Bell+Howell My Foldaway Rechargeable Fan: Portable Windy Breeze Machine

Tired of feeling restricted when it comes to keeping cool? Want to be able to cool off even in the hot outdoors? One of the major drawbacks of fans and air conditioners, is their limited access, as both can only be used indoors. Others include their weight, heightened noise levels, size and restrictive cords.

In spite of these flaws, comes a new fan that revolutionizes the way in which one can achieve optimal comfort. This is none other than Bell+Howell’s My Foldable Rechargeable Fan. In this piece, Bell+Howell’s My Foldable Rechargeable Fan will be brought under the spotlight, with emphasis placed on its purpose, usefulness, features and price factor among others.

What is the My Foldaway Rechargeable Fan?

As the name suggests, Bell+Howell has created a fan with the aim of keeping consumers cool whenever and wherever. This is evident through two of several features: it is rechargeable and foldable.

How does My Foldaway Rechargeable Fan work?

My Foldaway Rechargeable Fan only works when it has been charged. Once this has been completed, it is as simple as extending and compacting it to one’s preferred size and turning it on. What makes this fan unique is that it lets consumers carry it around as they please, whether it be in the living room, by the bedside or the pool, near a campfire and even at the beach.

What are the features of the My Foldaway Rechargeable Fan?

Some of its notable features include:

  • 10 hours of continuous use after charging
  • Includes three fan speed options and is deemed noise free
  • Weighs under 2 lbs
  • Easily portable, compactable and storable
  • Extends as high as 4 feet tall

How much does the My Foldaway Rechargeable Fan cost?

My Foldaway Rechargeable Fan is currently priced at $39.98 plus a shipping and handling fee of $7.95. That said, to ensure that consumers can financially take on such an investment, one can choose to split the payment into two. In addition to the flexible payment options, each My Foldaway Rechargeable Fan will be backed by a 90-day money back guarantee. In the latter case, a refund can be requested by reaching out to the Bell+Howell team at:

  • Toll-free: (866) 247-2797
  • Mailing address: 400 RETURNS RD, Wallingford CT, 06494

My Foldable Rechargeable Fan Final Thoughts

Overall, Bell+Howell’s My Foldable Rechargeable Fan appears to be quite attractive due to its superior nature compared to traditional fans. Most standard fans are heavy, rarely compactable and make far too much noise to even enjoy the breeze. However, these issues seem to have been rectified in the Bell+Howell’s design, as they can be placed both indoors and out, and on any surface big or small.

Having said that, products that are usually presented through infomercials can have their drawbacks, especially in terms of contacting customer service. For instance, the aforementioned mailing address doesn’t only accept Bell+Howell’s My Foldable Rechargeable Fan returns, but all returns as well. Obviously, one can anticipate congestion; not to mention lack of patience. Hence, it is always ideal to contact the team with any questions or concerns prior to moving forward with an order. To learn more about Bell+Howell’s My Foldable Rechargeable Fan, click here.


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