Equipment Dash Cams & Car Safety Nanotech Dashcam Review – Compact High Quality Car Video Recorder?

Nanotech Dashcam Review – Compact High Quality Car Video Recorder?


Motor vehicle crashes not only take a serious health toll on the population of the United States, but also cause a significant financial impact that in many cases can be extremely difficult to recover from.

Every year more than 6 million property-only motor vehicle accidents occur in the US, which, when combined with the 45,000 fatal crashes and 3.9 million injury crashes, contribute to a massive drain on the US economy.

The total cost of these accidents add up to more than 871 billion dollars annually in societal costs, which is composed of roughly 600 billion dollars in medical costs, economic losses, and decreased quality of life.

More than 24 million vehicles are damaged in motor vehicle accidents every year in the United States, the root cause of which is primarily speeding, followed by drunk driving and distracted driving.

The average annual cost of motor vehicle insurance in the United States is between $800 and $1000 per household, with the highest annual cost found in NYC, at $1,181.86 every year.

Despite the high cost of motor vehicle insurance, however, there is little guarantee that merely possessing insurance will cover you in the event of a fender bender or a serious accident.

In many cases, a lack of conclusive evidence means that your insurance company may not have your back should the worst happen. A high tech new solution has arisen, however, to arm drivers with the evidence they need to protect themselves in case of accidents and insurance claims.

Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular around the United States as powerful protective tools that make it possible to ensure you’re covered by your insurance at all times.

Designed to be affixed to either the interior or exterior of a motor vehicle, dash cams are generally charged via the electrical system of a car and provide continuous recording on an ongoing basis, providing drivers with a concrete record of their driving habits and the events leading up to a crash.

Dash cams are extremely popular in Europe and the UK, with several British motor vehicle insurance providers offering significant discounts to drivers who install a dash cam in their car.

Although the practice of constantly filming your driving with a dash cam is only now beginning to gain traction in the United States, the benefits of their use in expediting insurance claims have been proven in court.

In addition to assisting with insurance claims, dash cams are also a powerful way of keeping track of your vehicle and deterring would-be car thieves.

The biggest advantage of dash cams, however, is their low cost. As a dash cam is designed solely to continuously record video, they don’t need to offer all of the features of professional film equipment, such as the GoPro or other microcam devices.

One of the most popular dash cams on the US market currently is the Nanotech Dashcam, which offers discreet, reliable HD dash cam filming at a budget price.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Nanotech Dashcam and find out what it offers to help you determine whether it’s the right dash cam solution for you.

What Is The Nanotech Dashcam?

The Nanotech Dashcam is an innovative, easy to use, robust dash cam that offers one of the most simple and upfront designs available on the market.

Unlike expensive premium dash cameras that offer GPS tracking, car location information, Bluetooth connectivity, and other unnecessary features, the Nanotech Dashcam focuses only on continuously recording HD video, and it does so flawlessly.

By cutting down on useless bells and whistles, the Nanotech Dashcam offers drivers a full HD video recording solution that requires minimal management.

The Nanotech Dashcam records up to 12 hours of driving at a time, at which point the memory is reused, allowing drivers more than enough memory to pull data from a relevant time period in the event of a crash or accident.

Nanotech Dashcam Features & Functionality

Although the Nanotech Dashcam is a basic dash cam, it doesn’t compromise on video quality. All of the footage gathered by the Nanotech Dashcam is in 1080p high definition resolution, making it easy to capture license plate information from video data.

The Nanotech Dashcam is mounted to the interior of the windshield via a suction-cup mount, and can be pivoted on a socket joint to adjust filming direction. An ultra-wide angle lens offers a broad field of view, and a simple push-button menu system makes navigation easy.

Surprisingly, given the low cost of the device, the Nanotech Dashcam also offers an infrared lamp that films in night-vision mode during low-light conditions, and even boasts a motion detection system that activates the camera when movement is detected around the vehicle, making it a powerful security device.

The Nanotech Dashcam connects to a computer with a simple micro-USB connector, which allows drivers to drag and drop footage directly from the device with minimal fuss. A HDMI slot also makes it possible to play footage directly from the cam itself, a feature not present in many more expensive dashcam models.

The entire unit is powered via a simple charging cable that plugs into the electronic system of a car, negating the need for constant battery recharging.

Nanotech Dashcam Verdict

The Nanotech Dashcam is priced at just $39.99, which is surprisingly inexpensive for such a feature-rich dash cam. While the Nanotech Dashcam isn’t a GoPro, it certainly gets the job done as a reliable dash cam, and offers a few extra bonus features that are unexpected in a budget dashcam model.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, effective, and long-lasting dashcam solution for your vehicle, the Nanotech Dashcam is a great option.



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