Equipment Cleaning Devices One Time Soap Review: Effective Sanitizing Soap Sheets to Clean Hands?

One Time Soap Review: Effective Sanitizing Soap Sheets to Clean Hands?

OneTime Soap are on the go paper soap sheets that come in a lightweight compact box that only requires water to become a portable, all-natural disinfectant to sanitize hands and clean devices.


One Time Soap is a sheet that allow users to clean their hands while out and about, rather than using hand sanitizer. These sheets don’t require any water, and users dispose of the product after each use.

What is One Time Soap?

As the current pandemic evolves, consumers are finding the need to keep their hands and body as clean as possible. However, since so much panic initially set in for customers, finding the right products is rather difficult. Even hand sanitizer is difficult to find in stores right now. While the CDC recommends washing hands as the most effective way to get rid of germs, some people need a more mobile solution, which they can find in One Time Soap.

One Time Soap allows consumers to protect themselves from 99.9% of germs by cleaning with their sheets. The sheets use real soap but no water, which means that consumers won’t have to worry about any sticky residue or finding a way to dry their hands after use. The thin material is infused with natural ingredients, and the stack of the sheets are contained within a plastic case that can go in a purse, pocket, or suitcase. Plus, since they have no liquid and come in a container that is TSA-approved, users won’t have to toss their soap when traveling.

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Frequently Asked Questions About One Time Soap

The design of the One Time Soap alone is unique enough to elicit some questions from consumers. Here’s some additional details that may clarify the features of One Time Soap sheets.

Q: How many sheets of the One Time Soap are included in a package?

A: In every plastic box, the user will get 50 soap sheets.

Q: Will the soap help to kill germs on hands?

A: Yes. Based on the information available, this remedy should be able to kill germs with the same performance as regular soap.

Q: Where else can the One Time Soap clean?

A: Though One Time Soap is meant for hands, it is safe enough to be used throughout the body, and it will not cause irritation anywhere.

Q: Who is this One Time Soap meant for?

A: The beauty of One Time Soap is that it is gentle, which means it is safe for all ages. Whether the user is a child, adult, or even a senior, the formula can be included in their own routine.

Q: What if the user isn’t happy with the results?

A: The company works to make sure that every user is satisfied with the use of their products. However, if this item doesn’t suit them, they can return it within 30 days for a refund after they speak with an agent.

Buying One Time Soap

Available exclusively through the official website, consumers have four packages that they can choose from. Each package has varying amounts of packages, which means consumers can stock up on it in a way that they are not able to with hand sanitizer and other hygiene products in stores.

Choose from:

  • 5 One Time Soaps for $17.99
  • 10 One Time Soaps for $29.99
  • 20 One Time Soaps for $49.99
  • 30 One Time Soaps for $59.99

Overall, the best deal is for the 30 One Time Soaps, which means that each package costs approximately $1.99 with that option. Considering that many hand sanitizers are priced around or above this amount, the user will easily get their money’s worth.

Contacting One Time Soap Customer Service

Every person has different needs, and it is important to be well informed before making a purchase. To reach an agent with the customer service team, send an email to

One Time Soap Summary

One Time Soap offers a solution for cleanliness at any time. The package is small enough to carry along anywhere, and it solves the issue of not being able to buy hand sanitizer. Each sheet can be tossed as soon as the user is done with it, and each one has a completely dry texture to avoid the sticky texture that many hands feel with liquid products.

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