Atomic Beam USA Review – Real High Powered Tactical LED Flashlight?

The Atomic Beam USA Flashlight is a tactical accessory that helps consumers to see anything they need to in the dark, while holding enough weight to defend themselves from an attacker. The device is available in multiple packages with helpful accessories to add.

What Is The Atomic Beam USA Flashlight?

Everyone needs to be prepared in an emergency, or when they will be without power during camping trips or similar places. However, most flashlights do not have the performance that consumers need during these times when survival is necessary. By choosing the Atomic Beam USA Flashlight, consumers can get incredible performance that lasts.

The Atomic Beam device offers a lightweight style, though it is tough enough to withstand all the potential damage it could incur. The device offers an impressive LED that offers 40 times more than regular flashlights, and consumers can use different settings for their needs. For instance, the focus feature helps consumers send a powerful strobe up to miles away, or temporarily blinds the attacker. The SOS signal helps other consumers be found while they are lost. This device also lets consumers choose the level of light they exert, and there is even a strobe function.

Purchasing The Atomic Beam USA Flashlight

Overall, the cost of the single Atomic Beam flashlight is $19.99, which comes with free shipping and a “Private Eye” flashlight to complement it. However, there are three offers available to consumers to get the most value for their purchase.

The Main Offer gives consumers two of the flashlights, along with two Private Eye flashlights, for $39.98. However, the company provides the chance to add on a $19.99 lantern or a $19.99 headlight.

The Deluxe Offer is similar, but consumers will not get the Private Eye flashlights. However, they will get two rechargeable batteries with chargers and two of the Atomic Beam flashlights. The total cost of this package is $69.96, plus the cost of the optional bonuses.

The smallest package, which is the Atomic Bundle, offers a flashlight, lantern, and headlight for $59.97 with free shipping. However, there are no options to add on any optional products.

If consumers do not like the results of using this product, they can reach out to the customer service team for a return.

Atomic Beam USA Customer Service

Even though there’s information on the website about the use of and the benefits of having the flashlight, some consumers may want to gather more information before making the commitment. The customer service team can be reached by calling 1-855-789-4106.

The team is available from 7:00am to 12:00am EST on weekdays, and 8:00am to 8:00pm EST on weekends.

Atomic Beam USA Conclusion

The Atomic Bean Flashlight is meant for anyone that wants to safely go camping, or wants to setup their emergency kit in case of a disaster. All of the settings make this a worthwhile purchase, and there are multiple accessories that consumers should consider to make their experience even easier.


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