Equipment UltraViolet Lights & Products Best UV Light Sanitizers: Top 20 Ultraviolet Wands and Lamps in 2020

Best UV Light Sanitizers: Top 20 Ultraviolet Wands and Lamps in 2020

Ranking the best UV light sanitizers in 2020 after reviewing the top 20 ultraviolet sterilization wands, medical-grade disinfectant lamps and phone cleaning box products


The rise in popularity for UV light sanitizers in 2020 has gone parabolic due to the medicinal benefits of UV-C ultraviolet light for killing common indoor home air pollutants, allergens, dust mites, germs, bacteria, fungi, pet dander and airborne viruses.

As many of our readers may be well aware, the number of different ultraviolet light sanitizer product types and brands has all but skyrocketed in 2020 due to the global pandemic and heightened awareness the COVID-19 crisis has created. But as many also realize, with a rise in demand and trending use-case application, ultraviolet light cleaners are now available in a variety of different styles as well as companies who craft and offer the UV-C sanitizers.

As a safe, affordable, and effective way to sanitize a spectrum of different mobile devices, handheld gadgets, touchscreens and surface areas; ultraviolet UV-C light is leading the charge when it comes to eliminating these invisible airborne toxins by damaging their DNA so they can no longer replicate or duplicate.

In this regard, it bears mentioning that UV sanitizers are often used to disinfect, sterilize and cleanse any or all of these everyday items:

  • mobile smartphone screens
  • keyboards, remote controls and other digital devices
  • Kitchen countertops
  • incoming mail and shipping packages
  • bathroom/sink/toilet

There is also an uptick in many different UV light products, from vacuums, air purifiers, shoe cleaners, toothbrush holders, water purifiers, and more coming soon – ultraviolet's UV-C is quickly becoming a necessary household addition to consider for protecting the air, water and goods used daily. In addition to the different product types, there is also a range styles of available to buy UV light sanitizers in.

Also, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc all over the globe, it seems as though sales of ultraviolet light sanitizers have surged exponentially as part of a core hygiene and infection control while the lockdown continues. This is because people are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that it is not only important to keep one’s hands clean but also the surfaces that they come into contact with.

From the popular UV light sanitization wands or medical-grade ultraviolet light air purifying  disinfection lamps, to phone sanitizing boxes, it's time to review the top 20 best UV light sanitizers of 2020. Afterwards there is research on all of the most pressing questions about using ultraviolet sterilizers to disinfect these germs, bacteria and viruses.

Reviewing the Top 20 Ultraviolet Light Sanitizers in 2020

In this article, we will take a deep look at the best ultraviolet light sanitizers in the market today. So without any further ado, let’s jump straight into the heart of the matter.

Home Desinfecction UV Lamp
$79 USD

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Handheld UV-C Portable Sanitizer

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4 SmartSanitizer Pro $53 - $89

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5 HoMedics
UV-Clean Portable Sanitizer

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6 Verilux CleanWave $200

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7 PhoneSoap 3 $80

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8 GermGuardian $60

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9 CleaniX $40

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10 LARQ Bottle $100 – $150

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11 HomeSoap $200

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12 Oblio Wireless Charger
& UV Cleaner

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13 LioKen’s UV
Smartphone Sanitizer

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14 Sienna LUX $80

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15 Rosa Rugosa
UV Sterilized Bottle

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16 Germise UV Sanitizer $60

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17 Philips’ Sonicare
UV Sanitizer

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18 BVibe’s UV Sterilizer $50

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19 Munchkin Portable UV Sterilizer $20

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20 Steri Shoe Ultraviolet
Shoe Sanitizer

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21 CrazyCap Water Purifier $60

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22 Bblüv Portable UV sterilizer $26

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Sterilize X – Home disinfection UV lamp

Sterilize X is a device that can be use in any room to destroy the DNA of germs and clean away any residual bacteria. The device can only be purchased online, and it is available in multiple packages.

The Sterilize X is fairly straightforward – by activating the device, every surface the light touches will be sanitized. The process is quick (just 30 minutes), and all the user has to do is press the button on the front of the device to turn it on. After the cycle is over, the lamp will automatically turn off. This device uses UV-C rays, which are safe for skin as well as the device sterilizes a range of about 12 to 15 feet to each side.

