Electronics Assistive Technology Bombfell Review – Revolutionary New Online Personal Stylist Service?

Bombfell Review – Revolutionary New Online Personal Stylist Service?


Choosing the right clothes can be difficult. Between work, family and social commitments, keeping up with the latest sartorial trends can become a low priority, and for most men clothes shopping is a practical experience.

Finding time to browse clothing options in retail stores to make sure you get the right fit and style can be hard, and not usually cost effective.

Many shoppers choose to make their clothes purchases online, but outfits bought over the internet are often poor-fitting or the wrong size.


Bombfell is a revolutionary new online personal stylist service that streamlines the process of clothes shopping and offers the simplest way to get great, fashionable clothing custom picked to your size and preferences.

Available as a subscription service, Bombfell works with you to find the best possible fit and style for your budget, delivering curated clothing choices delivered to your door.

In this article we’ll take a look at the Bombfell service and find out how it works to help you decide whether Bombfell is right for you.

What is Bombfell?

Bombfell works like your own personal shopper. Once on board, customers simply supply some information such as size and style preference, and the Bombfell stylist team assemble a bespoke arrangement of clothing for you to try on at home.

The biggest roadblock between most clothes shoppers and celebrity style fashion looks is a lack of knowledge on the best clothes that will look great on them, and Bombfell allows customers to circumvent this learning process by giving them access to a dedicated fashionista that will provide the best possible recommendations for them personally.

The recommendations provided by the Bombfell stylists improve over time as they learn the individual tastes of each client, and offer a full range of the very best menswear brands customized to budget and schedule.

Bombfell even offers a ‘female approved’ section of clothing that have been picked out by female fashion curators to deliver a look that is approved by the fairer sex. The fashion stylist team of Bombfell is headed by lead designers from London Fog and Saks.

The overall fashion style of Bombfell is described as the ‘girl’s next door’s taste’, a put together and clean look that anybody can appreciate, but currently there are other styles in development such as metro, urban, hipster and professional.

How does Bombfell Work?

Bombfell is essentially a clothes picking service. Upon signing up, customers tell Bombfell their size, style preference and favorite colors as well as setting a budget range to work within.

An order system is scheduled according to the user, whether monthly, every two months, or quarterly, with information on the kind of clothing the customer would like, such as button down shirts or jeans.

Bombfell doesn’t do stuffy formal-wear or beach gear- the offerings from the Bombfell style team primarily consist of casual menswear perfect for either the office or the bar.

Recommendations from Bombfell have a technological inspiration as well as fashion- the Bombfell service uses algorithmic recommendations that are based on the social media information of the customer such as Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn to better learn their personal style.

Once a stylist has completed a recommendation package, a preview email is sent to the client with a full breakdown of all of the clothes curated for them.

The customer then has time to remove or change what they don’t like and work with the stylist to assemble a package more to their tastes.

Once the preview email is given the OK, Bombfell will deliver the clothing package to the customer who then has ten days to try on the clothes and see how they fit and feel.

During this ten days the clothing can be worn in, tested and approved, and any clothing items that the client doesn’t like can be sent back to Bombfell with the prepaid return label that comes in every delivery.

Bombfell customers are able to change stylists at any time if they’d like to try a different look, and Bombfell can even be set up as a gift service for a third party. Bombfell also offers a lot of flexibility with their deliveries- scheduled packages can be put on hold for a short time or even paused indefinitely in case the client is travelling or has too many clothes.

The Bombfell Story

Founded in 2011, Bombfell is the brainchild of Bernie Yoo and Jason Kim, who founded Bombfell when they began looking for a similar service online and found it didn’t exist. Bombfell originally started on Hacker News, as a forum post.

The name Bombfell is short for ‘Bombfellow’ according to Yoo, who wanted to make a male gender specific version of ‘Bombshell’, which is usually used to describe attractive women.

Now five years later, Bombfell has wholesale relationships with a wide range of high quality suppliers, including many brands found in New York and Los Angeles.

Bombfell Pricing

The average pricing of each item in the Bombfell range is just $89 USD with a wide amount of variation, making it possible to work with Bombfell in almost any budget range.

Each Bombfell user has access to settings within their style profile that allow control over a broad spectrum of settings to help Bombfell send them the best possible suggestions.

Bombfell works with brands like Grayers, Descendant of Thieves, Maker & Company and 7 Diamonds in addition to well known global brands such as Ben Sherman and Original Penguin.

The Verdict

Bombfell offers practical clothing options based on high street fashions to help users that aren’t obsessed with style blogs and magazines, and access unique looks without the attached time cost.

With 100% free shipping, item returns and exchanges, Bombfell gives users far more customization options than other clothing sites with the added bonus of a professional personal stylist at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, fashionable wardrobe that works in any social situation without the struggle of keeping on top of trends, Bombfell is the right choice for you.



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