Equipment UltraViolet Lights & Products UVZapp Stick Review: Portable Ultraviolet UVC Light Surface Sanitizer?

UVZapp Stick Review: Portable Ultraviolet UVC Light Surface Sanitizer?


The UVZapp Stick UVC Light Sanitizer is a handheld device that shines UV light over any surface to clean germs and other microorganisms from the surface. The device takes less than a minute to clean any surface, and it can safely be used on delicate materials like leather or clothing.

What is UVZapp Stick?

If there’s anything that consumers have learned through the recommendations of the CDC during COVID-19, it is that germs can easily be spread from one surface to the next. All it takes is a single touch to pick up potentially thousands of microorganisms, transferring them instantly as the individual touches another surface. Multiple studies show that the average person touches their face about 16+ times per hour, and all of those bacteria on fingertips go straight to the nose, mouth, eyes, and more.

While a habit as common as face-touching can be a bit hard to break, the next best change is to make sure to keep hands clean. Hand sanitizers and hand soap may have seen a temporary shortage as the pandemic awareness spread, but the use of a UV light, like that found in the UVZapp Stick, could be helpful to reducing germs.

The UVZapp Stick UVC Light Sanitizer provides consumers with a portable solution to sanitization. Though it is not directly used on the skin, it can scan over any inorganic surface to clear off germs, reducing the risk of transferring those microorganisms to the face or any other part of the body. It is definitely not a substitute for regular cleaning or even trying not to touch your face, but it can be used in conjunction with regular hygiene to reduce the spread of germs.

What Is So Impressive About Using UV-C Light?

Ultraviolet light is naturally produced by the sun as one type of electromagnetic energy, and it falls into four different categories – UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, and V-UV. With prolonged exposure to the sun, it is possible to overexpose the skin, leading to UV damage, so why use this energy in a sanitization device?

In the UVZapp Stick UVC Light Sanitizer, consumers will find UV-C, which is the wavelength that helps to eradicate germs. Germs, like viruses and bacteria, have not been naturally exposed to this wavelength, as UV-C doesn’t generally reach the earth’s surface. As such, these microorganisms haven’t built up a defense against it, so they are extremely sensitive to the exposure. Once this light reaches germs, even at low levels, it creates disruption in the stability of their cells to kill them off.

This type of technology has already been integrated into facilities at the commercial level, like hospitals and research labs, to help reduce the spread of germs for a sterile environment. However, the UVZapp stick condenses the ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology into a handheld device that is portable and can be used anywhere.

FAQ: What Else Consumers Need to Know About UVZapp Stick

Since the market is filled with products right now that offer sanitization with UV light, let’s discuss some of the common questions that customers might have about the UVZapp Stick UVC Light Sanitizer.

Q: How does the UVZapp Stick work?

A: The UVZapp Stick uses two LED lights with UV-C wavelengths. The user must scan the surface that they wish to clean from about an inch away, allowing the germs to be exposed for 10 to 20 seconds. In independent studies cited by UVZapp, this type of exposure is enough to eliminate many strains of bacteria and viruses up to 99.9%.

Q: Why should UV-C light be used to disinfect surfaces?

A: Even with multipurpose cleaners, the use of UV-C light can complement any other product’s efforts as it produces no waste and eliminates any germs that may still remain on the surface. Plus, since there’s no chemicals involved, it can be used on the most sensitive materials to eliminate germs, including electronics and leather.

Q: Can the UVZapp Stick kill off the COVID-19 virus?

A: So far, no studies have specifically shown that the UVZapp Stick is capable of killing the COVID-19 virus. However, since it can inactivate other coronavirus strains (including the strains that cause SARS and MERS), some experts assume that this will also be a benefit of the UVZapp Stick.

Q: Is the UVZapp Stick safe?

A: The UVZapp Stick itself is safe, but users must follow instructions explicitly to make sure that they do not harm themselves. Never shine this light in the eyes or on skin, though a built in safety feature prevents the UV-C light to shine unless it is facing downward. This device should not be used to sanitize any humans, animals, plants, or food.

Q: How is the UVZapp Stick UVC Light Sanitizer powered?

A: Consumers will need to charge the UVZapp Stick, as it doesn’t have removable batteries.

Q: What if the UVZapp light doesn’t help like the customer hoped it would?

A: The creators of UVZapp offer a 30-day window during which consumers can return the product for a refund.

Where to Buy UVZapp Stick

To make sure that consumers get the product they are looking for, the sanitizer can be found at: For one device, the total retail cost is $129.99, but it has been lowered to $99.99 for a limited time, and shipments are sent with free FedEx Express shipping.

Consumers that want to save even more can try their luck at the digital wheel that pops up upon entering the website. After entering an email address, the wheel “spins” to find a discount of up to 20%, though there’s also a chance of getting no discount. The user will get a discount code, which they can apply at checkout.

UVZapp Stick Summary

The UVZapp Stick UVC Light Sanitizer offers an easy way to minimize the spread of germs, especially for consumers that continue to keep their hands clean and wipe down surfaces in their home. It is small and lightweight enough to bring in a purse or pocket to the grocery store, gas station, and anywhere else to make sure that the user stays protected everywhere.

The creators of the sanitizing stick have also developed the UVZapp Box, which is currently available for preorder. To learn more about the UV stick, visit or reach out to customer service at



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