The only way to purchase the Sterilize X device is from the official website, which has the following packages available:

  • One Sterilize X device for $79 USD
  • Two Sterilize X devices for $138 USD
  • Three Sterilize X devices for $156 USD
  • Four Sterilize X devices for $196 USD
  • Five Sterilize X devices for $235 USD

Sterilize X is meant for any household or office that wants an extra layer of protection from disease. Even though it doesn’t replace the process of scrubbing down surfaces or using an air purifier, it helps to expose any unseen germs in a way that bacteria is rendered useless.

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Super Charged – Handheld UV-C Portable Sanitizer

The Super Charged UV-C Lamp is a handheld UV light sanitizer wand capable of killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi with the use of a simple UV light.

The device is designed to disinfect any area and countertops. The sanitizer can be conveniently used on some of our most use items such as remote, cellphones, or to disinfect mail and even kill any germs in food orders.

When ordering Super Charged Uv Light Sanitizer there are multiple price options to choose from, the more devices you order the bigger the discount you’ll receive.

  • One UV-C Lamp for $35.49
  • Two UV-C Lamps for $64.62 (10% savings)
  • Three UV-C Lamps for $90.51 (15% savings)
  • Five UV-C Lamps for $141.95 (20% savings)
  • Six UV-C Lamps for $159.72 (25% savings)

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Mobile Klean

In its most basic sense, Mobile Klean is a handheld sanitization device that claims to help weed out 99.9% of all surface bacteria, viruses, and pathogens that it is used on. To engage, all one has to do is wave the wand looking machine over the surface that one wishes to disinfect and hold for a period of around ten seconds.

As per the official product website, Mobile Klean’s manufacturer claims that the device is able to clean small as well as large surfaces with an equal level of efficiency. However, in real life, many customers have reported that it is difficult to disinfect small household items such as smartphones, keys, etc using the product..

From a pricing standpoint, a single unit is available for a base price of $30. However, there are other more advanced versions of the unit available for $45 as well.

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SmartSanitizer Pro

The SmartSanitizer Pro is another premium, medical-grade disinfecting device that makes use of a UV-C lamp that has the ability to wipe out 99.99% of all bacteria, germs and viruses that it comes into contact with. Also, it is worth pointing out that the device is USB-powered and works quite well on a range of different small household items such as earbuds, headphones, watches, glasses, jewelry.

Key Facets of the Smart Sanitizer Pro:

  • It’s ability to kill bacteria, viruses and other unwanted biological agents is really high.
  • The device is easy to use and can be set up (straight out of the box) within a matter of minutes.
  • There are bulk discount options available.
  • The device is highly portable and can be carried in one’s backpack with relative ease.
  • One of the biggest drawbacks of the Smart Sanitizer Pro is that it is not really efficient when being used upon larger surfaces.
  • As with Mobile Klean, the Smart Sanitizer Pro too is available between a price range of $53-$89 (depending upon which variant is purchased).

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HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Sanitizer

The first entry on our list, HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Sanitizer is a highly efficacious cleaning device that can be used to disinfect a number of different surfaces including kitchen counters as well as various everyday home items including keys, jewelry artifacts, eyeglasses, etc. Also, thanks to the device’s compact size, HoMedics’ UV sanitizer can be lugged around easily in one’s backpack.

From an operational standpoint, UV-Clean comes complete with four UV-C LEDs that allow for a powerful cleaning effect in the shortest time frame possible. In this regard, it is worth remembering that most similar products only come with a single UV lamp, which limits their overall sanitization power.

Other key facts regarding HoMedics’ UV-Clean worth remembering:

  • Provides powerful cleaning in less than a minute’s time.
  • The device comes with a rechargeable battery system that allows for 18 uses each time the device is fully charged.
  • UV-Clean works on a wide range of small household items
  • Each unit is available for a base price of around $170.
  • HoMedics’ UV-Clean sanitizer is available via a host of traditional retail stores (including big name players such as Macy’s).

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Verilux CleanWave

Verilux CleanWave is a specially designed UV-cleansing system that is designed to not only kill a wide range of harmful germs but also various odor-causing bacteria. The device comes with a rechargeable battery and is currently being sold online by various retailers including Amazon and eBay.

