Electronics Healthy Living Breathe Pure Air Purifier Review: Portable Plug-In Home Indoor Air Ionizer

Breathe Pure Air Purifier Review: Portable Plug-In Home Indoor Air Ionizer

Breathe Pure is a portable plug-in air purifier that uses ionization via negative ion extraction technology to eliminate airborne dust, pollen, allergens, dander, germs, viruses and bacteria while never requiring any filter replacement.


The Breathe Pure Air Purifier is a device that helps to clean the air of dust, dander, smoke, odors, and other particles that can pollute it. The device is only found online, though consumers can temporarily get a second Breathe Pure for only the cost of shipping.

What is Breathe Pure?

Keeping a clean house is an excellent way to prevent the spread and the accumulation of germs. Most people have certain household cleaners and other products that are helpful to cleaning nearly every surface in their home, but what about the air? It’s impossible to use a sponge or cleaning cloth to wipe down something without a surface. However, the use of an air purifier like Breathe Pure can help.

Breathe Pure pulls all of the pollutants out of the air with “ionic extraction.” Along with the typical dust and dander that is pulled from the air, this technology makes it possible to eliminate smoke and unwanted smells around the house too. Since it only needs to be plugged into the wall, consumers can bring this air purification device wherever they go to ensure that their cleanliness follows them, whether they are at their home, an office, a hotel, or any other area.

With the use of this small device, consumers can improve their breathing, sleep better at night, and reduce the toxins that they inhale.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breathe Pure

Let’s answer some of the common questions that consumers have about Breathe Pure.

Q: How much space can one Breathe Pure device purify?

A: Each Breathe Pure offers enough power to clean up to 150 square feet.

Q: How does Breathe Pure clean the air?

A: These devices use ion extraction technology. Essentially, the device emits ionized molecules, which attach to the pollutants in the air to remove them. As a result, the air becomes fresher, less dust and dander drift around, and consumers can rest easily without congestion. Plus, there’s no filter to ever replace, which prevents it from slowly weakening its protections.

Q: How long will the Breathe Pure device remain active?

A: As long as the device is plugged in, it will continue to clean the space.

Q: Where can the Breathe Pure be used?

A: The device can be used to clean the air in any room with an electrical outlet, and it can be moved to another room at any time.

Q: Is Breathe Pure big and bulky?

A: Not at all. It is small enough to stay comfortably in a wall socket, and it can fit effortlessly into a suitcase or even carry-on travel bag.

Any other questions can be addressed with the customer service team.

Purchasing Breathe Pure

Right now, there is an exclusive promotion on the website for consumers to get either a single or a double order. With the single order, consumers will get one Breathe Pure device for $29.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling. However, consumers that want to add a second device to their order only have to pay shipping and handling for the additional product.

If the user finds that Breathe Pure doesn’t create the clean air in their home that they expect, the creators offer a 60-day return policy for a full refund.

Contacting Customer Service

Even with the information available online, consumers may find themselves with other questions. The customer service team can fill in any of these gaps in knowledge by phone (1-800-539-2175) or by sending an email to info@tvcustomerinfo.com.


Breathe Pure is meant for any household, home, office, and any other area that consumers want to make clean. The air purifying product is easy to plug in, covers a fairly broad space, and easily eliminates the particles in the air. Users won’t need to perform any other upkeep to make sure that the product works effectively, and their order is covered by a 60-day return policy.

The Breathe Pure air purifier is also complementary to their other healthy living products like Temp-A-Sure digital thermometer. Leave comments below if you have tried the Breathe Pure air purifier, ionizer and deodorizer today.



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