Google Home Review – Voice Activated Smart Speaker Assistance?

5 Fast Facts You Need to Know About Google Home

Google recently introduced a product called Google Home. The voice-activated home product lets you and your family get answers from Google while streaming music and managing everyday tasks.

5) The Smart Speaker Was Introduced at Google’s I/O 2016 Event

Google’s I/O 2016 event was packed with exciting news about the company – including the release of Android N and two new messenger platforms, Allo and Duo.

Google Home didn’t get lost in the middle of everything. People are paying attention. Google Home is expected to compete with the Amazon Echo in the “smart home speaker” market.

With Google Home, users will be able to access Google Search anywhere within range of the speaker. They’ll be able to turn on music, ask questions, get responses, and basically have a smart device in their home that’s always listening.

4) It Connects to a Wide Range of Google Services

As you might expect, Google Home connects with a range of Google services, including Home, Calendar, Contacts, and Play Music. Anyone who’s on Android probably already has these services. But if not, you’re going to want to sign up for them.

Compatibility with Google services is an important distinction from Google Home’s main competitor, the Amazon Echo. The Echo syncs with Google Calendar, but with limited functionality.

With Google Home, you can expect all Google products and platforms to play nicely together, with all your data being synced across platforms.

3) Google Home Comes with a Voice-Controlled Google Assistant

With Google Home, Google is introducing Google Assistant, which is their more expanded version of Google Now. Now has always been a great voice assistant, but it doesn’t offer the same “human” interactions that we see with Apple’s Siri.

Google Assistant plans to be the smartest AI assistant ever created. It uses Google’s excellent voice recognition to understand multiple languages – which isn’t that special. What is special is that Google Assistant picks up the context of your wording. That helps it understand what you mean when you say something grammatically ambiguous – so you don’t have to yell at your Google Home when it gets something wrong.

2) It Connects to Other Google Products

We know that Google Home syncs with other Google software platforms, but it also syncs with Google hardware – like Google Chromecast-based speakers.

With the Amazon Echo, you need to place multiple Echos around your house to play the same song throughout the house. With Google Home, that may not be an issue. Echo did recently introduce a $90 Echo Dot that connects to any speaker in your home, however.

Google Home will also work with devices like Nest, which means you can tell Google Home to cool or heat your house, and it will wirelessly connect with Nest to do that. It should also work with the new Google Duo which was release or presented at the same time as Google's home smart speaker assistance service.

As you might expect, Google Home will also work with any “Works with Nest” products, which means you’ll be able to sync lights and other hardware products with Google Home.

In Amazon’s defense, they recently teamed up with Samsung to bring SmartThings compatibility to the Echo, which means you’ll be able to control the Philip’s Hue lighting system and other products with your Echo. So we have an “internet of things” war heating up between Google Home and the Echo.

1) We Don’t Know Google Home Pricing or Release Date Info

We don’t know two crucial things about Google Home: we don’t know how much it will cost, nor do we know when it will be released.

The Amazon Echo, however, which offers similar functionality, has been very popular at its $200 price range. Amazon also offers the $90 Echo Dot, which is a hockey puck-sized miniature version of the Echo that connects to speakers in your home. Or, there’s the $130 Amazon Tap Echo-enabled speaker that you can take on-the-go.

If we had to guess, the Google Home will be priced at $200 just like the Echo.

Meanwhile, the release date is another mystery. Most people expect Google Home to be ready before the end of this year – say, in October or November 2016 before the holiday rush.


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