Equipment Air Conditioners Top 5 Best Portable Air Conditioners in 2020

Top 5 Best Portable Air Conditioners in 2020

Ranking the top 5 best portable air conditioners of 2020 to see which mini personal AC units offer optimal air cooling, air purifying and air humidifying benefits for consumers this summer.


Portable AC units are starting quite the sizzle in the summer of 2020 as the best personal air conditioners are giving consumers the customizable control of room temperature like never before.

Investing in a portable air conditioning unit is a practical way to cool down a single room. This is important, especially if your central air system cannot meet the demands of your household. Importantly, a portable air cooler is a great accessory that ensures you cool down your space even on the go.

In this post, we review the five best portable air conditioners that you should consider owning in 2020. With schools out and the scorching summer sunshine here, a portable air-cooling unit is just what you need, both at home and outside.

Portable air conditioners are not just for cooling down your space: they save your life as well. These standalone devices keep you safe by purifying the air around you while keeping you cool and comfortable. Besides, they are much more affordable, with a variety of purchasing options.

Reviewing the Top 5 Best Portable Air Conditioners

Here are our best picks:

Blaux Portable AC

Blaux Portable AC is one of the best portable air coolers to consider buying in 2020. This ultra-lightweight portable air conditioning unit also doubles up as a humidifier. With cordless operation and compact size, it cools your space while keeping you safe by eliminating impurities and allergens from the air you breathe in.

While it’s relatively more expensive than other AC units of the same size, its credible features make up for the difference in cost. For instance, its ability to filter the air is nonexistent in other portable AC units. With this unit, you get cleaner, cooler air wherever and whenever you need it.

One of the essential qualities of portable air conditioning units is their out-of-the-box ready-to-go capability. Once activated, the Blaux Portable AC works by cooling down the air temperature around you and eliminating harmful dust particles and allergens from it. This leaves you with a cool refreshing environment free of impurities.

Importantly, the Blaux Portable AC unit is covered by a 30-day return policy, which allows you to return the product should you find any manufacturer-related fault with it. In that case, you’ll get a replacement without paying a dime.

For easy charging, the unit comes with a type-C power cable that is ready-to-plug wherever you are to keep your device powered to capacity at all times. It’s easy to operate, and its three-level fan speed allows you to set the speed that works best for your conditions. With no refill basin required, you simply refill from the top and, you’re good to go.

In addition to the Blaux Portable AC, you can get the wearable version from the same company. The Blaux Wearable Portable AC is a wearable version of the air cooling unit, which you simply hang around your neck. This personal air cooler is ideal when you step out of your home to a meeting or camping adventure.

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CoolAir Portable AC

Closing our list of top 5 best portable air conditioners in 2020 is CoolAir. This portable air cooler comes with a 3-speed controlled fan, built-in water tank, and USB power aiming other features. One full tank lasts for 8 hours of use.

For easy charging, it has a USB port. It cools, humidifies, and purifies the air around you. This device allows you to customize your experience by setting your mood light using its seven different color options. Key features of CoolAir include:

  • 3-speed controlled fan
  • USB powered design
  • Cools, humidifies, and purifies the air
  • Built-in water tank

With its compact and portable design, CoolAir makes it easy to move around with whether you’re in the office, working at home, or visiting a friend. How does CoolAir portable AC work? The device is powered by connecting it to a USB port.

Once charged, you simply need to fill its small tank with water. This allows it to function as a humidifier and clean the air around you. It comes with a motor that powers the fan, and as noted earlier, it has LED mood-setting lights, which turn on once the device essential to a USB port.

When it comes to operation, CoolAir is a simple gadget to set up. Its effects begin to show in less than a minute just after plugging it in. Assuming you’re getting a new system, here’s how you’d go about using it:

  • Unwrap the device by removing the packaging
  • Fill the tank with cold water, refill after 8 hours
  • Plug the USB cable into a USB port
  • Switch it on and enjoy cool air delivered by the AC

Like other portable AC’s in this list, you can use CoolAir in more than one room. Place your order today and enjoy a discounted price.

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ArcticBreeze Portable AC

ArcticBreeze is our second-best portable air conditioner. This 3-in-1 air cooler is designed to cool down, humidify, and clean the air around you. It comes with a 380ml water tank, which is good enough for its size. It also embraces cordless operation for up to 8 hours under low setting or 3 hours under the high setting.

If you’re stepping out, don’t worry because ArcticBreeze is your air-cooling gadget wherever you go. Once charged to capacity, you need not worry about whether you’ll have a power outlet. It can retain power and operate continuously for up to 8 hours.

This mid-sized air conditioning unit has the following qualities:

Advanced technology

This device works to keep you cool when the sun is hot, something you cannot achieve with just a simple fan. ArcticBreeze uses water evaporation technology to generate a wave of cool air. Besides, it purifies it to ensure that it remains hygienic, giving you a cleaner environment.

Space Saving

Especially in this era of COVID-19,, where most people are working from home, this device will ensure that you have cool and fresh air within your home office space. Its dual function as a humidifier is an added advantage.