From a design standpoint, Verilux CleanWave resembles Mobile Klean quite closely. In fact, all one has to do in order to make use of the device is wave the wand over the surface that one wishes to disinfect.

Some core facets of Verilux CleanWave that are worth pointing out include:

  • The device has been designed to combat a wide range of harmful biological agents including E. coli, dust mites, flea eggs, MRSA, and influenza A (H1N1).
  • CleanWave is extremely easy to operate; all one has to do is click on the power button and shed the UV light over the target area.
  • From a pricing standpoint, the Verilux CleanWave is one of the more expensive UV-C sanitizing wands available for purchase today. Each unit is available for a base price of around $200.
  • The device works quite effectively on a host of specific viruses and comes with a rechargeable battery.

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PhoneSoap 3

Even though the name PhoneSoap sounds quite weird, the company has released an entire lineup of UV sanitization smartphone cases. From a design standpoint, all of the cases are identical with one another and have been made using high-quality plastic composites.

To use, all one has to do is open the case and slide one’s handheld mobile device inside and switch on the UV light. As per the official product website, the UV lamp inside the case is able to eliminate all of the germs present on one’s phone surfaces within a matter of seconds.

PhoneSoap 3 reportedly has the ability to kill 99.99% of germs and is able to fit almost all smartphones available in the market today. Also, PhoneSoap 3 also comes with a unique feature that allows individuals to charge their phones while disinfecting their devices at the same time.

Some key points regarding PhoneSoap 3 worth mentioning:

  • PhoneSoap3 is able to “significantly reduce” the presence of various germs, bacteria, and viruses on one’s phone.
  • The device is relatively expensive, $80, especially when considering its limited usability and operational capacity.

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GermGuardian UV-C Light Sanitizer

GermGuardian is a potent UV-C sanitizer that comes pre-built with a highly efficacious deodorizing unit that is not only able to ward off a number of germs and viruses but also freshens the air around one’s home. In order to make use of the device, all one has to do is plug in the device into any standard electrical outlet and then let it do its thing.

With that being said, it needs to be made clear that GermGuardian is not useful in sanitizing surfaces or various household items. Instead, it mostly works on airborne mold and germs. Thus, it is best to use GermGuardian in conjunction with some other handheld UV sanitization systems.

Key features of GermGuardian worth pointing out:

  • One of the most important facets of GermGuardian GG1100W is the fact that it does not require users to change its filter. Instead, all one has to do is routinely change the UV-C lamp every 10 to 12 months.
  • It is effective in eliminating unwanted, harmful odors as well as in cleaning one’s living spaces.
  • A single unit is currently available for around $60.

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CleaniX is a portable UV sanitizer that is extremely easy to use and does not require its owners to spend long durations cleaning various surfaces. In terms of its overall pricing, a single unit of CleaniX is currently available for $69.99. However, there are a few websites that are selling the device for as low as $40.

LARQ Bottle

In its most basic sense, LARQ can be thought of as a self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system that allows users to purify their water within a matter of minutes. In terms of the bottle’s pricing, a single unit is available for around $100-$150.

From an operational standpoint, the UV-C lamp inside the bottle is highly effective in cleaning the inner surfaces of the bottle as well as eliminating any unwanted odor-causing bacteria and viruses.

Other key facets of LARQ:

  • As per the official company website, LARQ has the capacity to keep its contents warm for a period of up to 12 hours. This is due to the double-wall insulated stainless steel that has been used to create the bottle.
  • The bottle comes with a rechargeable battery that can be replenished quite easily using a microUSB connector.
  • Each unit can hold upto 17 oz or 500mL of water, thus making the bottle ideal for traveling.
  • There are six color variants available for purchase.
  • Thanks to its unique design, LARQ is able to work as a self cleaning device.
  • LARQ is currently available online between a price range of $100 – $150.

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HomeSoap is a UV sanitization device that claims to eliminate up to 99.99% of germs that it comes into contact with. From a design standpoint, HomeSoap is large enough to fit a wide array of computer tablets such as iPad Pro and others. Not only that, the product manufacturer also claims that the device can be used to clean books, utensils, etc.

