Infinite Power Solutions My Crisis Gear’s RGP3500 Tactical Survival Knife Review

My Crisis Gear’s RGP3500 Tactical Survival Knife Review


RGP-3500 Multifunction Tactical Knife Review

The RGP-3500 is a new 6 in 1 multifunction tactical survival knife by Crisis Gear that recently appeared online as part of a 75% off promotion. Is that promotion too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look in our RGP-3500 review.

What is the 6-In-1 RGP3500 Survival Knife?

The RGP-3500 is a “tactical” knife with multiple functions. The knife was recently released online through a website called

That website promises to give you the knife at 75% off its normal retail price. All you need to do is sign up for a coupon.

We’ve seen similar offers like this appear online in recent weeks for things like tactical flashlights and headlamps. Tactical knives, however, have been rarer.

So what are the multifunctional tools on the RGP-3500? Let’s take a closer look at the knife’s features.

RGP-3500 Tactical Knife Features

The RGP-3500 isn’t kidding when it calls itself a multifunctional knife. Here are all of the features available on the knife:

  • -Spring loaded blade
  • -Bottle opener
  • -Belt clip
  • -Firestarter (removable flint piece to create sparks)
  • -Smooth precision blade
  • -Serrated saw blade
  • -Flashlight (mounted on the top of the knife)
  • -Seatbelt cutter
  • -Window breaker

Thanks to all of these functions, the RGP-3500 claims to be a knife you need for all emergency situations. Whether you’re cutting and smashing your way out of a vehicle or you’re carving game meat in the wilderness for survival, the RGP-3500 claims to be there when you need it most.

 RGP 3500 Pricing

The RGP-3500 has not released any pricing details as of yet.

All we really know about the tactical knife is that it’s priced as part of a 75% off offer.

Typically, a good tactical knife costs between $80 and $200. We’ve seen similar 75% off offers appear online for flashlights and other survival gear. These 75% off offers all work the same. They tell you about the one price, a $200+ price, and then claim that you can get 75% off that price by signing up for a coupon today.

In reality, there’s no $200+ price tag: the $50 price (the 75% off price) is the regular retail price.

That doesn’t mean the RGP-3500 is an overpriced knife or that it’s low-quality. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is a $200 knife you just happened to stumble upon online at a great discount rate.

Who Makes the RGP3500 Tactical Knife?

The knife lists very little information about its manufacturing conditions or material sources online. We don’t whether the knife is made in America or China, for example, or any other country.

All we really know is that the knife is being marketed online by a company named My Crisis Gear that lists its address as:

14121 West Highway 290, Bldg 2 Suite B
Austin 78737

You can get in touch with the company by emailing or calling at 800-370-8660.

My Crisis Gear doesn’t actually appear to manufacture the knife itself. The company appears to be an online retailer of a variety of outdoor survival equipment – including lights, all-in-one tools, and tactical knives. They also sell freeze dried emergency food – so you can stock up your home or shelter with everything you need to survive when something unexpected occurs.

My Crisis Gear does, however, have its own company branding along the blade of the knife. So they appear to laser engrave the knife in some way.

Should You Buy the RGP3500 Tactical Knife?

Ultimately, the RGP-3500 is a tactical knife that lists very little information about itself online – including the materials, the manufacturing location, or even the final retail price. All we really know is that it’s available through a 75% off offer and that the knife comes with a multitude of different survival functions.



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