Electronics Healthy Living Copper Wear Mask Review: Breathable, Reusable & Washable Facemask?

Copper Wear Mask Review: Breathable, Reusable & Washable Facemask?

Copper Wear Mask uses a copper-infused facemask fabric technology that offers double-layer protection while being adjustable, reusable and machine washable for a healthy, breathable experience.


Tired of throwing out disposable masks and having to constantly restock? In need of a mask that can be washed and reused? Recent studies have found that wearing a mask can prevent one from spreading symptoms associated with the coronavirus. Unfortunately, not all masks are the same. Who can forget how hard it has become to actually get hold of a pair or two! This is where it is most fit to introduce the Copper Wear Mask.

What is the Copper Wear Mask?

The Copper Wear Mask is a double layered, copper-infused mask that supposedly has the ability to protect consumers from coming into contact with unwanted particles.

The Copper Wear Mask is said to be created using Fiber Matrix Copper Technology, where real copper threads have been woven into the fabric. This has been done to create a washable mask with properties of copper. Why copper? It turns out that copper has been useful in repelling certain types of bacteria and viruses.

Let's go over some of the most frequently ask questions, users have about the cooper wear mask.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the best way to maintain my Copper Wear Mask?

A. Given that the Copper Wear Mask is washable, one can maintain it by either washing by hand or even in a washing machine. Due to the presence of copper, it is best to wash the mask using cold water.

Q. Is this mask comfortable?

A. As per the claims made, the Copper Wear Mask is made to be comfortable, as it can be worn all day.

Q. Can the Copper Wear Mask be adjusted to my fit?

A. Yes, the Copper Wear Mask can be adjusted so that it can fit anyone.

Q. How much coverage can be expected of the Copper Wear Mask?

A. It has been disclosed that the Copper Wear Mask is effective in covering one’s nose, mouth and face while reducing facial touching.

Q. Can I place an order by phone instead?

A. Yes, to order by phone, consumers will have to call 1-800-278-9926.

Q. Are there any return policies in place?

A. If the Copper Wear Mask does not meet one’s expectations, there is a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee in place. In order to return or replace the mask, consumers have been advised to do so within 60 days of purchase, but first, customer service needs to be contacted at 1-973-287-5168 so that a return merchandise authorization number (RMA) can be sent out.

Once the RMA has been received, it is as simple as shipping the mask to the following return address:  Copper Wear Mask 500 Returns Road Wallingford, CT 06495

How much does the Copper Wear Mask cost?

With the purchase of one Copper Wear Mask, consumers will get a second one for free. That said, the price of one is $29.99 (excluding shipping and handling fees).

Final Thoughts

Masks are currently in demand amidst the coronavirus, as it has been found to limit the spread of bacteria and viruses. That said, disposable masks are not cost effective, especially considering the fact that they only provide one-time use. In addition, it’s becoming harder and harder to actually get hold of supply given the drastic demand.

With the Copper Wear Mask, consumers have one that can be rewashed and reused as desired. The infusion of copper is said to further protect one from coming into contact with unwanted particles. When it comes to the price factor, it is fair given that the price paid reflects two masks.

However, two things do not appear to be clear. First, the lifespan of the mask has not been disclosed anywhere, which is crucial in determining whether it still serves its intended purpose. Second, the actual breakdown of the fabrics used for the mask has yet to be revealed. This should be clarified with customer service to avoid any unwanted side effects (due to allergies).



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