Equipment Cleaning Devices CleanKey by KeySmart Review: Antimicrobial Brass Cooper Hand Tool?

CleanKey by KeySmart Review: Antimicrobial Brass Cooper Hand Tool?


Bacteria, viruses, and fungi all have the potential to invade and attack any living organism that exists. Interestingly, these germs grow by reaping through different nutrients’ sources in their environment. Who can forget the fact that they are not visible to the naked eye!

With fear induced by the coronavirus pandemic, consumers are surely to have wondered how simple actions can either make or break their life. Most importantly, one is likely to have thought of every possible way to keep their hands clean. This is where it is most fit to introduce KeySmart’s CleanKey.

CleanKey is KeySmart’s way of ensuring that consumers can go about their lives in a safe way that prevents them from directly coming into contact with germs. Here’s what there is to know:

What is CleanKey?

CleanKey is a hand-held tool that was manufactured using antimicrobial, 260 brass alloy. The intention behind this tool is to help consumers reduce germ exposure in public settings, whether it be by directly touching doors, buttons or touch screens of any sort.

How does CleanKey kill germs?

The main reason why CleanKey has the potential to kill germs is that it is made up of brass alloy, which contains 70% copper content. In a 2015 study [1], copper alloy samples were immunized with bacteria to see how much bacteria was caught and lived afterward and to measure infection rates in hospitals. The researchers concluded that bacteria died on copper alloy surfaces and infection rates were lowered. This seems to align with KeySmart’s claim that CleanKey has the potential to kill germs in up to four hours.

Say Safe During COVID-19 With KeySmart's CleanKey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who do I contact regarding my order?

One can either call customer service at (888) 900-5947, fill out a form or email them at

How many keys can I fit on CleanKey?

According to the claims made, one can fit up to 14 keys on CleanKey, however, this may vary depending on each key’s thickness and size among other factors.

Is there a return policy in place?

Should CleanKey not bring satisfaction to consumers, the KeySmart team is willing to accept returns as long as they are made within 30 days of customer receipt and it is not damaged in any way. To get started with the refund processes, consumers will have to contact first so that a return address can be provided. Most importantly, it is recommended that consumers keep their proof of purchase handy.

Is there a warranty on my CleanKey?

Yes, all KeySmart products purchased directly from comes with a 2-year warranty. Should one’s product undergo normal wear and tear within the 2 years, a new replacement will be shipped.

How much does CleanKeys cost?

Each CleanKey comes with a retractable carabiner. That said, here are a number of options to choose from:

  • 1 CleanKey + Free Retractable Carabiner: $34.94
  • 3 CleanKey + 3 Free Retractable Carabiner: $69.88
  • 5 CleanKey + 5 Free Retractable Carabiner: $104.81

There is free shipping for U.S orders over $34.95CAD and international orders over $62.91CAD.

CleanKey Final Thoughts

In a time where consumers have to be extra careful in regard to interacting with people and coming into contact with surfaces, a product like CleanKey can come in handy. This appears to prevent one from touching common public places such as doorknobs, buttons, and touchscreens. What makes CleanKey valuable is the presence of copper, which has been found as being effective in killing germs.

While a CleanKey can cost up to $35, there’s a warranty available should one need a replacement, a return policy should one feel dissatisfied and the material has been proven to limit the spread of germs. That said, the use of CleanKey doesn’t imply that consumers should refrain from their daily hand-sanitizing/washing routines. In fact, this is just an additional measure that could further protect one from falling ill.

Say Safe During COVID-19 With KeySmart's CleanKey



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