Its compact size allows it to take the least space on your desk, helping you save space while working in a cool, cleaner environment.

Highly adjustable

Most mini USB air coolers have limited capabilities. Usually, they operate on one standard level without giving the user the option to adjust up or down. ArcticBreeze portable AC comes with three easily adjustable fan levels, making it easy for you to work comfortably during the day and sleep happily at night.

Easily portable

Conventional air coolers are bulky and take too much space, which makes them inconvenient. ArcticBreeze fills this gap by giving you the option to carry it around and place it in any room of your choice. Despite being lightweight, it’s made of high-quality materials, which justify its durability. It’s also easy to clean.

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UV Cooler Portable AC

UV Cooler ranks third in our list of best portable air conditioners in 2020. This portable air cooler can work in any room. It cools down and purifies the air as well, using the thermoelectric effect to cool incoming air and dispense cold air. Charged to capacity, this device can for up to 12 hours. This means you can cool your room during the day or night without the need to recharge.

Additionally, UV Cooler portable AC unit uses a UV filtration method to eliminate bacteria from the water, making the dispensed air clean. With an appealing design, this device can fit any home, office, or student residence.

Unlike other devices that only blow smoke instead of cool air, this device has the best features to help it deliver on its purpose. It offers the following benefits:

  • Perfect for the office, home, and car cooling
  • High-quality cooling tech
  • 12-hour battery life
  • Easy recharge
  • Low noise operation
  • Press-and-Go start

Importantly, it works fast and is easy to use. Here are the steps to using it:

  • Start by charging the device at any average outlet. This can take an hour or two.
  • Fill the tank with water and ice to aid extra cooling
  • Switch it on by pressing the power button. It should start delivering cool air within seconds.
  • Adjust the fan to your preferred speed
  • Enjoy a nice, cool room for up to 12 hours

Based on the reviews given by previous customers, the UV Cooler portable AC is loved by nearly everyone. Most of the users loved the product features and were satisfied by its operation. For some users, it was the long-lasting battery, while others loved the cooling effect through added ice. This product is currently available online. Place your order through their official website and enjoy a 50% discount.

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Glacier Portable AC Air Cooler

The Glacier Portable AC is another 3-in-1 portable unit that works to give you a wave of cool, humidified, and clean air. In one convenient system, it utilizes an evaporation effect to moisturize the air as it cools. Besides, it removes dust particles from the incoming air you breathe, making it clean and healthy.

Owing to its compact size, Glacier AC fits well in tiny spaces. You can use it around your desk in your office or dorm. While it may not considerably cool a larger room, this portable AC provides essential cooling in a convenient system. Fill the tank, plug it in, and enjoy a wave of cool air it delivers.

A hot night can make you uncomfortable and ruin your sleep. You can avoid this by having comfort whenever you need it. Importantly, portability is Glacier Portable AC’s selling point, as it’s quite easy to carry around. This makes it ideal for the summer camping trips. Here are the benefits you get from this personal air cooler:

  • 50% discount at the time of writing
  • Option for bulk orders, allows you to save more per unit
  • Portable—easy to take with you anywhere you go
  • Lights up, making it perfect for a kid’s room
  • Works for absolutely anyone

Why do you need this conditioning unit? The blazing summer heat is not only annoying, but also leads to sweat, body odor, and high tempers. It equally disrupts your restful night’s sleep. Studies have shown that high temperatures at night affect the quality of sleep. You’ll end up waking up quite often and never feel refreshed.

You can solve this problem by investing in the Glacier Portable AC unit. If your kid cannot sleep due to excessive heat, then this device offers the solution. Place your order today and enjoy the 50% discount.

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Ranking Criteria

We invested a lot of time and research to come up with one of the most comprehensive digital guides for portable air conditioners. We first considered the top three factors in their order of importance as follows:

  • Adequate cooling performance
  • Low-noise operation
  • Decent efficiency

Other factors that informed our decision included consumer feedbacks and market demand. In the end, we had the following factors considered in the selection of the best portable air coolers:

Cooling power: Cooling capacity played a significant role in our selection. Some portable air cooling units deliver better cooling results than others. Some models cannot adequately cool a medium-sized room.

BTUs: The size of an air conditioner is measured in BTU (British Thermal Unit), which is a form of measurement for energy. In the world of ACs, this measurement determines how well the unit can cool your home.

Portable air cooling units are available in size between 8000 and 14000 BTUs. Within this range, they can cover rooms ranging in size between 200 and 500 square feet. It’s advisable to consider the size of your room and choose a unit with a matching capacity.

Portability: There are slight differences among the portable AC. Some units have rolling wheels; others don’t. Some are lightweight, others a bit heavier. This guide focuses on portable air conditioning units, so we considered those that are easy to move from one room to another.

Usability: When it comes to usability, some units have remote controls, touch panels, or dials. Some have the capability of connecting to Wi-Fi or a smartphone app. This review focused on units with reliable portability.

