outright love or hate feeling in people who see it for the first time. This is partly because these wristwatches are not conservative at all. They were designed to grab your attention and make a statement.

So, lovers of traditional, conservative dials and watches will most likely find these timepieces unappealing –hence the love or hate response. It panders to the young and hip crowd as well as the middle aged males looking to stay trendy and fashionable.

There’s something about wearing a Quantum that gets you noticed; and most people who wear these watches do get noticed… a lot.

The watch company is breaking new grounds and pushing the boundaries of creativity when it comes to watches. These wristwatches are different… in a very good way.

Quantum Watches Product Line

There are three different versions of the Quantum line amounting to a total of 21 different types/designs. There’s Quantum I, Quantum II and Quantum III. All three have distinctive features and appeal. We’ll start with the last:

Quantum III

This is the boldest and most unusual of the timepieces. This asymmetrical wristwatch is the lowest priced of the three version with the price ceiling at $895.

This two-faced wristwatch typically comes with a solid black color base and five different color highlights –red, blue, green, orange, and purple.

When we say it’s two-faced, we literally mean the face is split in two, with the colored part revealing the regular dial while the other all black part is emblazoned with the letters Ritmo, which also doubles as the hourly dials.

This wristwatch is not for the fussy watch enthusiasts who is particular about the accuracy of the chronograph.

This is for the guy who wants to stand out while playing soccer or beach volleyball, doesn’t care about the accuracy to the millisecond –although its accuracy is pretty great- and just wants a great looking gorgeous watch that can also look sporty.

Quantum II

This is the second version of the Quantum line. Priced at between $895 and $995, these come in the base graphite black color with red, rose gold, orange, white, blue, black, and gold accents.

Unlike the Quantum III that’s mostly great for sporty activities and casual occasions, the Quantum II adapts to just about every occasion. Works for both the black tie event, and an evening at the beach enjoying the sights and sounds.

The Quantum II has two variations –the 43mm and the 50mm. Make sure to take note of that. For the dual colored pieces, the colors match into an elegant, classy look that will have others checking out your watch.

As for the all black version, it’s designed to look expensive and polished.

The dial and its reflective hash, as well as the clean face makes it easy to tell the time. You’ll also be able to tell the time at night courtesy of the luminous dials.

The wristwatch’s ability to merge thee technical with elegance is what sets it apart from most of the watches out there. It’s also a little heavy and sleek. This watch is both fashionable and versatile in its uses. You won’t go wrong with this.

Quantum I

The most expensive version, this is priced at $1,195 and is only available in the 50mm case. This actually has a more complex and complete design that highlights the additional design and improvement on the Quantum II.

It comes fitted with the Swiss Ronda quartz chronograph, which is why its movement is flawless. This is primarily for the “conservative” watch lover who is looking for elegance and sportiness, combined with the traditional wristwatch look.

This one also has luminous dials which is great for checking the time in the dark, just like the rest of the line, but not the best quality in the market.

These Swiss made watches with Italian designs exude so much casual luxury and class and is increasingly fast becoming popular among the young and trendy crowd.

Quantum Watches Summary

So, if you’re looking for an amazing wristwatch this spring and summer that won’t burn a hole through your pocket, you should give the Quantum wristwatches by Ritmo Mundo a try.

Ritmo Mundo Quantum wristwatches -where luxury and class meets affordability.


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