Equipment Battery Chargers Solar Juice Pro Review – Does Solar Powered Mobile Charger Device Work?

Solar Juice Pro Review – Does Solar Powered Mobile Charger Device Work?


Tired of having electronic devices dying quicker than ever? Need a convenient and on the go kind of product that has one’s phone life at 100 percent from the beginning of the day until the end? This is what has come of today’s generation.

With everyone moving ever so quickly, sometimes taking the time to charge one’s electronic device seems unrealistic. Fortunately there is an innovative portable charger available in the market and it’s known as the Solar Juice Pro.

Solar Juice Pro is a time and cost efficient way of ensuring that one’s electronic device has maximum fuel.

To better understand how convenient and prevalent the Solar Juice Pro is, this review will analyze this respective product in terms of its purpose, its features, what it comes with, its affordability and many more details needed for consumers to be certain of this purchase.

What Is Solar Juice Pro?

The Solar Juice Pro is hybrid solar powered mobile charger that uses both sunlight and other forms of light and converts it into the juice or fuels a device requires.

Whether one wants to charge his or her smartphone, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, iPod, camera, Bluetooth headset, GPS, mp3 player, Game system or any other given device, this product will easily ensure maximum battery life. To better understand its efficiency; let’s take a closer look at some of its features.

Solar Juice Pro Features

Besides its ability to charge a wide range of electronic devices, the following features makes the Solar Juice Pro an unbeatable charger to have handy:

  • Ability to charge two devices at a time
  • Designed as a waterproof, dustproof and shockproof product
  • Easy to carry around
  • Built in battery level and charging indicator
  • Rechargeable 1000mAh Lithium-ion battery-output
  • Built in LED Flashlight

This product is definitely great for consumers who are constantly on the go, whether one is going for a hike, boating, relaxing on a beach or travelling elsewhere.

While it uses solar energy, it is best to charge the Solar Juice Pro with a USB port because it takes 6 to 7 hours whereas it takes 22 to 25 hours to completely charge this respective product via solar energy.

Solar Juice Pro Contents

With the purchase of each Solar Juice Pro, consumers are provided with the following items:

  • A universal USB
  • Mini USB
  • Micro USB
  • iPod/iPhone adaptors

Using Solar Juice Pro

The following list of tips will ensure that consumers know the dos and don’ts of this respective product:

  • When one turns on the Solar Juice Pro, when there are 4 blue lights present it means that it has a 75% to 100% life, 3 means 50 to 75%, 2 means 25 to 50% and so on
  • Prior to one’s use, the Solar Juice Pro is charged to its potential
  • Consumers do not necessarily need to rely on solar energy, as one can also use a USB port to charge the Solar Juice Pro
  • The size of this respective product is 4” by 1” by 0.25”
  • An LED Light appears when it charges underneath the sun

These are some of many tips that consumers can consider prior to the use of the Solar Juice Pro. Overall, it works similarly to other existing portable chargers, except its ability to charge twice as many electronic devices and its ability to recharge under different mediums definitely stands out from the rest.

Purchasing Solar Juice Pro

The current going price of the Solar Juice Pro is approximately $19.95. This is definitely an affordable commodity when compared to its competitors. Most portable chargers can range anywhere between $12 and exceeding $63 depending on its power source and brand.

The price is definitely valuable, as it reflects a convenient, efficient and easy to use product compared to traditional phone chargers that require outlets and plugs.

Solar Juice Pro Summary

Overall, the Solar Juice Pro is worth considering, as it makes life easier for those who are constantly on the move and those who are travelling for long hours.

While the Solar Juice Pro comes completely charged, when consumers first charge it, it takes a slightly longer duration than listed on the product, but after repetition, it takes less and less time to completely charge the Solar Juice Pro.

Ideally, it would be best to use the USB port to charge the Solar Juice Pro completely and throughout the day, allow solar energy to convert itself to juice. Because it takes longer to charge the Solar Juice Pro with sunlight or any other type of natural source of light, USB should be one’s first source and solar energy should be used when urgent.

In addition to its charging abilities, it is easy to carry; it is lightweight and quite fashionable. For more information on how to add fuel to any given type of electronic device on the go, check out the Solar Juice Pro online today.



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