Bell & Howell MicroBrite Review – Small Bright LED Flashlight Worth It?

Bell & Howell Micro Brite Review

The Micro Brite is a thumb-sized flashlight made by Bell & Howell. The Micro Brite turns any 9 volt battery into a powerful LED flashlight. Here’s our Micro Brite review.


What Is The Micro Brite?

The Micro Brite is a small flashlight made by Bell & Howell, the company best-known for As Seen On TV products like ultrasonic insect repellents and miniature flashlights.

With the Micro Brite, Bell & Howell has taken miniature flashlights to the next level. The flashlight doesn’t even work on its own: you need to attach a 9 volt battery for the lights to be activated. Without an attached battery, the flashlight won’t turn on.

The flashlight itself is about the size of half your thumb. With the 9 volt battery attached, it’s about the size of your full thumb. Any way you slice it up, that’s one tiny flashlight.

Despite the small form factor, the flashlight isn’t quite as cheap as you might think. It’s priced at $16 per unit.

Let’s take a closer look at the Micro Max’s features.

Micro Brite Features

  • Lasts for 100,000 hours
  • Works with any 9 volt battery
  • Uses 6 LED bulbs that emit white light
  • Small and portable (can easily fit into any pocket)

That’s about all you need to know about the flashlight. It’s a small, compact, straightforward device.

Micro Brite Pricing

The Micro Brite is priced at $16.95 ($10 base rate + $5.95 shipping).

Like many other Bell & Howell products under the As Seen On TV brand, this pricing policy is deliberate: when you request a refund, you don’t get the shipping costs back. So even if you don’t like the flashlight and want to return it, it’s hard to justify paying the costs to ship it back just to receive a $10 refund.

In any case, you can find similar flashlights from any dollar store or from Amazon for under $5. The $16 price tag on the Micro Max seems unjustified for a flashlight with just six LEDs and no included battery.


About Bell & Howell

The original Bell & Howell company was founded in 1907 as a motion picture equipment manufacturer. Today, the company that makes cheap flashlights and ultrasonic insect repellers licenses that brand, but it’s totally separate from the original motion picture manufacturer.

Don’t be tricked by the Bell & Howell logo: the logo features a Swiss flag, but the company appears to manufacture its products in Asia.

Should You Buy the Micro Brite Flashlight?

Today, Bell & Howell sells the Micro Brite flashlight under the name Micro Brite. However, you can still find some product listings online under the original name of Micro Max. Whatever you call it, this flashlight will appeal to a niche audience. If you need a portable flashlight that’s the size of your thumb, but don’t want it to come with a built-in battery, then the Micro Max is perfect for you.

Yes, the flashlight is portable. But the fact that you have to carry around a 9 volt battery with it at all times significantly reduces its portability. Fortunately, you can attach the 9 volt battery to the flashlight and carry it around like that, although this reduces the portability and form factor.

In any case, $16 for Micro Brite may seem like a steep price to pay for such a small device. However, if you’re looking for a tiny flashlight that emits decently bright light, then the Bell & Howell Micro Brite may be the right choice for you.


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