Equipment Air Conditioners Polaire Portable AC Review: High Quality Personal Air Conditioner to Use?

Polaire Portable AC Review: High Quality Personal Air Conditioner to Use?


People who no longer want to endure the unbearable heat and loud noise made by their air conditioner can always turn to Polaire AC, touted as a best seller in evaporative coolers, and using an innovative EvaBreeze material to quickly cool a room and resolve all their noise problems. This portable air conditioning unit is also ultra-energy-efficient and boasts of over 1 million sold. Polaire AC can make people’s lives more comfortable and convenient. The portable AC unit is very easy to operate and doesn’t need to be installed by a professional as regular air conditioners do.

What Is Polaire Portable AC?

Polaire AC is a portable air conditioning unit that can be taken and used anywhere. It doesn’t consume too much energy, works to purify the air as it passes through the unit, and consumers will enjoy a much lower electricity bill. It’s not only portable and lightweight, but it also functions as a humidifier and doesn’t make any unpleasant loud noises. Furthermore, this AC unit features a leak-proof water tank system that is removable and mess-free that can be refilled in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Polaire Portable AC Tech Specs

Polaire AC is a personal cooling, evaporative, and portable AC unit that consumes between 7.5 and 12.5 W of electricity. Polaire needs no extensive installation or setup and makes only a 25 to 50 dB noise. Because it uses less power than other AC systems available on the market, it’s environmentally friendly and reduces the cost of the electricity bill. At the same time, Polaire AC doesn’t use any freon either, so it’s healthy for the entire family to use it. With a minimalist design, this air conditioning unit looks good in any room of the house.

FAQs for Polaire Portable AC

Q: What Makes Polaire AC So Special?

A: Polaire AC is made with Polaire’s innovative EvaBreeze material that increases the evaporation power and provides a more substantial cooling effect. Also, this material doesn’t catch any mold and is friendly with the environment.

Q: How Does Polaire AC Work?

A: When it comes to how Polaire AC works, this is by employing the evaporative principle. The evaporative process is 100% natural and cools down the air without endangering the health of those breathing in that air. The cartridge of this air conditioning unit becomes soaked with water, and after, it evaporates the water to humidify and cool the air.

Q: What Areas Can Polaire AC Cool?

A: Since it’s a personal AC unit, Polaire AC can only cool down individual areas. It needs to have its front grills facing the people who want to get rid of the heat.

Q: How Is Polaire AC Powered?

A: Polaire AC can be powered from pretty much any electricity source, but not from phones. Its minimal power requirements are 5 V, 2.5 A for evaSMART sources, and 5 V, 2 A when other sources are being used.

To contact the company behind Polaire for product concerns or questions can be done so by email at

Purchase Polaire Portable AC

Offering three different packages to choose from and includes a tracking number with free shipping;

  • 1 Polaire (50% discount already applied) $89 Shipping Included
  • The BEST SELLER 2 Polaire (66% discount already applied) $122 Shipping Included
  • 3 Polaire (71% discount already applied) $156 Shipping Included

Polaire Portable AC Conclusion

Looking at the opinions of people who bought the Polaire AC, it can safely be said that this air conditioning device is very efficient at cooling down any room or office. It can even be taken to the gym and camping. This portable AC unit is built with the most potent cleaner technology, which means it cleans the air and humidifies it, all for the health of its users to be ensured. Besides, it’s available at a 50% OFF price for a limited period. Those who want to get 2 Polaire AC units will benefit from a 64% reduction in cost, whereas three units come with a 69% discount.



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