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Lumi HD Projector Pro 2 Review – Hazel Harper Portable Bright TV Screen?


There are many different ways to memorialize and view some of life’s best moments. When it comes to the viewing process, for most people, a smart phone or computer screen will just not do the moment justice.

To truly enjoy from an optimal experience, it may be best to try adding a mini HD projector to one’s collection of gadgets. With the right projector, users can finally enjoy from an optimal experience and see the moments as clearly and beautifully as they should be displayed.

With that, this review would like to introduce Lumi HD Projector Full HD. This device may be just what most people need to turn any space into a home theater with ease.

What Is The Lumi HD Projector?

The Lumi HD Projector is a new device on the market that works well for anyone who is seeking to transform any space into a home theater. This system is tiny, portable, unique, and it gives users the ability to enjoy from a full theater experience, without all of the heavy equipment and other items.

Unlike other small projector devices, this one’s resolution and quality are impeccable, enabling users to have an optimal experience no matter where they are.

Massive Projection From A Small Device

There are many positive qualities of this projector, but one of the best is that such a tiny device enables users to enjoy from massive projection. As the brand explains, this projector’s projection abilities are “bigger than big,”

That is to say, those who use this device can reach up to 220” of projection, making any small-scale video into one that does the video justice.

Further, this product is able to adequately rival some of the best high-end projectors on the market. It’s bright and vibrant image generate 600 lumens and 800:1 contrast. With these qualities, users can truly feel confident that they are making a sound decision.

A True Theater Experience

Another quality to note about this projector is that it leads to a true theater experience as well. Al users need to do is to set up the device in a particular space and connect it to compatible technology.

This product is compatible with WiFi, HDMI, USB, Micro SD, and other card connections. To date, this product is used not only at home, but also by business professionals and schools that want to deliver optimal presentations and videos when needed.

Lumi HD Projector Full HD Ultra Benefits

There are many positive benefits to be had when one adds Lumi HD Projector Full HD Ultra to their gadget collection. Here are the main advantages of this device:

Impressive Resolution

First, this product features impressive resolution that enhances the quality and appearance of any image. The product’s resolution is 1080p HD, which makes it an ideal solution for those who want to play movies, attach a gaming device, perform business presentations, and so much more.

With all of these capabilities, users can finally enjoy from all of the benefits the product has to offer.

Massive Image

Second, this product produces a massive image. According to the brand, the product is able to generate 220 inches diagonally, making it akin to a full home theater. With this product, users can now enjoy from theater quality screen time without having to actually go to the movies.


Third, this product is meant to be ultra-portable. Those who visit the brand’s website will be able to note that the product is as small as one’s hand size. With this type of portable quality, users can take it with them anywhere and carry it to work and school without any issues.

Further, there are no inconvenient hook up devices that need to be used. Everything related to this device is a small and simple solution for optimal viewing qualities.

Easy to Use

Finally, this product is meant to be extremely easy to use. Just connect the device to the right technology and users can get started using this product as a home theater display system. For optimal results, it is recommended to display the image on a flat and clear wall or screen. This way, the image is as clear and crisp as can be.

Clearly, there are many great benefits to be had when one orders this product. Upon ordering, users will receive all of the necessary components, which include the Lumi HD Pro 2.0 Projector, a user manual, the remote control, 3.5mm to RCA AV cable, and a power adaptor.

With all of these components, users can get started and enjoy from all of the qualities that the projector has to offer.

No More Projector Problems

Another important quality to note is that this projector is designed to be of optimal quality. As the brand points out, the product is free from the common video jitters, color problems, lamp replacement issues, and the like. Therefore, this device eliminates the traditional problems so that users can finally see a clear, consistent, and high-quality image.

Lumi HD Projector Full HD Ultra Summary

Ultimately, those who are interested in ordering the Lumi HD Projector may want to visit the brand’s website today. The product is currently being priced at $99.99. Further, the product comes with free shipping.



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