ELF Emmit Review – Wearable To Optimized & Improved Focus?

The ELF Emmit is a new breed of wearable that promises to do much more than your average smart watch. Backed by a successful crowdfunding campaign and designed to zap your brain with performance enhancing energy, the ELF Emmit is the first in a new wave of wearable technology that interfaces directly with the human brain to help you work harder, sleep better, and even meditate deeper.


ELF Emmit describes their product as a ‘wearable for the optimised self’. Claiming to be able to optimize and change the frequencies and rhythms of your mind, the ELF Emmit sends electromagnetic pulses directly into your cerebellum.

Does the ELF Emmit work? In this article we’ll take a closer look and see how effective the ELF Emmit is at changing your mind.

What is the ELF Emmit?

The ELF Emmit is a low profile wearable headband that emits low frequency electrical pulses in order to change the frequency at which your brain operates. The headband contains an electromagnetic coil centered on the back of the head that targets the cerebellum.

The ELF Emmit uses a technique called Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation, or PEMS, to achieve its desired effect, which is an FDA approved reparative technique most commonly used to treat depression with patients that fail to respond to antidepressants. PEMS has just under 50 years of medical and neurological applications and has scientifically proven health benefits.

Similar PEMS devices used in the past are typically large and bulky, and require a trip to a hospital or specialist to take advantage of.

The ELF Emmit requires just two things to function- the ELF Emmit headband, and a smartphone. The headband itself has no batteries and is powered directly by your mobile device. Once the ELF Emmit headband is placed on the head, the user is able to select from one of five frequencies to be emitted by the device.

The frequencies emitted by the device range from 2 Hz to 19 Hz, and come in five options- Sleep, Anti-Stress, Concentrate, Deep Learning, and Meditate. As Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation is FDA approved, there’s no health risk from using the ELF Emmit.

The ELF Emmit headband also weighs in at under 25 grams, so users barely notice it’s there. Made from polycarbonate with a robust design, the headset is lightweight and strong and has no moving parts.

So how does brain-zapping tech deliver on its mood enhancing promises? Let’s check out how it claims to work.

The Science Behind the ELF Emmit

The basic premise behind the ELF Emmit is that the brain has five typical states of operating frequency within the cortex.

These waves are observable with ECG technology and there is a scientifically observable correlation between the frequency of these waves and your mood- whether tired, stressed, excited, relaxed or distracted.

There are five distinct states that are observable- we’ll run through them in order of highest frequency to lowest. The highest observable neural oscillation frequency, the Gamma wave, has associations with dream states and attentive focus. Beta waves are the next step down, associated with restful concentration, followed by the Alpha wave which has been demonstrated to be connected with anti-stress and deep learning.

The Theta wave function of the brain has been observed in subjects in states of meditation and psychological flow, and the Delta wave is associated with sleep and the natural healing cycles of the body.

Often the physical state of the brain is at odds with what the mind wants to accomplish. In high concentration and stress scenarios, the human brain can spike up to 30 Hz. As the ELF Emmit doesn’t exceed 19 Hz, it never pushes the brain into unnatural neurological states.

The five different settings of the ELF Emmit match and enhance the natural frequencies of the brain, in order to guide the user toward a state of mind more conducive to achieving the desired task, whether it be increasing studying capacity, attaining more restful sleep, or removing stress.

ELF Emmit Mood Modes

The ELF Emmit connects to an app available for both Android and iOS that allows the user to select from a series of different mood-altering signals. The first mood, Concentrate, sends high frequency beta waves into the brain to multiply the ability to problem-solve, to process information, to multitask and to remain focused and alert.

Concentrate operates at a frequency of 18 Hz and is used for 120 minutes maximum. The Concentrate mood can assist users with critical thinking, writing, reading, and socialization, and has a low level but constant stimulation effect.

ELF Emmit’s Anti Stress Mood emits moderate frequency alpha waves in order to bridge the gap between the conscious thinking and subconscious mind, or between beta and theta, in order to lower stress levels.

The Anti Stress mood emits 10 Hz frequencies for 40 minutes, and has a deep calming and relaxing effect.

Deep Learning is an ELF Emmit mood great for students. With the Deep Learning Mood, 8 Hz Alpha waves are directed toward the cerebellum to promote a state similar to the feeling just before falling asleep.

While the Deep Learning mood won’t actually make you fall asleep, it increases the ability to learn and retain knowledge up to four times higher than normal. Alpha waves are important for cognitive function and information processing.

The Deep Learning Mood can be used for up to two hours at a time, perfect for late night cram sessions before exams.

The Meditate Mood is perhaps the most interesting of all the ELF Emmit Moods, and claims to be able to induce a predominance of Theta Waves which help users connect to deep, raw emotions in a deeply relaxed, semi-hypnotic state.

Theta waves have been observed in meditating Buddhist monks and high level athletes in states of deep psychological flow. The Meditate Mood operates at a frequency of 8 Hz and can be used for up to 30 minutes at a time.

Finally, the Sleep Mood offers the slowest stimulation band of all the moods, sending 5 Hz waves directly into the brain for up to 35 minutes before sleep.

Delta waves, which are emitted during the Sleep Mood, are the slowest recorded brain waves in human beings, found most often in infants and young children. As human beings age Delta frequencies are observed less and less, and high Delta frequency occurence is associated with restorative sleep, higher immune function, and deep relaxation.

The Verdict

The ELF Emmit may take some getting used to, but has received widespread support from its Indiegogo campaign, reaching $83,467, a long stretch past the original $50,00 goal. The ELF Emmit is available for just $99 via the Indiegogo page, and is set to change minds and moods worldwide with the first shipment expected in Q3 2016.


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