Electronics XY3 Find It Review – XY GPS Bluetooth Attach & Pair App...

XY3 Find It Review – XY GPS Bluetooth Attach & Pair App For Lost Items?


What Is The XY3 Find It?

The XY3 is an innovative keyring attachment that helps you keep your keys and your phone safe. It’s not just another ordinary, run of the mill keyring attachment. It’s much more as it has the ability to give you several options to keep track of your keys and phone.

How Does The XY3 Find It Work?

Using the internet, the Bluetooth XY3 operates on your IOS or Android device through an app. You can easily locate your stuff near you when using the XY3 Find it. It’s works with a smart device within Bluetooth range.

The first step after buying the XY3 device is to download the app. After you download the app you attach and pair the device. Once you attach the XY3 finder to your desired item, you just follow the instructions to pair your device with either a smart phone or IOS.

One your device is paired, there are several ways to track the phone. One of which is either view it on your app for the XY3 Find It, or you can you go to My.XYFindIt.com and use the web application. Once on either the app or the web application you can view your listed items that are paired with the XY3. A simple to read GPS map will open and you can navigate to the device’s location.

You can then do things like set the device to “Keep Near” so your phone and device will notify you if it goes out of range. Find it is another of the options, this will ring your phone and XY3 beacon when it’s in Bluetooth range.

Pressing the button on the XY3 will also ring your phone even when it’s on silent mode. One of the major points they make is to keep the XY3 Find It App running in the background and make sure you stay in Bluetooth range.

The keep near notification allows you to get out of range alerts on your phone when you leave Bluetooth range. This basically tells you when the item has been left behind or is missing. One of the other benefits is the battery on the device is replaceable and works with an easy to open access slot. On the device.

It's a very inexpensive battery you can buy at most stores called a CR-2032. All you need to open the device is a penny or something similar that is flat. You just insert it into your XY3 and it pops right open.

Once it’s open, you pop out the battery and insert the new one with the positive side facing away from the internal processor/electronics. Apparently, the beacon will last for years as long as the battery is changed regularly.

Where Can I Buy The XY3 Find It?

You can buy the XY3 on the company website XY3FindIt.com. One beacon costs $25, 2-5 are $20 each and it’s $15 for 6 or more beacons.

The XY3 Find It Benefits

You’ll never lose your keys or purse again. And it lasts for years by easily changing the battery.

The XY3 Find It Bottom Line

If you’ve ever lost your keys, phone, wallet, purse or something similar then you know the frustration that ensues. The XY3 Find it makes it easy to keep track of your items and is definitely worth it.



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