HyBeam PopLamp – Folding LED Camping Lantern Light Technology?

Whether you are looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member or are thinking of buying something interesting for yourself, you’ll find that there are many different options on the market.

However, if you really want to be impressive, you may just want to opt for an innovative product that very few people think of.

This review would like to introduce you to a product called the Hybeam Pop Lamp. This ultra-compact and hybrid light system is a versatile, interesting, and fun device that you can use not only as a flashlight, but for many other purposes. Here is everything you need to know about the Hybeam Pop Lamp before you buy:

What is the Hybeam Pop Lamp?

The Hybeam Pop Lamp is a flashlight-like device that has numerous other capabilities, making it a versatile option for those who want to make sure their investment is worthwhile.

You can use this innovative device as a gift or you can keep it for yourself; based upon how great this product is, there is a high chance you’ll snag it for yourself anyways.

Also, unlike other light systems, the one is extremely resilient and durable so that it will last you for years to come.

Very few other products on the market provide you with the same all-in-one capabilities that come in handy for so many situations.

A Clean and Fun Appearance

The appearance of the device is also commendable. Hybeam Pop Lamp is circular shaped and tri-colored.

The top of the device is block, the middle is red, and the bottom is black again. The beam is released from another circular hole at the top of the device and it can be used to illuminate even the darkest of spaces.

With the sleek, clean, and fun appearance, you can fully enjoy from the product and feel like you’ve made the right decision.

Aside from the appearance, the device also features a number of capabilities that make it great to use and incorporate into nearly any situation.

The Hybeam Pop Lamp Specs

Before choosing a product, it can be helpful to understand the device’s specifications. Here are the Hybeam Pop Lamp’s specs so that you know what you are buying:


The lamp and flashlight is extremely lightweight. The deice only weighs 4 ounces, so that you can take it with you anywhere without adding much to your carrying amount.

Further, you can pack it for traveling, you can place it on any surface, and you do not need to worry about lugging around a heavy object when you can receive the same capabilities with the Hybeam Pop Lamp.

YAG Bulb

The device comes with a high-efficiency YAG Bulb that exerts over 300 lumens. The light can be exerted for 36 hours in a single charge.

This type of efficiency comes in handy, especially if you do not have a charging station readily available.

Further, you’ll be able to use the light anywhere and to just add batteries to it when you need to.

Dual Capabilities

Unlike most other lights on the market, this one can be converted into a lantern. To convert it to a lantern, all you need to do is pop the lantern up with a single twist. Once you twist it, the lantern appears and it is strong enough to illuminate an entire room.

Each of these capabilities makes the Hybeam Pop Lamp very easy to use. With these types of capabilities, you get the support that you need whether you are camping or are at home. The device can also be taken with you on a travel trip and you can use it from anywhere.

The Benefits of the Hybeam Pop Lamp

There are many benefits to be had when you order the Hybeam Pop Lamp. Here are the main benefits to the device that you can start enjoying from once you order it:

A Tough Device in Terms of Resiliency

The Hybeam Pop Lamp is a tough device, especially when it comes to resiliency. It holds up against water, rain, sleet snow, and other elements.

By choosing a device that is resistant against most of the environmental elements, you can continue to enjoy from the product for years to come.

Better yet, you can take it with you on an outdoor adventure without having to worry that it will get destroyed.

Runs on Double AA Batteries

According to the brand, the device runs on Double AA batteries, which means that you do not need to deal with dangerous chemicals and you certainly do not need to deal with the haste of finding a charging station.

You can simply pop in a new set of batteries and continue getting the light support that you need from wherever you are.

A Free Device While Supplies Last

Perhaps the best benefit to this product is that it is completely free when you order while supplies last.

As the brand explains, if you are interested in ordering this free device, simply visit the brand’s website and click on the green button on the page.

The free quality means that you can save $15, which is normally the regular cost of the product.

As you can tell, there are many advantages to the Hybeam Pop Lamp. Best of all, it is free – if you order while the supplies last.

Therefore, if you are interested in the product, get to the brand’s website and order your free Hybeam Pop Lamp.

Further, if you have any additional questions, simply post them in the comment section below.

The administrator of the site will get back to you promptly so that you can get the answers that you need to make a final decision.

Hybeam Pop Lamp Review Summary

Overall, if you are looking for one of the best deals for a lamp on the market, then you may want to choose the Hybeam Pop Lamp.

With this device, you can finally get the light support that you need from anywhere. The piece of gear is an amazing addition to your collection of cool gadgets and you can even get it for yourself or order it for a friend. It may also interest you to check out their other product; Hybeam Tactical Flashlight.


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