Electronics Healthy Living PureAir Max Review: Natural Bamboo and Activated Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

PureAir Max Review: Natural Bamboo and Activated Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

PureAir Max air purifying bags are made with 100% natural bamboo with activated charcoal to act as a deodorizer for removing odors, purify pollutants and allergens, and is a dehumidifier for preventing mold, mildew and bacteria growth.


PureAir Max is a bag that contains activated charcoal to establish freshness in the air, rather than just masking other smells. This bag can be used just about anywhere, though it can only be purchased online right now.

A smart way to power up your house is to make sure that you air quality is as clean as it can be. Anyone who questions the importance of a purified environment should remember how essential air is to keep us alive, in comparison to water or even food. The use of an air purifier whether electronically powered or not , its not only in your best interest but anyone else in your household. Ensured air quality gives infinite power.

What is PureAir Max?

Cleaning a home requires a lot of work, and nothing is more discouraging than going through all of that effort to be left with a home that still smells musty and gross. Candles and air fresheners are easy ways to introduce a new smell but leaving the existing cause of the aroma in that space only creates a strange combination of fragrances that is anything but pleasing. The use of a product like PureAir Max may be a helpful solution.

PureAir Max looks like a small bag, but it packs a lot of power. Inside, this device provides a simple remedy that can:

  • Remove odors from the air
  • Eliminate allergens and pollutants
  • Reduce excess moisture (which inherently reduces mildew and bacteria)
  • This air-purifying bag doesn’t require any fancy setup or application; it simply works by being in the room.

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Frequently Asked Questions About PureAir Max

Let’s answer some of the common questions about PureAir Max.

Q: How does PureAir Max get rid of bad smells?

A: PureAir Max uses 100% natural bamboo charcoal to attract all of the odors and germs to neutralize them, leaving only pure and clean air behind.

Q: What spaces can PureAir Max eliminate odors from?

A: Anywhere! This bag can be placed in homes, workplaces, cars, and anywhere else to eradicate odors.

Q: How is PureAir Max different from other air freshening products on the market right now?

A: While many air fresheners offer scents that cover up the bad smells, PureAir Max pulls the scent out of the air to leave behind simple freshness. Plus, it doesn’t introduce its own scent.

Q: Is PureAir Max safe for use around children?

A: Yes. PureAir Max takes away allergens from the air without using any chemicals, toxins, or perfumes, which makes it safe to use around any person, including infants and children.

Q: How long does one bag of PureAir Max last?

A: The PureAir Max bag will provide freshness for up to a year.

Any other question can be directed to the customer service team.

Purchasing PureAir Max

The only way to purchase PureAir Max at the moment is through the Hyperstech website, which offers several packages to choose from. The options include:

  • One PureAir Max for $49
  • Two PureAir Max’s for $69
  • Three PureAir Max’s for $98
  • Four PureAir Max’s for $123
  • Five PureAir Max’s for $135

If the user finds that the PureAir Max bag doesn’t help to eliminate the odors in their home or other areas, they have up to 30 days to return the product for a full refund.

Contacting Customer Service

Even with the information offered online, consumers may have other questions about the product or their specific order. To learn more, contact the customer service team for Hyperstech at support@hyperstech.com.


PureAir Max is helpful for any household that battles different kinds of odors, whether intermittently or consistently. This product is easy to use, simple, and requires no extra work to be effective. With a one-year lifespan, consumers just need to change out the bag when it is no longer working to keep freshness. The price that users pay for PureAir Max for that year is significantly less than what many people pay for the same supply of air freshener, while posing a much lesser risk to the environment as well.

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