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Aroma Decor UV Light Sanitizers Review: Ultraviolet Sterilization Wand and Phone Box


Aroma Decor is a company that creates products that effectively sanitize any surface with the use of UV light, while still showing a stylish design. With their products, a home can keep up its sleek and modern appearance while still getting all of the benefits that these sanitization products offer.

What is Aroma Decor?

Getting a home cleansed of any type of germs is a tall order, but it has become a priority for homeowners every to reduce the spread of disease. Ultraviolet light has grown in popularity as a simple and effective way to eradicate the microorganisms that can reside on surfaces, even after cleaning. Many of the products that use this kind of light include handheld devices or lamps, but they stick out like a sore thumb in a room.

Aroma Decor decided to make a change to the average produces that consumers get to protect themselves, creating a design that is more fashionable and modern to keep in their home. With their innovative look, consumers can keep their homes clean without feeling like they are stuck in a sterile hospital room. As Aroma Decor puts it, customers “will no longer have to sacrifice style for function.”

The selection of UV light options is fairly small right now, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pack a big punch. Let’s take a moment to check out each of the products that Aroma Decor has ready to ship out.

About the UV Sterilization Smart Phone Box

The UV Sterilization Smart Phone Box uses UV Steri-Clean Technology to eliminate germs from any phone. The user places their phone directly inside, closing the device before the cleaning process begins. All of the light stays inside the box while in use, and customers can choose between a pink, white, or green color with their order.

This box is priced at $65.00.

About the UV Protection Wand

The UV Protection Wand offers a design that is likely the most familiar to online shoppers, as nearly every company seems to be coming out with their own option. This particular want by Aroma Decor is safe to use on nearly any household item, public area, or even in luggage to eliminate microorganisms that may transfer from hotels or gas stations.

Measuring 8.6” by 1.3”, the wand can easily be brought along in a purse or carry-on bag. With this purchase, the company has included a USB charging cable, a storage bag, an attachable strap, and an instruction manual. Like the Smart Phone Box and all other UV products from Aroma Decor, this wand uses the UV Steri-Clean Technology.

This wand costs $72.00.

About the UV Sterilization Box

The UV Sterilization Box is a lot like the Smart Phone Box, though it is much less compact. Available in black and white, it is big enough to fit an entire smartphone inside. However, as this product is not technically meant for smartphones alone, the user can also place jewelry, small remotes, and more to clean them. Users will see when their device is clean with the indicator light on the front.

The box can be purchased for $45.00

Why Use UV Light to Sanitize?

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation is a process that has been used in many places where sterilized surfaces are the key to health and safety, like hospitals and even food manufacturing facilities. The reason that this UV light exposure is so helpful is because bacteria cannot withstand it. As soon as their cells are exposed, they are destroyed and rendered useless. While the use of any UV light shouldn’t replace wiping down or scrubbing a surface clean, it is a helpful addition to make sure that no remaining germs are left behind.

By using ultraviolet light, the products from Aroma Decor are able to kill bacteria and germs like E. coli, candida albicans, and other common microorganisms. Considering that the design of each product is unique, consumers will need to read all of the instructions provided to them before they use it at all.

Where Can Consumers Learn More About Aroma Decor?

The best resource for information on Aroma Decor and its products is the official website, which is For specific answers that cannot be found on the official website, the customer service team can be reached via their official Facebook account or other social media websites.


Aroma Decor takes a necessary product for today’s world and turns them into something that looks as chic as it is effective. The products can effortlessly fit into the general decor of an office or home, just like their other wellness items that don’t use UV light. With a one-year warranty on all items, consumers have the chance to see if UV lights work for their needs.



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