Charging and power: some units are battery-powered while others are rechargeable. Some units use USB charging while others plug into the usual electric outlets.

Appearance: Your AC unit takes considerable space in your room,, so it’s good when it has a good design or nice appearance. Some portable units are sleek, while others are bulky and ugly.

In addition to these factors, we also considered modes and speeds, noise, price and value, filtration, humidification, energy efficiency, warranty, and extra features to help us in the ranking.

How Portable AC Units Work

Portable air conditioners function in several different ways to deliver the cooling you need. Some, like the Blaux wearable AC, simply blows the cool air towards your neck and face. Other units use condensation-evaporation effects and other technology to cool and humidify the air around you. The primary goal of an AC unit is to provide relief and comfort on a hot day or night.

A universal AC unit is an essential component of your home’s heating and cooling system. This device works by drawing energy out of your home and expelling it to the outside air, making your house cool. It regulates air quality by changing its temperature and humidity. This, in turn, makes your home cooler by expelling warm air and replacing it with cooler air.

To achieve the expected results, an AC unit uses either one of the two methods: split system or central air.

Central Air: In a central air heating and cooling system, the unit generates cool air through your HVAC system or ductwork. This system sucks warm air inside the house and expels it outside to remove its heat.

Split System: In a split system, an air compressor is involved, which condenses the air and sends it to an outdoor unit where the compressed air is changed from gas to liquid. It returns to a cooling compartment indoors where it runs through evaporator fins. At that point, the refrigerant turns into vapor, removes heat, and generates cool air. The unit then distributes the cold air into the house. Once the process is complete, the cycle starts again.

For portable air coolers, the process is much more straightforward. The units are either a single hose or dual hose.

Single hose portable air coolers: These units work by drawing stagnant air indoors using a built-in motor. The unit cools the air and distributes it across your space. Besides, they remove excess warm air and moisture from the house, funneling it through the hose to the outdoor space.

Dual hose portable air coolers: These units draw fresh air outdoors through one hose and circulate cool air across the room. They also rid your house of excess warm air and moisture, which exits outside through the opposite hose.

Most portable air-cooling units come with a window venting kit that expels exhaust, similar to that of a clothes dryer. Some units also have water reservoirs to regulate the level of humidity in the room.

Other models also come with a self-evaporative mechanism, which means they can evaporate the moisture and channel the exhaust through the air duct. This reduces the number of times required to empty the container.

Common Questions About Portable Air Conditioners

What is a portable air conditioner?

A portable air conditioner is an air-cooling unit that you can use at different points. It works like your universal AC unit, but you can carry it around wherever you go.

Is a portable AC unit energy efficient?

A good model of a portable air conditioner is energy efficient. Always check whether it has the Energy Star logo as proof of energy efficiency. Bad portable air conditioners can use more energy, costing you more.

Do all portable AC units have vent kits?

Medium and high-end portable AC units have vent kits. Some models require a venting kit, while others don’t.

Do portable AC units work?

Yes, portable air conditioners work to accomplish their goal or cooling a room. However, you don’t expect them to cool a 2000 square foot home.

Are portable AC units safe?

Once correctly set up, portable AC units are safe. They don’t emit carbon monoxide. It’s essential to check the outdoor air quality around where you live. If the air quality outside is toxic, the unit could draw it into your home.

Is there a difference between a portable air conditioner and an evaporative cooler?

Both devices achieve the same results in different ways. An evaporative cooler or a swamp cooler utilizes water and evaporation effect to cool a room. They’re mostly found in garages and workshops. You simply add water to make it work, and it requires no ventilation.

What form of electricity do portable air conditioners use?

The majority of portable AC units use regular home electricity. You simply plug it in, and it works. Others utilize lithium batteries or other types of battery power.

Can portable AC units cool a garage?

While higher-end portable air conditioners may provide some level of cooling, they are not suitable for garages. A 14000 BTU portable air conditioner can cool a 500 square foot space, which is the maximum they can handle.

Where to purchase a portable AC unit?

Portable AC units are available through manufacturers’ websites, standard electronics dealers, or appliance stores. You can also get them on Amazon, Walmart, and other e-commerce outlets.

What should I consider while shopping for a portable AC unit?

Three main things to consider are size in BTUs, noise level, and single or dual hose design. Prices vary from one company to another based on various factors. Lower-end versions may cost $200-$300, mid-range variants $300-$500, and high-end models at above $600.

Final Thoughts on Best Portable AC Units

Unlike the universal HVAC systems that require installation, portable air conditioners provide the cooling you need without incurring installation costs. While they are not entirely new in the market, portable AC units are growing in popularity with each passing day.

The increasing popularity of these units pegs on their ease-of-use and the ability to achieve the desired results at a fraction of the cost. Installing a full-home HVAC system could be damn expensive, let alone the loud noise they emit.

Portable air conditioners are here to fill the gap and give you comfortably cool rooms at any time of the day or night. Besides, they are portable and ready to use even outside your home.



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