Equipment TV Scout Antenna Review – Legitimate Live High-Definition Television?

TV Scout Antenna Review – Legitimate Live High-Definition Television?


High definition TV is the gold standard for television watching. HD has transformed the way we view and interact with the images on our screens, with impeccable detail and rich, vibrant colors.

Only a few years ago, such viewing quality would be impossible. But thanks to the development in the audio and visual industry, our expectations of quality have improved in leaps and bounds.

HD viewing is widely sought after, but it can still be cost-prohibitive for many families who are on a budget. TVs and screens can climb into the thousands of dollars, making it an experience reserved only for those who have an ample amount of cash to burn on something as simple as TV watching.

There are a handful of accessories and screens that make HD viewing a reality, with one of them being TV Scout by a company called TV Scout Antenna.

What Is TV Scout?

In short, TV Scout allows HD-compatible TVs to receive high quality television. TV Scout is a HD antenna, and has an effective range of up 30 miles. Like most HD accessories, TV Scout supports 1080p quality, in a discrete and versatile design.

It should be noted that like all antennas sold in the consumer market, TV Scout cannot guarantee reception under all conditions. Factors that influence the signal quality include the following:

  • Distance from the broadcast tower
  • Terrain
  • Surroundings
  • And other environmental factors such as the weather

But if you happen to live close enough to pick up a decent signal quality already, using a product such as the TV Scout could be the solution that you have been looking for.

The device has a razor-thin design, which means that the antenna is ultra-concealable, while still being a powerful antenna with its multi-directional features. The product is so thin that you could hide it behind a picture frame, or in a corner behind some curtains, all without affecting TV Scout’s performance.

TV Scout Design And Specifications

The company claims that the TV Scout is based from discreet military technology, making it a potent and trustworthy device that is relied upon by thousands of consumers around the United States.

When used, the TV scout allows access to hundreds of free to air television stations in one’s local area, all without a difficult set up process or expensive month-to-month fees.

Below are the physical specifications for TV Scout:

  • Size: 8.3in x4.7in
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Color: Black
  • Connection: 10ft high performance cable

The antenna is compatible with almost all HD receiver boxes, computers, and laptops. This means that you can plug it into your HD-ready video card and enjoy free to air TV. The device’s multidirectional reception means that you won’t need to point the antenna in any direction to get good quality signal.

The device allows one to get full 1080p viewing and is very simple to install. Although it comes with an effective range of up to 30 miles out of the box, one can boost the antennas range to up to 50 miles with an additional amplifier that can be purchased separately.

Purchasing TV Scout

The TV Scout can be purchased for a one-time payment of $31, which includes free delivery for residents in the United States. Once the company has confirmed the user’s order, they will receive their antenna in just three to five working days, making it one of the fastest shipping times in the market today.

It should be noted that the TV scout does not come with a money back guarantee, but the reviews so far that can be read about the device are quite impressive. Most people said that the TV Scout was able to transform their TVs into high quality viewing stations, picking up all the free to air broadcast in their local areas.

TV Scout Conclusion

For those who are sick of paying for expensive cable fees and month to month contracts that are difficult to break, there’s the TV Scout. The installation of the device is simple to do, and does not require any complex tools or diagrams to follow in order to get started with it.

One simple attaches the cable to the TV’s receptor box and positions the antenna in a place that is out of sight. Once the setup has been completed, one will be up and running within 20 minutes or less.

In addition to being easy to use, the device also comes with a full one year warranty that protects the user’s purchase from damage or malfunction. If one intends on returning it for servicing, there is a free phone number that can be found on the products box, manual, and website.

Deals such as these by TV Scout do not last forever, so interested shoppers should take advantage of the special price while they still can.



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