Electronics Computers iMemories Review – Digital Photos, Videos & Movies Storage & Conversion?

iMemories Review – Digital Photos, Videos & Movies Storage & Conversion?


iMemories Review

The digital age has completely changed how people store and keep their pictures and videos. Ten or twenty years ago, people were all about scrapbooks and printing off pictures to keep them safe. Around this time was the birth of the DVD, which completely changed how home videos were stored. Going back a bit further there was the age of the slide and the VHS tape. These iconic methods of storing memories were great then, but now with very few machines available to view these slides and videos, many of them stay stored away in boxes.


There are very few ways for people to digitize their old memories and update them to this new world of electronics and technology. While photographs can be scanned on to computers, it can take hours and the quality is always a bit of a hit or a miss. Digitizing home videos on VHS or slides seems like an impossible feat, so most people just forget about them, giving them up as lost.

iMemories is a new system that offers a quick and easy solution for those who want to digitize their home videos, old photos, and slides. The service is easy to use and offers one of the most inexpensive ways of storing and saving amazing memories that were once thought of as lost.

What is iMemories?

iMemories is a service that allows users to send in their old memories, no matter what form they’re in, and have them digitized for them. iMemories will digitize all the home videos, photos, slides, negatives, and even super 8s and send them back to the users in a modern, easy to access digital format. Once this is done, users will finally be able to look at and share all their old memories on more modern devices, like their computers, phones, or tablets.

What Formats Can iMemories Digitize?

This is one of the best things about iMemories. It can digitize almost any older form of movie or photo and turn it into the more modern, digitalized form.

iMemories can transform:

  • 8mm
  • Super 8
  • 16mm
  • Betamax
  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • 8mm/Hi8
  • MiniDV
  • Photo Prints
  • Slides
  • Negatives

All these options have been the primary form of saving memories in the past. However, now that iMemories offers this amazing service, users will be able to access their memories in one form, digital. And because this is done quickly and inexpensively, iMemories really is one of the best service solutions.

Once customers have received their digitalized memories, they will be able to access their photos and videos on any modern device. This includes:

  • Smart TVs
  • Televisions
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • DVD/Blu-Ray

By offering access to these memories on so many versatile platforms, iMemories makes it easier than ever to share and store memories that were once thought of as lost.

Why Customers Use iMemories

The idea of having easy access to old memories might be shrugged off as being a novelty, but there are really so many reasons why customers keep sending their pictures and videos to iMemories to have them digitalized.

The biggest reason the customers of iMemories decide to get their memories digitalized is because in the many other forms they have these memories, it’s extremely difficult to share. The whole point of having pictures and videos of special events is being able to share them with friends and family. When these memories are stored on slides or VHS tapes, it’s extremely hard to get them on to the more modern forms of sharing platforms. iMemories makes it easy to share these memories, whether it’s at home on the TV or online.

Another huge reason to digitalize memories now is that so many of the older forms of storing information do not last. Tapes, slides, and negatives actually degrade the longer they’re in storage. While twenty years ago, this would mean the memories were lost forever, iMemories offers an amazing alternative for saving these memories before they fade away forever.

One of the biggest reasons people don’t want to digitalize their own memories is because it can be quite a hassle. First, the right equipment is needed for the process. And, secondly, it just takes a long time. With iMemories, everything is done quickly and effectively. Not only do they make the transition from older forms to digital in record time, but they also do all the organizing for customers. This means, all customers have to do is send their things in and they’ll get them back organized and digitalized.

Finally, one of the most exciting thing about iMemories is when children or grandchildren get to experience their relatives’ lives for the first time. Nothing is more exciting than seeing younger generations looking with awe at their grandparents or great-grandparents pictures and videos. Not only does this show a whole new side of the family to these younger generations, but it can also uncover memories that even those who were there don’t remember.

Using iMemories

There are three easy steps to the iMemories process. The entire system was created around accuracy and effectiveness, so customers feel their getting a quality, quick service that helps them with their digitizing needs.

The first step in the iMemories process is for customers to order a safe ship kit. These safe ship kits include several different bags and boxes so users can send in their precious memories without worrying about them being unsecure during the shipping process. The iMemories safe ship kit includes waterproof bags, shock resistant foam, a crush-proof box, and a free shipping label for sending things back to iMemories. Not only does the kit fit everything, from tapes and film to photos and slides, but it is also tracked all the way to the iMemories hub, so customers can know exactly where their belongings are at all times.

Once the iMemories safe ship kit arrives, customers can load up the kit and send it in to iMemories. When the kit arrives at the iMemories headquarters, the first thing they’ll do is go through the box, review the content, and give the customer a quote for how much it will cost to digitize everything. The customer won’t be charged anything until they’ve approved of the quote. Once this happens, iMemories will get to work.

Finally, the third and last step of the iMemories process is the enhancement of the memories and the digitalization. Old pictures and videos don’t always look their best. Because of this, iMemories enhances these images, so they look as clear and crisp as possible. This leads to a better viewing experience. Once the memories have been digitalized, the customers can download them directly to their computers, phones, or tablets. The originals will be shipped back immediately.

Estimated Costs for iMemories

While a more exact quote will be provided when the iMemories safe ship kit is returned to headquarters, customers can get a general idea of the cost of their order by going over the price list below.

Analog to Digital Conversion

Videotapes – $11.99 per tape

Movie Films – $11.99 per 50ft.

Photos to Digital

Photos – $0.49 per photo
Negatives – $0.49 per negative
Slides – $0.49 per slide

DVDs and Blu-rays

CD Packaging

$9.99 PER DVD
$14.99 PER BLU-RAY

In addition to the costs above, the safe ship kit is an additional $14.99. However, included with the safe ship kit is:

-Free Shipping
-Free Quote
-Quick and Safe Return of Originals

Customers can get started with their digitizing process by visiting the iMemories website at iMemories.com.



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