Some defining facets of HomeSoap include:

  • The device comes with an inbuilt battery as well as two seperate charging slots; USB and USB-C.
  • To use, all one has to do is place the item they want to clean inside HomeSoap and switch on the device.
  • The device is highly efficient and is able to eliminate 99% of all viruses, bacteria, germs it comes in contact with.
  • A single unit is currently available online for a base price of $200.

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Oblio Wireless Charger & UV Cleaner

While most other devices on this list are standalone cleaning units, Lexon’s Oblio UV sanitizer doubles up as a charging source. Also, in terms of its overall design and style, this device is extremely sleek and attractive. Thanks to its sophisticated color scheme and ergonomic outlay, Oblio doesn't have to remain hidden away in one’s closet.

In order to make use of the Oblio Wireless Charger & UV Cleaner, all one has to do is place one’s phone (or any other item) right in the middle of the device and then switch it on. The cleaning action of the Oblio is fast and efficacious, results can be seen in less than a minute’s time.

Key facets of Oblio:

  • The product is relatively expense (a single unit is currently available for $100)
  • It is available across a number of retail stores on the internet.

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LioKen UV Smartphone Sanitizer

LioKen’s UV cleaner is highly effective when it comes to sanitizing one’s phone. Not only that, a single unit is available for a highly reasonable sum of $70. In terms of how the device works, LioKen’s overall functionality is quite similar to most of the other smartphone sanitizers on our list. For example, all one has to do in order to make use of the device is place one’s phone inside the case and switch on the UV lamp.

Also, it is worth mentioning that LioKen’s UV cleaner comes pre-built with a wireless charger as well as an essential oil diffuser. As per the official product website, the device takes up to eight minutes to completely sanitize one’s mobile phone.

Lastly, LioKen is fully compatible with a wide range of mobile devices including:

  • iPhone 11/11 PRO/11 PRO MAX/XR/Xs Max/ XS/ X/ 8/ 8 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+/S8/S8+/S7/Note 8
  • LG and all QI compliant products
  • A single device is priced at $70 and can be purchased via a number of different online retail platforms including Amazon, eBay, etc.

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Sienna Lux

The Sienna Lux UV Light Sterilizer is a portable, handheld device that is perfect for cleaning one’s smartphones, eyeglasses, jewelry, etc. According to the product’s official description, it is effective in eliminating a wide range of harmful bacteria and germs. To use the Sienna LUX, all one needs to do is place one’s target device inside the cleansing capsule and switch it on.

Thanks to Sienna LUX’s inbuilt UV-C lamp it is able to produce effective results within a matter of minutes. Lastly, in terms of how much the device costs, a single unit is available for a base price of around $80 (from a number of different online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, etc).

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Rosa Rugosa UV Sterilizer Bottle

Much like LARQ, Rosa Rugosa is a UV sterilized bottle that makes use of a number of filtration methods to purify the water contained in it. Not only that, the device can also be used to clean a number of small household objects such as baby pacifiers, makeup brushes, toothbrushes, MP3 and MP4 players, etc.

In terms of its overall usability and design, all one has to do is place the desired item in the bottle and close the top lid. Once this is done, the power button needs to be activated by connecting the bottle to a 5V/1A power adapter. The entire sterilization process is quite quick and can be completed within a period of just five minutes.

Other facets of Rosa Rugosa worth highlighting:

  • The bottle’s design is eco-friendly in nature. The outer casing has been made using silicon.
  • In terms of its battery system, the bottle comes with a USB power jack that allows the bottle to fully recharge itself within 75 minutes.
  • The Rosa Rugosa bottle is extremely compact and portable.
  • It is effective on small household items
  • A single unit is currently priced around the $70 mark and can be purchased from a whole host of online retail stores such as eBay, Amazon, etc.

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Germise UV Sanitizer

The Germise UV sanitizer is a foldable cleaning unit that is perfect for disinfecting small objects such as smartphones, keys, glasses, etc. The device comes with a 3-watt UV-C that radiates a light of around 253 nm.

From a usability standpoint, Germise works much in the same way as many other handheld UV sterilization wands that are available in the market today. Also, the device manufacturer claims that the sanitizer can kill a wide range of harmful bacteria and fungi within a matter of seconds.

A single unit is currently priced around the $60.

