Rely-a-Light Review – Quality Decorative Emergency Lighting?

Rely-A-Light Review

Rely-a-Light is a special lamp that acts like a normal lamp until the power goes out. Find out everything you need to know about this innovative product today in our Rely-a-Light review.

What Is Rely-a-Light?

rely-a-lightRely-a-Light is a lineup of lamps. At first glance, they just look like typical lamps. In fact, the lamps function exactly like typical lamps – at least, until your power goes out.

When a power outage strikes, these lamps automatically go to work with no human interaction required. During a power outage, the high-powered LED emergency lights in the base of the lamp will light up, illuminating your room for 16 hours despite the lack of power.

Better yet, the lamps come with a built-in USB port that can power any of your consumer electronics – even without electricity.

Oh, and the lamps are designed to be stylish, minimalistic, and chic. Multiple designs are available, with each lamp priced between $150 and $200.

Let’s take a closer look at how Rely-a-Light works.

How Does Rely-a-Light Work?

Rely-a-Light uses proprietary LED technology to ensure you stay “safe and bright” when the power goes out.

When the power is on, the light functions as normal: the bulb at the top of the lamp is lit up and fits in beside all your other furniture.

Then, when the power goes out, and the lamp detects that it has lost power supply, then the bottom of the lamp lights up with LEDs while also activating the USB ports within.

The lamp uses a battery. When asked how long the battery will last, the company claims that, “Considering the average occurrence of power outages, the battery will last many years.” If you do need to replace the battery, then you can ship the lamp to the company, where they will replace the lamp’s battery “for a nominal fee plus shipping costs”. They do not recommend trying to take the lamp apart on your own.

After your power comes back on, your lamp will draw electricity from your standard outlet. If your lamp is completely dead, then it will take about 24 hours to fully recharge the battery of the lamp from dead.

The top of the lamp, meanwhile, uses a standard bulb. There’s a maximum wattage, but other than that restriction, you’re free to choose whichever compact fluorescent bulb or LED bulb you like.

If your lamp turns on after losing power and you want it to turn off, then you’re encouraged to turn off the emergency function using a switch at the base of the lamp.

Rely-a-Light Lamp Angel

Typically, Rely-a-Light products are priced at $150 to $200. However, the company recently released (in 2014) a product called Lamp Angel. That product comes with the same emergency light and USB port of the conventional Rely-a-Light, but it also comes with color changing LEDs. Those LEDs can be adjusted (using a remote) to change the lamp to a dozen different colors.

The lamp is targeted towards parents of younger children. If you want a Rely-a-Light for your child’s bedroom, then the Lamp Angel promises to be the best option.

The Lamp Angel is also shatter-resistant. So even if your children knock it off their desk or table, it won’t immediately shatter into a million dangerous pieces.


Rely-a-Light Products and Pricing

There are a total of 12 Rely-a-Light products currently available online from, including all of the following:

  • Lamp Angel: $49.99
  • Dawn: $129.00
  • Aurora: $149.99
  • Meira: $149.99
  • Baleigh: $179.99
  • Clair: $179.99
  • Elana: $179.99
  • Ellen: $179.99
  • Lenora: $179.99
  • Luce: $179.99
  • Phoebe: $179.99
  • Sydnie: $179.99

You can pay online at the official website using any major credit card or PayPal.

Who Makes The Rely-a-Light?

The Rely-a-Light is made by a company named Opal Group, LLC.

The story behind that company started in 2009 when the company’s founder went through the worst ice storm the South had seen in 25 years. The founder’s father suffered from Alzheimer’s and had a chronic lung condition requiring oxygen 24 hours a day. During the ice storm, he was walking around his home when he tripped over his oxygen tube and fell.

Thankfully, the father was okay. But the founder realized it could have been much worse. They created the Rely-a-Light as a way to prevent people from fumbling around during power outages.

The founder has a background in interior design. Her husband has a background in electrical contracting. Together, they designed the Rely-a-Light.

Opal Group, LLC was formed in 2012. By the end of that year, they had built 280 lamps in their garage. In 2013, they opened a fulfilment center. In 2014, they launched Lamp Angel – a product that has since become very popular.

The company is well-known for its slogan “Blackouts turn me ON!”.

Should You Use the Rely-a-Light to Protect your Family?

The Rely-a-Light is designed to protect you and your family during a power outage. Instead of fumbling around the home in the dark, using cell phones or candles to guide you, you can have lights automatically come on as soon as power is lost.

That’s more important than you think: the creators of Rely-a-Light frequently tell us that 33% of fatal home fires are caused by candles used for light during power outages. That’s actually “one of the main reasons that we created this product”, explains the manufacturer.

With that in mind, Rely-a-Light may be a welcome addition to any home – whether you get frequent power outages, infrequent outages, or you just want a fancy lamp with a USB port.


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