Chipolo Review – Tiny Coin-Sized Tracking Device App For Finding Lost Items?

Losing one’s keys and other important belongings such as a cellphone or wallet is a frustrating and even scary experience for the majority of people. The untold damages and anxiety that this problem presents is often unavoidable, as more often than not, people simply forget where they put things.

Having new keys cut or having one’s bank card reordered is a cost and hassle that many people could live without, and it’s an issue that could be avoided entirely if we could just keep track of our valuables at all times.

The Chipolo is a device that claims to be able to find one’s lost belongings fast, and is an apparent solution to this problem. This new gadget could save a countless number of users time and money in replacing their lost their gear, and it is controlled and managed remotely via a mobile app available for Android and iOS.

What Is Chipolo?

Chipolo contains a wireless transceiver that’s housed in a tiny disc-shaped piece of plastic. The device is designed to be attached to the user’s keys, wallet, cellphone, or any valuable that they cannot afford to lose.

The Chipolo is roughly the size of a coin and is around 5mm thin and has an effective radius of up to 200 feet. The app supports all cellphone models running the Android or iOS operating the system.

The device reportedly comes with six month worth of battery life, and its battery can easily be replaced.

There are a variety of colors that shoppers can choose from to accessorize their Chipolo, such as:

  • Black
  • White
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Dark blue
  • Light blue
  • Red

How Does Chipolo Work?

The first thing that the user should do upon receiving their device is to install the free app that can be found on the Apple or Android store.

Follow Chipolo’s Tune:

It’s claimed that the device will let out a high pitched tone when one is in a 200 foot radius of their lost item. The device will emit this sound when one is within close proximity.

Chipolo For Cellphones:

For those users who choose to attach the device to their cellphones, the company has a backup plan: by double pressing on the Chipolo device, the phone will ring loudly, even when it’s on silent.

For When Chipolo Is Out Of Range:

For those times when the item attached to the Chipolo is outside of the 200 foot radius, the included app will show the user a turn-by-turn map and directions of where to locate it.

Take Advantage Of Chipolos Community:

And for those times when all options have failed, there’s Chipolo’s community to rely on. Other users on the Chipolo platform can help one locate their lost device, using 100% secure and discrete security credentials.

Other Features

Besides being an effective way for users to locate their lost items, the device also comes with a few other helpful features:

  • One can use the device on their phones, tablets, as well as PCs.
  • The user can configure a range of different notifications to let them know if their device is within reach or out of range.
  • Finally, The Chipolo can sync with your cellphone in order to take selfies. Only simply presses their Chiplo twice and the device will activate the user’s camera.

Chipolo Conclusion

Chipolo contains a range of helpful features for security-conscious individuals and for people who have a tendency of losing their most important possessions.

The tiny Chipolo could make for a good gift for someone who struggles to keep their belongings organized, and it can be purchased from the company’s website for $69.99.


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