Nitecore TIP Keychain Flashlight Review – USB Chargeable Tactical LED?

Tactical flashlight technology has come a long way in the last ten years. Advances in both battery technology and LED output have led to the release of a wide range of incredibly bright illumination devices with deceptively small form factors.

Where flashlights used to be bulky, they’re now small enough to fit in a pocket, or in the case of the Nitecore TIP, on a keychain.

The TIP is a new metallic construction keychain light from leading international torch manufacturer Nitecore.

Boasting a massive 360 lumens packed into a tiny lightweight ruggedized frame, the Nitecore TIP is roughly the size of the thumb but is capable of projecting a light brighter than most commercial flashlights.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the design and construction of the TIP to help you decide whether it’s the right flashlight for you.

What Is Nitecore TIP?

Small and powerful, the TIP is the latest in micro-illumination technology from Nitecore. Offering consumers a reliable, tough and bright light source in a tiny keychain sized frame, the TIP is perfect for almost any application.

There are many situations in which a tactical light can function as a powerful tool in emergency situations, camping, late night walks and working in confined spaces are all scenarios that are made easier and safer with a small light source.

The TIP is bright enough to even function as a personal defense item, blinding would-be assailants with a powerful light before they can get too close.

Many of the commonly-available keychain or tactical light solutions on the market today fall short, requiring constant battery replacement due to improperly optimized power draw, or are prone to scratching and breaking.

The high production quality of the Nitecore TIP makes it the ideal illumination device, constructed to military standards and almost impossible to damage.

Let’s take a closer look at the specs of the Nitecore TIP to find out how it measures up.

Nitecore TIP Keychain Light Specifications

Nitecore has spared no expense in the research and development that has gone into the creation of the TIP keychain light.

Measuring in at just 2.39” long and 0.96” wide with a depth of just 0.53”, the TIP is small enough to fit in any pocket and weighs just 0.75 oz with the battery.

With such a small form factor and weight, the TIP is actually tiny enough to present a serious risk of being lost, but this is mitigated by a rear suspension rig that is capable of sustaining a 66 pound weight.

The CREE XP-62 LED that provides the light source of the TIP can put out a massive 360 lumens, which is powered by an integrated 500mAh lithium ion battery that is capable of sustaining the light for up to 46 hours of constant use.

The battery construction of the TIP is one of the standout features of the product- an intelligent protective circuit prevents over-discharge, overcharging and short circuiting, and a smart-charge function ceases power draw when the battery reaches 100%, preventing charging accidents.

Unlike other portable LED flashlights, the TIP is charged via a simple USB charging connector.

During use, a high-efficiency constant current circuit board prevents fluctuations in output, an issue that plagues many cheaper and lower-quality flashlights and contributes to eye strain and headaches.

The TIP is capable of functioning in three separate brightness levels of 1, 35 and 150 lumens respectively, with a separate turbo mode that can deliver 360 lumens of illumination.

The innovative button control system of the TIP also offers enhanced ease-of-use.

Consisting of a two-button dual switch user interface, users are presented with a durable on/off switch and mode button, which can be used in a variety of button combinations to change brightness levels, lock the device, and activate turbo mode.

The buttons also function as power level indicators through a backlit LED system.

The TIP is also built to last. The outer casing of the TIP is constructed from military-grade high strength aluminium alloy, and is anodized to prevent scratches.

Available in seven different color finishes, the TIP is waterproof and drop-proof, making it ideal for trade or first-responder applications.

For users with specific illumination requirements, Nitecore also offers the Nitecore TIP CRI, which is less powerful at 240 lumens, but delivers light the same frequency as daylight, preventing eye strain.

Nitecore TIP Keychain Light Verdict

If you’re looking for one of the highest-quality flashlights available on the market with a lifespan that extends into decades, the Nitecore TIP is arguably one of the best solutions available.

Rugged, cost-effective and feature-rich, the TIP is virtually the last flashlight you’ll ever need.



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