Equipment Atomic Beam Tap Light Review – Peel & Stick For Instant Bright...

Atomic Beam Tap Light Review – Peel & Stick For Instant Bright Light?


Stumbling around a dark house a night time can present a risk of injury, from stubbed toes to serious falls. Recent statistics show that unintended home accidents account for more than 21 million medical visits every year, accounting for roughly $200 billion in medical costs.

The most common injuries that occur in the home are caused by falls, which most commonly happen in low light conditions.

Turning on an overhead light or lamp at night time to light your way through the house also disrupts sleeping patterns. The body produces a hormone called melatonin in order to induce the onset of sleep, which is only synthesized and released in the brain when the eye is not exposed to blue light wavelengths.

Most home lights and lamps emit a significant amount of blue light, preventing melatonin production and disrupting the sleep cycle.

The best way of lighting your way through your home at night is with a small night light. These solutions are small, low profile, and emit only just enough light to prevent injury, avoiding the disruption of the sleep cycle and preventing injuries.

An innovative new hands free light is providing consumers with a reliable, convenient, and simple way to distribute lighting through their homes. The Atomic Beam Tap Light is a new LED night light that can be quickly attached to any surface in the home, providing instant light with a touch.

In this article, we’ll assess the Atomic Beam Tap Light and find out what it offers to help you determine whether it’s the right home lighting solution for your needs.

What Is The Atomic Beam Tap Light?

The Atomic Beam Tap Light is a bright hands-free light that incorporates a unique flat panel touch design that can be attached to any surface in the home.

The unique design of the Atomic Beam Tap Light makes it possible to attach it virtually anywhere, such as inside pantries, attics, beneath the sink or inside of cupboards, the bathroom, or even as a nightlight for children.

Atomic Beam Tap Light Features

The Atomic Beam Tap Light consists of a circular chassis that houses a bright LED light that can deliver more than 200,000 hours of light. Each Atomic Beam Tap Light features a peel-and-stick layer on the back of the chassis that can be used to attach it to any surface.

The Atomic Beam Tap Light is completely waterproof, making it suitable for use in the bathroom, shower, or other wet environments, and is completely cool during operation, minimizing the risk of heat damage or fires.

Atomic Beam Tap Light Verdict

The Atomic Beam Tap Light is a highly innovative solution to the problem of moving through a dark home at night time. The creators of the Atomic Beam Tap Light are currently providing consumers with a special offer that delivers two Atomic Beam Tap Lights for the price of one.

If you’re looking for a simple, effective, and reasonably priced way to light your home at night, the Atomic Beam Tap Light is a great choice.



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