Electronics Zeiss VR ONE Plus Review – Virtual Reality Headset Smartphone App?

Zeiss VR ONE Plus Review – Virtual Reality Headset Smartphone App?


Zeiss is a company that will give you access to one of the leading companies in innovation and technology. Zeiss is a corporate giant with a fascinating history. The company produces and distributes various products and has an abundance of quality products like microscopes, eyeglass lenses, cinema & camera lenses, planetarium technology, measurement technology, and much more.

With more than 50 service & sales locations, 30 production sites, and approximately 25 R&D facilities spread across over 40 countries the company operates in, you can really begin to grasp and visualize the capabilities of such an organization. While taking a virtual tour through the company’s illustrious history on the company’s website, you will also inevitably come across their virtual reality headset. The VR ONE Plus is one of the most advanced pieces of design that has graced the face of the earth thanks to Zeiss.

What Exactly Is The VR ONE Plus?

This is a virtual reality headset that was developed to achieve simplicity and comfort for the user. The headset is a special blend that brings together an appealing design with premium optics. Despite its sophistication, it is really easy to use. All you need is to slot in a smartphone and you are good to go.

The Zeiss Factor

Zeiss is a company that produces world-class optics products. The company’s fascinating story that begins from its inception in 1846 to its modern day technological milestones is mind blowing. All the effort aimed at achieving excellence has paid off, since you can now get the best products that could previously only exist in your wildest of dreams. You can trust a company that provides one of the best optics museums with over 1,000 exhibits to produce an exceptional product. That is exactly what they did by producing the VR ONE Plus.

The experience the company has in the industry of optics and other related technology is second to none. The level of innovation and technology employed by the company in developing products is equally unmatched. With these aforementioned facts and a number of endless factors that make Zeiss a magnificent producer of world-class designs, there is virtually no better reason to doubt the level of quality and authenticity of the VR ONE Plus on offer on the Zeiss website.

Why Choose The VR ONE Plus?

Best In The Market

The company is renowned for its competency in the field of innovation and technology. By utilizing its extensive research and experience in the field, the VR ONE Plus was developed to blow out of the water any rivaling smartphone-based VR headsets. Indeed, the Zeiss VR ONE Plus is miles apart from the other VR headsets currently available.

The design’s ergonomics, premium lenses, and incomparable image quality are among the qualities that trump the rivaling brands. You will also love its innovative optical design that allows you to adjust into different PDs. The design, therefore, allows you to get a clear field of view regardless of whether or not you have a perfect positioning of the VR headset. The design is also perfect for users who use eyeglasses. Manual focus adjustment is unnecessary when using the VR ONE Plus.


The VR headset’s blend between an appealing design and the premium optics makes the gadget a joy to experience. Its features literally seem to take you to a different world. The headset offers you a unique feeling as if you are right at the heart of whatever you are watching rather than just the normal watching of the events that unfold on your screen.

The VR ONE Plus features will simply offer you a visual treat. Built using the best technology in optics, you can expect to make your virtual world real when using the product.

Another feature you will appreciate is its easy usability. You will not believe the level of ease you will enjoy during your first journey into the virtual world using the VR ONE Plus. You will definitely love its portability and lightweight design. The features are specifically aimed at providing you a virtual reality that is perfect for your games, video, augmented reality, and more.


With the VR ONE Plus, the display is between inches 4.7 & 5.5 and can be accessed using your smartphone. The only things you need to enjoy the experience using your smartphone are a compass, accelerometer, and a gyroscope.

VR Apps

You can access endless possibilities when using the VR ONE plus after you purchase it from the Zeiss website. Apart from using the various apps you can easily download from Google Play and the Apple App store, the VR headset is also set for Cardboard Apps. Optimizing your visual experience will involve no more than the very simple task of scanning the QR code.


It is definitely a dream gadget for game lovers. With the VR ONE Connect, you are set out for an unbelievable plug & play mode. From the guidance provided on the website, you can easily access a host of premium VR games. You will definitely love the various games your mobile VR headset can access on SteamVR. Another interesting feature that as a gamer you would love is the 3DoF controls freedom the gadget will offer you when you link your PC and smartphone. Thanks to the VR ONE Connect Bluetooth, you can fully enjoy the unimaginable experience.


On the Zeiss website, you can download the gadget’s manuals in various languages. The manual will explain the intricate specifications that make the VR ONE Plus the ultimate VR headset. The specifications allow for a definitive immersive visual experience. Among its key specifications, you cannot miss noticing its ultimate Zeiss precision lenses, its extensive field of view, its unbelievable interpupillar allowance, and its compatibility with your smartphone. On the website, you can expect to access all the information you need, including the ability to download the full original manuals.


The gadget can also provide you an amazing business opportunity if you are an app developer. You can register your interest on the website and get an exclusive link to Zeiss. The link will be significantly beneficial because you will qualify for the best support you could ask for from the company. Working with a company of such resources and economies of scale is definitely not a chance you can afford to miss. When visiting the website, simply click on the “contact us” link to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Zeiss FAQ

The website is important because, through it, you can communicate with customer support and get a precise response to whatever questions you pose. You can also browse through the facts detailed on the FAQ link to learn more about the VR headset. The information is crucial because it contains the answers you need to improve your confidence on the abilities and qualities of the VR ONE headsets.

Zeiss Virtual Reality Conclusion

The Zeiss product might be the best VR headset you are yet to experience. Their website is easily accessible and you can learn a lot within a few clicks and access the crucial details that will convince you to get the gadget. Nevertheless, Zeiss is the go to company when you want the best that optics has to offer, hence the need to access the platform. The link will give you an exclusive link to the most fascinating and genuine VR headset in the market. You should look no further than Zeiss to enjoy a genuine virtual reality experience.



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