Optik VR – High-End Virtual Reality Headset Technology?

As today’s technology is in constant progress, engineers came up with a revolutionary accessories that take virtual experience to a new level. In the early 90’s pioneer tech companies started distributing the first Virtual Reality, or VR, headsets on the market.

However, these first products were essentially prototypes and very expensive. VR technology wasn’t yet at its best and still needed to be improved.

Twenty years later, VR has become an accessible technology and the popularity of VR headsets has grown.

However, most headsets remain expensive and limited to computer use which is an issue as nowadays people tend to use their mobile phones more than their computer.

Due to the fact that smartphones have become more and more powerful they imposed themselves as an essential part of everyone’s daily life as they are not limited to calling anymore.

What Is Optik VR?

Optik VR Headset has been elected best product 2016 in its category. This product is a revolutionary device as it provides a high quality 3D experience and 360° field of view.

With this groundbreaking product, users are able to fully immerse themselves in the game they are playing or the video they are watching without having to suffer disruptions from their surroundings.

In addition, the VR headset provided by Optik stands out from other similar products as it can be used with any smartphone no matter the brand.

Features of the Optik VR Headset

Although highly efficient, Optik VR is a device that is not only affordable but also easy to use as it doesn’t require unnecessary software downloads in order to work. The headset utilizes smartphone’s processing power to provide a high quality 3D experience.

There are only three easy steps to follow for anyone trying to use Optik VR. First, they will have to pick their favorite VR application, then place their phone at the front of the VR headset which will finally let them enjoy the device.

Due to some of its innovative attributes, greatly contributing to the product’s quality, Optik VR headset provides incredible and vivid 3D experiences. This product includes several useful buttons enabling users to choose the ideal visual settings.

These settings can vary depending on which game is being played. Thus, on the Optik VR headset people will be able to find a side button that can be rotated in order to adjust distances.

On the top of the headset, a focal adjuster knob has been installed with an exceptional adjustment range of 20 mm focal length.

Equipped with 8-layer nano coating lens, Optik VR provides impeccable resolution which supports high quality visuals making the whole experience seem more real. With a magnetic front plate the device has an increased reality capability enhancing its overall performance.

In addition, the gadget has been designed with user's’ comfort in mind and comes with a high tensile strength headband that efficiently supports the head.

Combined with a comfortable headband, Optik VR includes a foam cushion specifically designed to be worn for hours without putting too much pressure on the face. With an ergonomic design and made out of leather, this foam cushion ensures an enjoyable experience.

Apps that are VR Compatible

Optik VR headset is compatible with a plethora of fun VR applications such as Go Show Free, The Height, Dive City Rollercoaster, Dive Wings, Jet Sprint Demo, Hand Gliding and many more lively 3D games that actively engage the player.

Go Free Show is an app that lets users watch movies on their headset. This app doesn’t require to take the Optik VR off in order to interact with their smartphone as these can browse and choose the movie they would like to watch directly in the virtual setting.

Go Free Show combined with Optik VR offers customers with a quality theater experience without having to leave their home.

The Height is another fun app that can be used with the Optik VR headset. Unlike Go Free Show, this application is more interactive as it is an exploration game. Players have to move around and climb original scaffoldings in order to collect a large amount of items.

For this game some of Optik VR properties come in handy such as the 360° viewing which lets players feel like they are properly part of the action.

Dive Wings is a virtual wingsuit simulation for those who wish they could practice the extreme sport all the time or for those who are too scared to try for real.

Dive Wings offers a striking experience which will increase adrenaline levels significantly due to Optik VR’s incredible resolution. Using this headset will provide people with an easily repeated and memorable experience without the dangerous side of the actual activity.

More Reasons to Purchase Optik VR Headset

Virtual Reality apps are becoming more and more popular and an increased number of celebrities such as Australian Nicole Kidman and House of Card’s Kevin Spacey, have tried and adopted VR headsets.

Compared to other VR headsets, Optik VR is not only an efficient product, it is also easy to use.

The innovative product has been designed in order to get rid of any unnecessary gimmick such as special set ups, complicated programming and the need of a computer.

Furthermore, Optik VR not only fits all brands of smartphones but also most sizes from 4.7” to 6.0”.

Optik VR Headset Availability and Pricing

Optik VR Headset can be ordered online from the Buy Optik VR website for a $149 USD. The brand offers special prices if you order more than one device.

Thus, if you purchase 3 Optik VR headsets you will get two for free for a total price of $149.95 USD giving you 80% off each device.

If you are looking for an affordable VR headset that will fit with any type of smartphone whilst still providing a quality VR experience than Optik VR is the right product for you.

This headset offers a 3D experience with 360° viewing whilst being adaptable to any mobile phone without being unnecessarily complicated.


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