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Philips Sonicare UV Sanitizer

Philips’ Sonicare UV Sanitizer has been designed primarily for cleaning toothbrushes. To use, all one has to do is place one’s toothbrush inside the device and switch on the UV lamp located on its outer body. And while other items may also be placed inside Sonicare for cleansing purposes, the sterilizer has been built specifically for toothbrushes.

As per the official company website, the Sonicare Sanitizer takes around 10-minutes to finish a single UV cleaning cycle. Additionally, the product comes with an auto-shutdown feature that helps preserve the unit’s battery for future use.

Some core facets of the Philips Sonicare include:

  • The product is designed specifically for toothbrushes.
  • It is relatively inexpensive to purchase; a single unit is currently priced at $45.
  • It is available quite easily across a number of retail outlets.

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BVibe UV Sterilizer

BVibe’s UV Sterilizer is a pouch-based device wherein users are required to put all of the items they want to clean inside the system and then turn on the UV lamp. As per the manufacturer’s booklet that comes with the product, BVibe is highly effective and can eliminate up to 99.9% of all harmful bacteria it comes into contact with.

Also, it should be made absolutely clear that BVibe is essentially a company that manufactures sex toys. Thus, their sanitizer is designed primarily to clean bedroom items like sex toys. Other points worth highlighting in relation to this product:

  • BVibe’s sterilizer is highly reusable and potent.
  • It is currently priced at around the $50 mark.
  • It’s fast acting UV cleansing system makes it ideal for cleaning a number of small items.

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Munchkin Portable UV Sterilizer

Even though there are more prominent companies that have been featured on our list, Munchkin’s Portable UV Sterilizer is really one of the most financially viable options available in the market today. Not only is it ridiculously cheap, but the device is also extremely efficacious and ergonomic in nature.

The sanitizer can be used to disinfect a wide array of items including toys, bottles, etc. Not only that, the official product website claims that Munchkin has the ability to eliminate 99% of all bacteria and viruses that it is used upon within a period of just one minute.

In terms of how to use the device, all one has to do is open the portable UV sterilizer and place the desired item inside the system. Other key facets of the machine include:

  • It can only be used to cleanse really small items.
  • It is quite inexpensive and can mostly be used to sanitize miniature toys and other similar children’s items.
  • The device is currently available for a price of just $20.

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Steri Shoe Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer

As the name seems to clearly imply, Steri Shoe is a cleaning device that can help clean/deodorize one’s shoes in a simple yet effective manner. To use the system, all one has to do is put their shoe in the box and then switch on the UV light. As soon as this is done, the machine starts to kill all of the bacteria and viruses contained in one’s shoes.

  • The overall design of the unit is quite basic (i.e. it is basically a cardboard box that comes attached with a UV light).
  • It is quite effective in removing foul smells.
  • Steri Shoe is extremely easy to operate and is quite cheap as well ($16).

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CrazyCap Water Purifier

In its most basic sense, the CrazyCap water purifier is a small cleaning device that can be attached directly to one’s bottle. The device comes with an inbuilt UV-C light that fits quite easily on a number of different water carriers. According to the official product website, CrazyCap is capable of weeding out more bacteria, viruses and germs than any other ultraviolet sanitizing system available in the market today.

In this regard, the product’s manufacturer has even stated that thanks to CrazyCap’s “next generation deep UV” capabilities, it can be used to disinfect hospitals as well as operating rooms.

Some key features related to CrazyCap worth pointing out:

  • It can purify water by killing up to 99.9996% of all harmful biological agents that it comes into contact with.
  • It can only be used in conjunction with traditional water bottles.
  • A single unit is currently priced at $60.

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bblüv Portable UV Sterilizer

The bblüv UV sterilizer has been designed specifically to cleanse a whole host of baby items such as nipples and pacifiers. However, in theory, it can cleanse any item that is placed within its core container.

In terms of its overall design and outlay, bblüv is quite similar to the Munchkin Portable UV Sterilizer; especially its overall shape, size and functionality. In this regard, some aspects of the product worth highlighting include:

  • bblüv takes around three minutes to clean any product that is placed within its sanitizing chamber.
  • The UV-C lamp inside the device can eliminate 99.9% of all harmful pathogens and bacteria.
  • A single unit is currently priced at around the $26 mark.

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Why Should One Use a UV Light Sanitizer?

