Equipment Cleaning Devices CleaniX UV Sanitizer Review: Portable Ultraviolet Cleaning Wand Device

CleaniX UV Sanitizer Review: Portable Ultraviolet Cleaning Wand Device


CleaniX is a handheld device that consumers can use to neutralize and remove germs from any surface effectively. The device can be found on the official website, which offers several packages right now.

What is CleaniX?

They say that “cleanliness is next to godliness,” and that concept cannot be prioritized highly enough in a time when most people live in fear of a spreading pandemic. The main advice that consumers are presently given is to keep clean, which is much easier said than done. While out in public, germs are around every corner that consumers can’t control. Even with those consumers are at home, getting everything clean in one session is next to impossible. That’s why the CleaniX is helpful.

CleaniX uses a UV light to sanitize surfaces wherever the light is shined. The product doesn’t have much information currently available, but consumers can bring it with them wherever they go, including the grocery store, home, office, and more. With this type of defense, consumers no longer have to worry about germs, though it is not a replacement for regular cleaning and hand-washing.

Purchasing CleaniX

Only found on the official website, consumers can purchase one of the various package options available, allowing them to buy enough of the CleaniX devices to suit their needs. Choose from:

  • One CleaniX device for $69.99
  • Three CleaniX devices for $139.99
  • Five CleaniX devices for $199.99

If users are unhappy with the results of this product, speak with the customer service team to return it for a full refund.

Contacting CleaniX Customer Service

Right now, the website is a bit short on information about this handheld sanitizer, so consumers are likely to have other questions about CleaniX. To get ahold of the customer service team, either call or email the team.

  • Phone number: 888-743-8103
  • Email address:

Customer service is also available via the Live Chat function on the website.

CleaniX Summary

CleaniX is meant for frequent purification of different surfaces. The use of UV lights has been involved in the sanitization of many offices and has even been touted as an effective defense in doctors’ offices and hospitals. Though there’s limited information available on this product, the ability to carry the CleaniX makes it much easier to keep germs to a minimum.

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