August Smart Lock Review – Safe Keyless Doorbell HomeKit Technology?

August Smart Lock Review

The August Smart Lock is a home security device first released in 2014. The locking system uses an app – not physical keys – to unlock doors in your home. Here’s our August Smart Lock review.


What Is the August Smart Lock?

The August Smart Lock is a home security device that functions like a smart lock. After installing the device, you unlock doors in your home using an app – not physical keys.

The device is easy to install and works with all deadbolt doors (it doesn’t work with door knobs).

The idea behind the August (and other smart locks) is that you can control your lock remotely. You can check to see if you remembered to lock the door after leaving for work, for example. Or, you can unlock the door for a family member when they come to visit while you’re out of the house. You get the idea.

Although the August was first released two years ago, it’s been making headlines in recent weeks for an important reason: the lock finally has been upgraded with HomeKit integration, the Apple platform that lets you control smart appliances and smart devices in your home from one convenient system.

How Does The August Smart Lock Work?

After installing the August Smart Lock, you control it using the August app. That’s always been the case with August. The reason people are getting more excited about August now is that the lock now integrates with HomeKit.


The August Smart Lock’s HomeKit integration makes the lock easier to use than ever.

HomeKit, for those out of the loop, is Apple’s home automation platform that lets developers send data across applications and devices. It’s the platform that lets your smart thermostats, lightbulbs, light switches, locks, blinds, and other smart devices talk to one another through a set of common standards.

At the time of writing, the only way to control HomeKit devices is through Siri. However, Apple developers are purportedly planning to release a dedicated HomeKit app in the near future – which will make it easier to use devices like August Smart Lock.

Today, you can use August by opening Siri and saying things like “Is the back door open?” or “Close the door”. Siri reacts accordingly, activating, deactivating, or checking your August Smart Lock.

Installing the device is straightforward:

  • You mount a plate to the door
  • Adjust the plate according to the deadbolt’s brand
  • Mount the August Smart Lock to the plate

Whether you’ve installed a door knob before or not, the process is straightforward and doesn’t take too long. August Smart Lock comes with a complete set of instructions and an easy setup process.

After installing the physical hardware, you configure the lock using the August app. From the app, you can also select the option to set up Siri. All you need to do is scan the code included with your lock and that’s it. After you tap through four screens and wait a few seconds, your August Smart Lock is ready to use.

Now you’re ready to use some of August’s cool features. To unlock your door, you pull out your phone, open the app, and press the lock or unlock button.

That’s a process that many people find more difficult than using a physical key – which is why others set up a geofencing feature, which automatically unlocks your door when your phone is within range. If you setup the geofencing feature, then you’ll feel your phone buzz in your pocket before hearing the door unlock a split second later as you approach your home.

Another valuable feature is the ability to share your lock with your roommates, spouse, or friends, adding them as a guest. This lets them control the lock’s current status (locked or unlocked). You can also assign people as an Owner, in which case they can add more guests or enable auto-unlock on their smartphone.

If you feel like spending a little extra money, then you can pay the August Keypad for $79, which gives friends and relatives access to your lock when you’re not around. You can assign guests unique entry codes and even receive alerts when a certain code is used to unlock your door.


There’s also a Doorbell Cam accessory which sends you an alert anytime someone tries to access your home using August. Then, you can use the camera to have a two-way conversation with that person before unlocking the door to grant access.

August Smart Lock Pricing

The August Smart Lock is far from cheap: it’s priced at $227.97 from Amazon. That price includes one smart lock with 4 AA batteries.

Other accessories include the Doorbell Cam ($199), the Smart Keypad ($79), and August Connect ($79).

One of the main criticisms people have about the August Smart Lock is the high price tag. Paying over $200 for a lock for one door in your home is hard for many people to justify. Plus, if you want to enjoy the complete features for the system, then you’ll need to spend more for the accessories.

Who Makes the August Smart Lock?

The August Smart Lock is made by a company named August Home. That company claims that their mission “is to make our customer’s lives more simple and secure by offering unprecedented visibility and control over their front door.” They make products that “keep the bad guys out and let the good guys in.”

So far, the company has released the August Smart Lock, Doorbell Cam, Smart Keypad, and Connect.

August is headquartered in San Francisco, California. In 2015, the company reported that they had raised $50 million in funding to date. August was founded by technology entrepreneur Jason Johnson and designer Yves Behar.

Should You Use the August Smart Lock to Protect your Home?

The August Smart Lock is a smart lock device that lets you lock and unlock your home using an app. You can grant access to your home to other individuals, connect home video cameras, add a keypad, and outfit your home’s door with other modern security features.

Priced at over $200 for one locking system, August Smart Lock may be more than the average homeowner is locking to spend on one single door. However, those who use smart home systems like Apple’s HomeKit may be willing to pay a premium for the nifty security features and sleek design that come with August.


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