Electronics Wearsafe Review – One Touch Personal Safety Alarm Alert System Button?

Wearsafe Review – One Touch Personal Safety Alarm Alert System Button?


Wearsafe is a personal safety device made by a Hartford, Connecticut-based company. Find out everything you need to know about the device today in our review.

What Is Wearsafe?

Wearsafe is a wearable safety device that originally launched on Kickstarter in 2015. Today, the device is available for anyone to order online through GetWearsafe.io at a price of around $50.

The key feature of the device is its one touch button. That button lets you send crucial information with a single touch.

After you press that button, for example, you can share your exact location on a map, allow someone to hear live audio of your surroundings, and even let your friends create a virtual “situation room” where they can come together to figure out what’s going on. Then, if friends decide it’s the best course of action, they can call 911.

Meanwhile, the person wearing the Tag can receive vibrations from their network letting them know that help is on the way.

All your friends need to do is install the free app. They don’t need to buy a Wearsafe Tag.

The device is designed for those who want an extra layer of protection when traveling, jogging, walking alone, or going on a blind date. It’s built to bridge the gap for when you feel nervous about a situation, but don’t feel justified calling 911. Thanks to Wearsafe, calling help is “fast, easy, and discreet”, as explained on the official website.

There’s also a market for the device among the elderly and their loved ones. The device can be used to send alerts when one falls down or experiences a medical emergency, for example.

Wearsafe Features

When you’re in distress, you can send valuable information to your friends and trusted network. One press activates all of the following features:

Exact Location Data:

Instantly share your GPS coordinates with your network. You and your network can see who’s closest, then determine the best course of action based on that information (members appear as profile pictures on a map).

Live Audio:

This is a new feature available on recent versions of Wearsafe. It lets responders hear live audio of your surroundings. Responders can also rewind audio to hear the 60 seconds before you even pressed the button on your Tag. This feature isn’t found on most other personal protection devices.

Situation Room:

After you press the button, the Wearsafe app creates a virtual “situation room” where your friends can work together to determine the best course of action.

Silently Assure Your Friend Help Is Coming:

After your friend/relative presses the button, you can send vibrations to their Tag to let them know you received their alert. It’s a way to silently assure them that help is coming.

Share Medical Info:

With Wearsafe, responders can see your personalized medical information, which is very important if the individual is experiencing a medical alert.

Send Alerts Up To 200ft Away:

Wearsafe’s Tag relies on your phone in order to work. However, the Tag works up to 200 feet away from your phone.

Create Multiple Networks:

Wearsafe lets you create an unlimited number of networks of trusted friends and family. You can create networks based on your most-frequented locations – like home, work, school, traveling, and more.

Free App:

Friends and family don’t need to buy the Wearsafe Tag to be part of the network. They just need to download the free app.

Ultimately, based on all of this information, your friends and relatives can choose whether to call 911 – or if it’s a situation they can resolve on their own.

Using Wearsafe

Using Wearsafe is straightforward. Here’s the step by step process:

Step 1) Download the free app for Android or iOS
Step 2) Pair your Wearsafe Tag to your phone with Bluetooth
Step 3) Set up your networks by asking your friends and relatives to download the free app

Wearsafe Pricing

Here’s how pricing breaks down on the official Wearsafe website

  • 1 Tag: $49.99 + Shipping
  • 2 Tags: $99.95
  • 3 Tags: $135

Two different color options are available, including grey and white. You can mix and match the above packages however you like. All prices come from the official website and are in USD. The website accepts payments via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Your purchase comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Wearsafe pricing page is slightly misleading: the company hardly mentions the fact that it comes with a monthly subscription fee. That monthly subscription fee is waived for the first year. After that, you’ll need to pay $7 per month or $60 per year.

It’s also important to note that the Wearsafe Tag uses a CR2032 coin cell battery that will last 3 to 6 months with normal use. You need to replace the battery yourself when it dies.

Who Makes Wearsafe?

Wearsafe is an American personal safety company based in Hartford, Connecticut. The device was created in response to the Cheshire Home Invasion Murders that took place in the state in 2007.

The company’s founders, David Benoit and Phillip Giancarlo, started to develop Wearsafe in 2011 and quickly attracted investors, according to their Wikipedia page.

The product launched to the public on Kickstarter in 2015, when over 1,100 backers pledged $106,000 of the $75,000 goal to bring Wearsafe to life. The first units were delivered in September 2015.

Should You Use Wearsafe?

Wearsafe is one of many personal safety devices on the market today that provides protection for people in a number of different situations – including those who frequently travel alone, go jogging, or go on blind dates.

It’s also built for those who are worried about the health of their elderly relatives. You can wear your Wearsafe Tag and send alerts to a trusted network of friends and relatives. Sending an alert is as easy as tapping a button on the Tag.

There are several unique Tag features that distinguish it from competitors. First, it sends location data with the touch of a button. Second, it allows your friends and relatives to come together in a “situation room” to decide on a course of action, including a map showing who’s closet to the person’s location.

And finally, Wearsafe has a microphone that lets your network rewind the last 60 seconds of conversation – including any audio that took place before you pressed the Tag.

Wearsafe is priced at around $50 per unit with a $7 per month subscription fee after the first year. You can buy it today at GetWearsafe.io.

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