Electronics Assistive Technology DLL Care Review – Optimize, Clean & Defragment Your Windows Registry?

DLL Care Review – Optimize, Clean & Defragment Your Windows Registry?


DLL Care is a PC software program that promises to resolve your DLL problems to boost your computer’s speed and performance. Find out if it works today in our review.


What is DLL Care?

DLL Care is a PC software program that cleans up, optimizes, and defragments your Windows Registry in order to fix DLL errors.

On some older PCs, you’ll notice an occasional DLL error. Typically, this means there’s an error with the computer’s databases or Windows Registry.

The Windows Registry, as you may already know, is a collection of hundreds of thousands of files that customize all of the software programs on your PC. Over time, this Windows Registry can develop errors that slow down your PC’s performance.

In reality, Windows Registry problems have been rare ever since the release of Windows 7. With Windows 7, Microsoft bundled an automatic defragmentation tool and registry cleaning system that made most registry problems a thing of the past.

Nevertheless, DLL Care is a software program available for all versions of Windows – even Windows 10 – that claims to speed up all aspects of performance. Let’s take a closer look at how the software claims to work.

DLL Care Features

DLL Care claims to offer all of the following features to help you enjoy a faster, cleaner PC:

-Cleans, Defragments, and Optimizes Registry: One scan can fix DLL problems in your registry – along with other registry problems.

-Back Up and Restore Registry: DLL Care lets you back up and restore your registry, so if you accidentally remove an important file, you can restore it to its previous working condition.

-Easy Setup and Scanning Process: With just one click, the software will scan for problems “with .dll module, .exe application, .sys device drivers and Windows registry”, explains the official website.

-Fix Windows Registry: DLL Care updates your Windows registry to ensure it’s operating smoothly. The software actually claims to have a database or missing, damaged, corrupted, and deleted DLL files it can use to fix your Windows Registry.

-Compatible with All Modern Windows Versions: DLL Care is compatible with the 32-bit and 4-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

-Download DLL Database Files: DLL Care claims to download DLL files for free, which means you don’t have to look around the internet for DLL files on your own.

Typically, solving DLL problems on your own involves finding the correct version of the DLL files on third-party software download websites.

-Multi Language Support: DLL Care supports 20 different languages.

-Speeds Up PC Boot Time: DLL Care has a feature where you can disable and manage startup programs – so if you want to disable an unnecessary program to speed up your PC startup times, then you can do that using this software.

Overall, DLL Care claims to solve a variety of problems on your PC, including errors you get when an application stops working, or error codes related to a DLL that was missing or not found.

You can also solve blue screen of death (BSOD) errors and general Windows Registry problems.

What is a DLL Error?

Obviously, DLL Care spends a lot of time talking about solving DLL errors. So what exactly is a DLL error?

Well, a .dll is a crucial file used by a software program on your computer. It’s a file that ends with the extension .dll. So the file may be called “importantdata.dll”. DLL stands for dynamic link library.

If that .dll file goes missing or becomes damaged, then your computer will display a DLL error. That means the program is trying to find that file, but it can’t, so one part of the program cannot run.

DLL files are specifically executable files (similar to .exe files) that allow programs to share code and other resources needed to perform certain tasks.

Typically, fixing a DLL error requires you to identify the missing DLL file (usually the error code will tell you this) before scanning the internet for that DLL file (by looking on free DLL download websites).

DLL Care is just a different way to troubleshoot this problem: instead of forcing you to manually find free DLL files on your own, you can just run the software to instantly get a DLL solution.

DLL Care Pricing

Like many PC optimization software programs available today, DLL Care comes with a free download offer. That free download lets you scan your system for errors – but actually resolving those errors requires you to pay a fee.

DLL Care is priced at $24.49. You can pay online through the official website using any major credit card or PayPal.

After paying for your order online, you’ll receive a license key in your email immediately.

All purchases come with a 30 day refund policy. The makers of DLL Care describe this as a “30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.” You can request a refund by going to refunds@dllcare.com.

Who Makes DLL Care?

Typically, software programs sold online come with extensive information about the developers. Oddly enough, DLL Care doesn’t give us that information. We don’t know who developed the software or where the software was developed.

The only information we have about the developer from the company’s website are vague statements like,

“DLL Care is a Windows errors repair tool that allows its users to repair the problems with DLL files. We are always on the lookout for bright, enthusiastic and talented professionals to join our team, and are committed to providing them a dynamic workplace and rewarding careers.”

That’s the only relevant information posted on the company’s “About” page.

If you need to get in touch with the developer, you can do so by emailing support@dllcare.com.

Should You Download DLL Care to Speed Up Your PC?

Most modern PCs no longer have registry problems, fragmentation problems, or DLL problems. However, if you’re using an older, outdated PC that’s slowed down, then optimization software may be an effective solution.

You shouldn’t download DLL Care if you’re having general slowdown issues. Instead, the software is especially catered towards those who are experiencing DLL problems. You’ll know if your PC has DLL problems because you’ll see error codes that specifically say “DLL”.

In many cases, you can solve your specific DLL problem simply by Googling the issue and downloading a fixed version of your problematic DLL file.

If you’re dealing with many DLL problems, or if you want to avoid the hassle, however, then DLL Care may be the right solution for you – especially if you don’t mind paying a one-time fee of $25.



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