Equipment Air Conditioners Zero Breeze Mark 2 Review: Cordless Battery Portable Air Conditioner?

Zero Breeze Mark 2 Review: Cordless Battery Portable Air Conditioner?


Zero Breeze Mark 2 is an air conditioning unit that can be used anywhere to bring down the temperature by 30 degrees in just a few minutes. The cooler doesn’t take long to charge, and it is safe to run in homes, outside, and in nearly any type of vehicle.

What is the Zero Breeze Mark 2?

The summer ahead is expected to see record highs, and there’s nothing that is quite as uncomfortable in everyday life than being too hot. After all, there’s only so many layers that someone can take off before they are left to be at the mercy of the heat. While phrases like “it’s a dry heat” or “at least there’s a breeze” offer little solace, a portable air conditioner is much more effective.

Every creator of a portable air conditioner claims to provide the portability and relief that consumers need, but each one offers something a little different. For consumers that want a powerful and effective solution to the 90-degree temperatures, Zero Breeze Mark 2 may be able to finally meet that need.

With a 24V micro inverter compressor and a smart battery, Zero Breeze Mark 2 offers five hours of consistent cooling with a dual hose system. The battery may take a few hours to charge, but the lightweight design ensures that the device isn’t cumbersome to bring from one location to the next. Even if the user has no access to electricity, Zero Breeze Mark 2 can run on battery power without sacrificing performance.

While in use, there’s no need to keep a cord hooked up, and it comes with multiple adapters to work with the needs of the user in any location.

Buying Zero Breeze Mark 2

Ordinarily, Zero Breeze Mark 2 is available for $1,099.00, but customers that shop today can get it for $949. There are several package options offered, including packages with one battery ($1,399), two batteries ($1,699), or only the battery ($649).

Every package includes: the Zero Breeze Mark 2 air conditioner, a power adapter, a drainage pipe, a front air outlet duct with a connection adapter and screws, a venting hose with a connection adapter, a remote control, and a user guide. It also includes a battery with a window slider and a separate user guide.

FAQs: Know More About the Zero Breeze Mark 2

Q: Does Zero Breeze Mark 2 operate like a regular air conditioner?

A: To an extent, yes. The portable AC uses a patented compressor, which makes it possible to reduce the temperature indoors by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, which is uncommon amongst designs like this one. The compressor is barely the size of a can of soda, making Zero Breeze Mark 2 easy to carry and lightweight. It runs on battery alone, which most other designs do not, and it also can be used anywhere.

Q: Is Zero Breeze Mark 2 safe for use in other spaces, like cars and boats?

A: There are many places that the Zero Breeze Mark 2 cooler can be used, thanks to the lightweight design and portability. Whether in camping tents, RVs, cars, boats, and even small airplanes, this AC can be used anywhere that users can place it.

Q: How does Zero Breeze Mark 2 pull the heat from the air?

A: While Zero Breeze Mark 2 is on, the heat in the room is pushed out through the exhaust hose, which directs the air outside. The cool air fills the room to reduce the temperature.

Q: What kind of hose system does Zero Breeze Mark 2 use?

A: Zero Breeze Mark 2 includes a dual-hose system, which means that one hose is used to bring in fresh air and the other takes out the heat. The former generates air that can go through the condenser and circulate the cool air. If the user finds that this hose isn’t long enough for where they want to place the cooler, the creators recommend visiting Amazon ( to get a different length.

Q: How long does the battery need to be charged?

A: To charge from 0%, the battery may take up to five hours to be fully charged. While charging, the device will show a blinking light, but this light will stop flashing when the battery reaches 100%. Users should wait until the battery has finished charging and is unplugged before operating the AC.

Q: How do users set up the Zero Breeze Mark 2?

A: The Zero Breeze Mark 2 cooler has a lot of steps to set it up, so consumers will need to follow the directions carefully to hook up the hoses, set up their window, and adjust for the space they are cooling. While the package should include any manuals needed to set up Zero Breeze Mark 2, customers can download free digital copies of the guides online.

Zero Breeze Mark 2 Summary

Zero Breeze Mark 2 offers a solution for consumers that want all of the power of a traditional cooler, but don’t want the hassle and weight of moving it from room to room. With a handle and a lightweight design, it can easily be carried from one place to the next. The setup takes quite a few steps, so consumers may take a little longer before the user can turn on the device. However, the cooling process only takes about ten minutes once its on, so at least there won’t be much time to wait when it is ready to run.



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