Equipment Safe Pass Pro Review: Digital Fingerprint Reader to Protect Computer Security?

Safe Pass Pro Review: Digital Fingerprint Reader to Protect Computer Security?


Safe Pass Pro is a removable drive that is secured with fingerprint-scanning technology to prevent other users from accessing personal information. The website is offering a major 50% discount right now for any orders.

What is Safe Pass Pro?

Preserving personal information is a necessity. This information can be stored on computers and phones, but the wrong move can leave it in the wrong hands of someone who will abuse it and ruin lives. There are many ways that consumers can protect their data, including the purchase of virus protection or using a removable drive. However, there is one thing that every person has like no other – their fingerprint.

The Safe Pass Pro uses this small detail to create a removable drive that can only be unlocked with the use of the individual’s fingerprint. With this technology, the only way that anyone will be able to access the information on that drive will be with the primary user’s fingerprint. Though there are no directions available online, the creators state that setup is easy, even for consumers that have never used such a device before.

Buying Safe Pass Pro

The only way to get a Safe Pass Pro for personal use is to make a purchase online, because it is not sold in stores. For one Safe Pass Pro, the total cost is $79, but the price per drive will go down as the number of units sold goes up. With two Safe Pass Pro devices, the cost drops to $72.50 for a total of $145, though three Safe Pass Pro devices in one order will drive the cost down the most to $61.67 each ($185 total).

With four color choices (black, rose gold, silver, and gold) and the option to add a one-year ($5.95) or two-year ($9.95) warranty.

Safe Pass Pro Summary

Safe Pass Pro is unique in their way of protecting personal data, but this method is effective. More details are not available online, but the customer service team (347-708-1493) may offer more details. If the user finds that they don’t get the benefits that they’d hoped for from the Safe Pass Pro drive, they can return it for a refund within the first month.

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