GearEye – Ultimate Gear Organization Management System?

What is GearEye?

GearEye is a new product that has been specially devised for users in need of a gear tracking and management system. It is especially handy for working professionals who need to carry around a lot of equipment and require strict accountability for all the small items that they have in their arsenal. For example, a professional photographer at all times needs to know the location and placement of his various lenses, a misplaced lens at the wrong time could lead to a missed opportunity, loss of work or even distress.

The product is designed to work efficiently and track a range of objects, from large metallic devices to the smallest of items like identification cards or an iPod, all this is done by the simple touch of a button on the user's smartphone. Gear Eye employs the use of RFID tags which can be easily placed onto the user’s items of choice and then remotely tracked, organised using a remote device like one’s phone or computer. Another important aspect of the device is its ability to organise items into various specific categories so that one knows exactly what item is needed when and for what purpose. One can sort of think of this feature as a digital diary for all of one’s electronic equipment.

How does the GearEye exactly work? Is it efficient?

Simply put GearEye lets the user know whether any item from his/her professional inventory is missing, and if so where the item is currently located. The tracking system allows users to pinpoint the exact location (using geometric coordinates) of the missing item, if within the range of the detector. This is made possible by the use of tiny, inexpensive, battery-free RFID adhesive GearTags which can be applied onto the surface of any device that requires the user's supervision. The tags have been fabricated using powerful adhesives so that they remain in place for as long as the user wants without any fear of it being misplaced.

Lastly, the GearEye smartphone application can be used for other purposes like creating customized lists for specific work projects, setting up schedules.

What are the main features of the product? What sets it apart for other tracking devices?

The key features of GearEye include:

(i) Accountability: it allows users to keep track of all their essentials at all times.

(ii) Makes travelling light: it provides users with peace of mind regarding where all of their equipment is and allows them to pack and carry only what is needed.

(iii) Time Saver: since the location of all of one’s items are known it becomes easy to pack and be ready for one’s next assignment.

(iv) Organizational advantage: gear can be marked and placed under various ‘situational lists’ so that it can be easily managed when needs and situations arise.

(v) No battery: since the tags are made using battery free technology, they can be used for locating one’s gear indefinitely.

How do I use the GearEye?

The product has been designed keeping easy of usability and functionality in mind. Following four easy steps once can easily begin the tracking process. These steps include:

(i) RFID Placement: the stickers should be attached on a uniform surface of the desired item.

(ii) Syncing: the GearTag should be scanned and synced onto the user's smartphone application.

(iii) Identifying: the item details should be loaded onto one’s smartphone making it easier to track a particular item.

(iv) Start Using: once the identification process is done, users can begin using the product as they see fit.

How can I purchase GearEye for myself?

The item was conceived as an idea on, thus there is no commercial pricing available at the moment. However, there are various early bird offers which allow users to make advance purchases. They offer users exceptionally low product rates along with a plethora of additional free benefits.


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