Breathometer Review – Does The Mint Smart Oral Health Monitor Work?

Breathometer Review

These days, many people are trying to better maintain and control their oral health. While dentist appointments and taking supplements are certainly ways of achieving better health, these solutions tend to be costly and are not the only option on the market.


You’ll find that there are many alternative and even better solutions than visiting the dentist on a weekly basis. One of the better alternatives is to rely on a new technology called Breathometer. This breath analysis technology is the leader in its industry and its mission is to enable you to utilize of breath analysis to achieve your health goals by first understanding the state of your health.

Here is everything you need to know about Breathometer so that you can make the right decision for your health:

About Breathometer

The Breathometer is akin to a breathalyzer test, but just for your health instead. The technology is essentially a breath analysis platform that allows you to understand your oral health so that you can make smarter and better decisions.


As a portable device, you can take it with you anywhere so that you can monitor your health no matter where you are or what you are doing. This digital health product is a top product in its industry and is currently helping millions of people lead a healthier lifestyle.

A Team of Experts

Behind the Beathometer is a team of intelligent and hard-working experts who have experience in health products, investments, startups, and technology. Breathometer was founded by Charles Michael Yim. Before developing Breathometer, Yim was featured on the famous and all-time popular show Shark Tank. In addition to appearing on Shark Tank for his innovative devices, Yim has been interviewed by MSNBC, Fox Business News, USA Today. TechCrunch Live, and the Wall Street Journal.


Yim’s experience in creating effective and innovative products certainly shows through with his latest device, the Breathometer. While Yim himself does not have a medical or health background, he has taken the necessary steps to hire individuals who do. The advisory board is led by Dr. Raed Dweik and Dr. Griffeth Tully.

A Non-Invasive way to Monitor Your Health

One of the best qualities to the Breathometer is that it is a non-invasive and simple way to better monitor your health. The product utilizes the power of breath analysis technology so that you can detect and monitor your chronic health conditions and any disease that you are suffering from.

With half of American adults suffering from a disease, you can be certain that this product is a welcome addition to any health regimen. Keeping the Breathometer on hand can not only save your life, but it can also give you better insight into your condition throughout the day.

How the Breathometer Works

The Breathometer is a nifty little device that you place in your mouth and breathe into. Upon doing so, the technology gathers the organic compounds in your mouth that are released by the bacteria. Once the technology gathers the compounds, it analyzes them and then sends the information to a program called Mint, which goes hand-in-hand with the Breathometer.

About Mint

Mint is the companion technology to the Breathometer. With Mint, you can get the diagnosis for your health so that you can take the necessary actions. Mint is one of the smartest and most innovative ways to monitor your oral health. The technology, which is an application on your cell phone, receives information from the Breathometer.

Once the information reaches your cell phone, you’ll be able to view a number of reports. The reports include the following health qualities:

Cleaning Effectiveness

The first quality that the device looks at is your cleaning effectiveness, which is essentially how well you are cleaning your teeth and gums. Mint provides you with details and insight into your cleaning routine by giving you a grade. If your grade is low, then the application provides you with the option to view a number of tips that you can implement to improve your score for next time. The cleaning tips are personalized for your dental health and cleaning techniques.

In addition to providing you with tips, Mint also allows you to view your test in depth by pressing “Test Details.” You’ll find using the application to be an easy and simple experience.

Cleaning and Eating Choices

A quality that everyone loves about Mint is that it provides you with information that enables you to make better cleaning and eating choices. The application gathers all of your personal data and then gives you feedback that is targeted toward you and your current needs.

You’ll be able to receive insight into how your current data is impacting your oral health or what you can expect to experience at your next dental visit. With this program, you’ll not only be able to prepare for upcoming dental visits, but you’ll also be able to take action necessary to mitigate the severity of your dental situation before it gets worse.

Oral Report Card

Finally, the program also provides you with an oral report card. The report card gives you an overview of how well you are following the goals that you have set. As you follow the health trend that is taking place in your mouth, you’ll be able to take the necessary action to boost your cleaning habits and to regain a peace of mind when it comes to your oral health.

Where to Buy

Both Mint and the Breathometer are in their final stages of development. Those who have used the product and currently own the first version are individuals who were given access to the product earlier than everyone else. If you are interested in receiving updates as to when the product will be available, simply visit the brand’s website and reserve your own Breathometer.


Overall, Breathometer is an excellent piece of technology that provides you with cost-effective diagnostics. The information you receive is accurate, it gives insight into your oral health, and it allows you to take the necessary actions to safeguard your health without having to visit a dentist.


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