Despite the fact that UV sanitizing systems have been around since the 1950’s, their use historically has been confined to medical settings. However, today, these devices have become an integral part of many air purification systems, water purification systems, and medical sanitizing stations.

Some of the core benefits of UV Light Sanitizers include:

  • Anti-Microbial Properties: A number of recent studies have shown that UV-C radiation (when administered in regulated doses) has the potential to eliminate a number of harmful anti-microbial agents.
  • Multifold Utility: Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, also known as UVGI, is a process that has been found to help in the purification of various items (including food).
  • Safe: Most devices that come with UV lamps deliver highly controlled doses of ultraviolet light and thus are safe for everyday use.

UV Sterilizers are Perfect for Controlling Bacterial Growth

So What Exactly is a UV Sterilizer? The Basics…

Simply put, a UV sterilizer is a device that has the potential to prevent the spread of infections by transmuting the transfer of certain harmful entities amongst sea creatures. The UV light emanated by the device can be used in a variety of different conditions and when applied correctly, has the ability to swiftly eliminate free-floating a range of microorganisms.

Lastly, it also bears mentioning that UV light does not have any side effects and has been scientifically shown to not kill any key nutrients that may be present in the targeted body of water.

The mechanisms underlying UV sterilizers

From a technical standpoint, one can see that a standard UV sterilizer makes use of germicidal fluorescent lamps that have the capacity to disseminate light particles that lay in the 254 nanometers (2537 Angstroms) range. In this regard, it should also be pointed out that water which is infected with bacteria when irradiated with light of this particular wavelength, results in the target agents becoming mutated and therefore losing their power to grow or multiply.

Some important facts related to UV sterilizers worth remembering

(i) The target organism’s characteristics: When choosing a UV lamp, it is essential to pick a device that has the ability to eliminate viruses, bacteria as well as protozoa of varying sizes. However, when dealing with larger organisms, it is important to select a lamp that can dole out higher doses of UV radiation.

(ii) Bulb Wattage: As most of our readers are probably well aware of, the amount of UV light that is disseminated by a bulb is determined by its overall wattage. However, with that being said, the UV light production capacity of a standard lamp goes down with age and thus it is important to replace the bulb every 6 months. From a more technical standpoint, it is worth remembering that UV light is best produced between a temperature range of 104-110°F.

(iii) Optimizing Factors: When choosing a water target to disinfect, one should ensure that the liquid being cleansed is not only low in turbidity but also as clear as possible. In addition to this, traces of salt can also decrease the utility of a UV lamp. For example, if mineral deposits are present on the UV lamp or its sleeve, the effectiveness of the outgoing light can be severely reduced. Last but not least, UV light by its very nature can only penetrate clear saltwater upto a maximum depth of 5mm.

(iv) Time of Exposure: The more a particular target body is exposed to UV light, the more it becomes disinfected and clean. Not only that, it has also been found that the innate length of a UV lamp source (i.e. the bulb) has a direct impact on the overall cleansing ratio of the activity being performed. Other important factors include:

  • The amount of time a water source is exposed to UV light.
  • Quantity of water that has to be cleaned up.

A close look at how UV lamps work in relation to sterilization related activities

To start off with, it is worth pointing out that UV light is best produced at a temperature range of 104-110°F. Colder temperatures have been shown to reduce the device’s overall output, however, to mitigate such issues, Quartz sleeves can be used.

As per clinical data available online, the amount of UV light required to kill various viruses, algae and protozoa is as follows:

  • Viruses = 15,000
  • Algae = 22,000 – 30,000
  • Protozoa = 90,000

Lastly, in terms of the conditions that most UV sterilizers are best suited for, it is recommended that a standard UV lamp be used within a multiple tank system where a common filter is in place. However, in the case of a single tank system, such devices can be useful in controlling the spread of infectious diseases quite easily. When talking about ponds and other relatively larger water bodies, UV lamps are ideal for eliminating the growth of free-floating algae (something that also helps enhance the overall visibility of the water.)

Some limitations related to UV lamps/sterilizers

Straight out of the gate, it should be made absolutely clear that a UV sterilizer is not a replacement solution for biological and mechanical filtration tools as well as other hygiene related activities such as regular water changes. Simply put, a UV sterilizer can be thought of as an insurance policy which is ideal for peripheral cleansing purposes but when it comes to dealing with string algae as well as non-swimming disease causing organisms, the device is not all that effective.

