iRobot Braava Jet 240 Review – Can Robots Mop, Scrub and Clean Floors?

Braava Jet 240 by iRobot Review

 The Braava Jet 240 is a mopping robot manufactured by iRobot. A company founded in Bedford, Massachussets back in 1997.

Who Is iRobot?

They are a pioneer in the robotics industry and specialize in designing and manufacturing robots that make everyday life easier for the common man, mostly robots that assist in cleaning the house and garden.


Apart from helping the community have cleaner houses in less time and with considerably less effort, iRobot also has a Defense and Security arm that have been used in military and defense exercises all over the world.

There is also iRobot Remote Presence, which changes the way you view communications in a different and more advanced light. Developments in the latter has changed telemarketing, office collaboration, and even medical consultation, and brought forth a more seamless communication experience.

Braava Jet 240 Features:

 Out of the box, the iRobot Braava 240 comes with a Battery Charger (that supports 100-240v 50/60Hz power source for the benefit of those who plan to take this product outside of the USA), a Lithium Ion Battery, 2 each of the Wet Mopping, Damp Sweeping, and Dry Sweeping pads. Also included are a 1-year limited warranty on the robot and a 6-month limited warranty on the battery.

The Braava can mop in three different ways: wet, damp, and dry. It comes with 2 specially made cleaning pads and will automatically clean depending on which pad you attach to it. With one press of the “Clean” button, it will proceed to mop your floor whichever way you want it to. It can mop wet, using “triple-pass” cleaning to remove stubborn grime and stains on your floor. The cleaning head also vibrates and is infused with special water-activated cleaning agents that help your Braava do a stellar job. On the wet mopping mode, it will spray (the precision cleaning spray will use maximum spray on this mode), scrub (it will go back and forth with the vibrating cleaning pad three times before moving on) and mop an entire room’s floor area. The Wet Mopping pads are perfect for all well-sealed floors (hardwood, tile, and stone, for example).

Attach the damp sweeping pad and the Braava will change its behavior. It will now do “double-pass” cleaning, spraying the floor as it goes. This cleaning action effectively lessens the wear and tear on your floors. The precision jet spray will use a moderate amount of water with the damp sweeping pad, in tandem with a gentle scrubbing motion of the vibrating cleaning pad and the special water-activated cleaning agents in the pad itself. This mode is better for maintenance cleaning, if there isn’t too much staining or dirt on your floor. This is great for sealed wooden floors, and the like.

If you attach your dry sweeping pad, the Braava will proceed to sweep the floor with one sweeping pass. The pad itself is specially treated to trap dust, debris, and such, on your floors. All the cleaning pads are infused with a scent that leaves your floors [and the room itself] smelling fresh and clean. The cleaning pads are disposable and will release with a single click. There is no need for you to ever touch all the dirt, dust, and grime; you may also release the cleaning pad over the garbage bin.

You may also purchase a washable wet cleaning pad, so you don’t need to go through many disposable ones. It will signal the Braava 240 to work exactly as the disposable one does; the only difference is that it is not infused with the water-activated cleaning agents.

Braava Jet 240 Pros:

The Braava 240 makes cleaning a breeze! It makes the life of a busy homemaker, bachelor, or anyone for that matter, easier than ever. It effectively does two tasks, mopping and sweeping, quickly and with very minimal human supervision. Its three functions– damp sweeping, wet mopping, and dry sweeping– allow the homeowner to work on something else while it does the job.

It’s quiet, and not obstructive, and designed to look non-imposing and definitely not gross. You let it loose in the room, and it smartly navigates around your pieces of furniture, kitchen islands, and even steps! It hardly touches your walls and other upward surfaces, reducing, if not eliminating, wear and tear on your furniture and walls. The intelligent navigation system also reduces the risk of the Braava bumping into tables and chairs and causing unnecessary spills or tumbles on the floor.

Braava Jet 240 Cons:

The cons to this product are very few and minimal. It sweeps and mops, not vacuums. If there are items on the floor other than dust or dirt, which the cleaning pads are designed to pick up and keep in the pad, then they will be pushed around and the user will have to pick or scoop them up manually (or let the Braava’s cousin, the Roomba, do that for you).

You should also set your expectations: the Braava is not meant for deep-cleaning. It’s good for maintaining the cleanliness of your floors, for keeping them relatively clean in between deep-cleanings. Also, you might want to run a dry sweep before a wet or damp one to keep your floors from looking muddy and to make the wet/damp cycles more efficient.

The cleaning pads are disposable and may begin to add up, cost-wise, in the long run. There is a washable wet cleaning pad available for separate purchase, but it is not infused with the water-activated cleaning agents that the disposable ones have.

Braava Jet 240 Final Verdict

We should be glad that we live in the 21st century because robots like the Braava finally exist! It definitely makes cleaning easier and faster and will make anyone happy to maintain the cleanliness of their home.

Any home will certainly benefit from having one of these, but it is especially handy for people who don’t have tons of time to spend on cleaning or for home makers whose children and/or pets leave their floors perpetually in need of mopping.


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