Equipment Gadgets SnoreStop Plus Review: Anti-Snoring Stopper with Infrared Technology?

SnoreStop Plus Review: Anti-Snoring Stopper with Infrared Technology?


SnoreStop Plus is an anti-snoring tool that is non-invasive and has a lightweight wristband. With the use of a simple wristband from the very first night consumers can enjoy a great night's sleep.

What Can SnoreStop Plus Do?

Snoring is a problem that millions of people around the world face, but it is more than just a nuisance to anyone in their bedroom. Instead, this issue signifies a much greater problem. When the individual snores while sleeping, their REM cycle, the time during their rest that their brain goes through the essential repairs it needs to make, is interrupted. In fact, some studies show that it is impossible for the brain to dream at this time as well.

As a result of the need to stop snoring, there have been many products to come out on the market. With nose strips and mouth guards, it isn’t that these solutions aren’t effective, but they are highly invasive. SnoreStop Plus offers a significantly less invasive option, instead offering a wristband that can do the job for them.

By wearing the SnoreStop Plus wristband, the company claims that individuals will stop snoring on the first night they wear it. There’s no adjustment period or chemicals, just press the button to turn on the wristband. The power of infrared technology and a microchip that perceives the soundwaves (Biofeedback mechanism) of the user or a low pitched snore.

SnoreStop Plus gives the wearer a slight electrical jolt of 180uA, which causes the user to move or change their laying position, but will not cause the wearer to wake from sleep. By stimulating the nerves in the wrist, which then clears the airway in your throat and stops the snoring. After eight hours, the wristband shuts off with no other adjustments needed. The makers of the SnoreStop Plus state by using consistently, the user can actually retrain and work to reduce snoring, or even to end snoring forever.

How to Buy the SnoreStop Plus

The only way to make sure that consumers are getting the official SnoreStop Plus is directly through the company’s website. Right now, the company is offering a massive discount, as well as multiple packages that will drive down the cost per device even more.

Choose from:

  • One SnoreStop Plus for $59
  • Two SnoreStop Plus for $89
  • Three SnoreStop Plus for $109
  • Four SnoreStop Plus for $129
  • Five SnoreStop Plus for $149

By choosing the bigger quantities, customers will save the most per unit, bringing down the price per SnoreStop Plus down to $30 at its lowest.

SnoreStop Plus Summary

SnoreStop Plus is meant to offer a solution for snoring, which the company claims it does without much explanation beyond that. The wristband automatically shuts off after about 8 hours, consumers won’t have to worry about unnecessary infrared emittance or losing the battery power. However, the only real problem that may arise is the lack of information available about the SnoreStop Plus and why infrared technology is so helpful.

For any other questions, customers can contact the company via email or by an international phone +44 20 3808 9234.

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