UV lamps should never be employed when one is first beginning to cycle their aquarium units, since the radiation may potentially end up killing a lot of the beneficial bacteria in the water.

A number of medical tools may be compromised in the presence of UV light, thus it is best that a sterilizer be turned off when using medications, especially chelated copper treatments.

Even though UV light sources can be used to curb the growth of parasites in a water body, the flow rate of most devices is so slow that unless one is dealing with a small water source, the entire exercise can become quite pointless fairly quickly.

UV sterilizers are known to heat up their target water body, thus in some cases it can be useful to keep a chiller at hand — in case the temperature of the aquarium starts to reach undesirable levels.

What are the different kinds of UV sterilizers that one can buy in the market today?

There are many types of UV sterilizers that are available in the market today. For example, there are horizontal ones, vertical ones as well as rainbow units that can be bought quite easily. Additionally, in recent years, a number of specialized units have begun to emerge that are especially useful for outdoor/pond-related applications. Not only that, a new style of UV sterilizers, called the “double helix,” have also become popular these days. They are designed to maximize the contact time between the target water body and the source UV light by making use of a double spiral tube.

With that out there, it is essential that all cold water, UV treatment systems make use of a quartz sleeve so as to maintain optimal UV light output.

Other than that, some key features that all high-quality UV sterilizers should possess include:

  • A small, remote ballast unit that can be situated in a location that is free of any excess heat or water exposure.
  • An automatic portal to turn the device back on incase there is a temporary power outage type situation.
  • A quartz or teflon sleeve.
  • Water contact surfaces that are totally noncorrosive in nature.

How can one determine which size UV sterilizer to buy?

A common question that arises when one is purchasing a UV sterilization unit is “What should be its ideal size?”. In this regard, it is important to remember that the sterilizer should possess a high flow rate so that the aquarium can be cleansed optimally. From a more technical standpoint, one should ensure that the aforementioned flow rate is comparable to the size of the water body in question.

Most manufacturers are known to provide their customers with a table that clearly delineates the maximum aquarium size with the appropriate flow rate for each of their different models. Other factors to bear in mind include:

Bulb efficiency: While a large number of sterilization bulbs that deliver their users with an efficiency output of 100%, there are many UV lamps that possess lower efficiency ratings as well.

  • The target organism that has to be neutralized.
  • The clarity of the target liquid.

What is the best way to install a UV sterilizer? How should one maintain such a device?

From the get go, it is worth remembering that a UV sterilizer should be the last device to be installed when one is configuring an aquarium. To be even more specific, the use of a UV treatment unit should follow the deployment of other biological and mechanical filters (as well as any chemical/hear filters).

Also, a large number of UV sterilizers make use of hose barb connectors that have to be used in order to attach them to the appropriate water pump.

From a maintenance standpoint, one should remember that the quartz sleeve attached to the lamp needs to be checked routinely (i.e.monthly). Not only that, regular cleaning should also be carried out using an alcohol solution.

Lastly, technically speaking, UV bulbs should be replaced after a 6 month cycle, however, this time window may vary as per the recommendations of different manufacturers.

When installing or changing a bulb, the UV source should never be looked at directly. This is because the radiation can potentially burn one’s corneas and leave a person blind.

It is best to disconnect a UV sterilizer from its electricity source after it has been used so that the chances of an electric shock are minimal.

Immediately submerging a UV lamp in water after it has been turned on may cause it to break or malfunction.

Final Words on UV Light Sanitizers

This UV light sanitizer guide is far from complete. But it is a start and a piece of artwork that will continually be worked at as we review the best ultraviolet sanitizing products available on the market.

As the world continues to shift to ‘cleanliness is next to godliness' preventative protocols and proactive protection measures, ultraviolet UV-C light sanitizers will continue to become a very needed, used and applied concept in the coming months and years. Infinite Power Solutions will maintain our research as optimally as possible to ensure only the highest-quality UV light sanitization products are listed and rated.

Please leave any feedback, suggestions or recommendations in the comments section below as this review of UV light sanitizers largely depends on direct assessment and evaluation from our valued visitors as well as our own experiences using ultraviolet lights as effective disinfectants and savvy sterilizing tools in an age of invisible threats and airborne health risks.



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