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M1000 Military Spec Tactical Combat Watch Review


The M1000 Military Spec Combat Watch is a tactical timepiece that offers high profile performance features and benefits previously only available to professional personnel and officers.

Due to a recent surplus liquidation sale, the ready-for-combat state-of-the-art military-grade M1000 tactical smartwatch technology is now being offered to the public and is rumored and reported to be used exclusively by special operations units and embedded military advisors – until now.

Let's compare and review the M1000 tactical watch to other popular choices like the Rolex Submariner, Casio Smart Outdoor Watch, Seiko SNK809, Tag Heuer Calibre and Garmin Tactix GPS to see which is right for you.

Why Use The M1000 Military Spec Watch?

There are certain accessories that have always been a sign of wealth. Whether it’s designer purses or diamond jewelry, accessories are known for showing what type of life a person lives. However, for so many people, wealth doesn’t really matter, which has led to entirely different branch in accessories.

Certain accessories are purchased out of necessity, not to make some statement about how much a person makes. An example of this is watches. While there are several brands of watches available today, there are people who don’t need bejeweled, gold or silver bands around their wrists.

Those who live rougher, harsher lives need an accessory that matches their lifestyle. Unfortunately, these types of watches have been lacking when it comes to the regular consumer market.

One group of people who need their watches to be as tough as them are active service members. Cheap watches from department stores or even the more expensive watches purchased at high end stores aren’t tough enough to withstand the daily life of an active service member.

They live lives that very few people understand and they needed a watch that could stand up to those conditions.

In 2012, a watch was designed and manufactured specifically for active service members. These watches were made to last through all the things a regular service member would experience out in the field.

Unfortunately, these watches were never made available to the men and women serving the country. While it is a disappointment that service members will never be able to use these amazing watches, there is a benefit.

Now, these watches, called the M1000 combat watch, are available to the public. And because they need to be cleared from storage as soon as possible, they’re available at a huge discount right now.

This is the one and only chance many people will get to purchase a watch that was designed to withstand combat conditions.

About the M1000 Combat Watch

As mentioned above, the concept for the M1000 combat watch was started in 2012. At that point, a group of government contractors made thousands of tactical watches that had been designed to withstand even the most crucial demands.

The goal of the M1000 was to offer those out in the field a device that they could depend on, no matter where they were or what they were doing.

Unfortunately, due to huge budget cuts, the watches that were meant to serve active service members were no longer going to be purchased by the government.

Not only did this leave the manufacturers with thousands of watches sitting in their warehouses, but it left them with a huge financial burden.

In order to clear out their warehouses as soon as possible, to make room for more viable products, the people behind the M1000 are offering it to regular consumers.

Now, these watches, which were made to stand up the wear and tear of users in combat, are available to those who want a timepiece that really speaks to their lifestyle.

Perfect for hunters, campers, outdoors people, and those who just want a dependable watch, the M1000 is now available for a fraction of what the watch is actually worth.

However, because only a couple thousand of these watches were made, there is a limited supply, making it critical for those who want their M1000 to make their purchase as soon as possible.

Benefits of the Tactical M1000 Watch

The biggest benefit of the M1000 is that it was made to last. This tactical watch was designed to withstand the toughest conditions, ones that most people will never have to face. Because it was made to be so hardy, most people consider it the only watch they’ll ever need.

In fact, the M1000 combat watch comes with a lifetime warranty, backing up the quality of this watch.

This means that if at any point during its life the watch stops working or gets scratched or smashed, users can simply request a new one. Because the probability of the M1000 being ruined is so small, the creators of the watch are very confident in offering this warranty.

A watch is only as good as its specs, which is why so much focus was put into creating and designing this watch. Again, it was created for everyday use. These watches were made for the toughest people in the country, those who go through experiences a regular consumer can only imagine.

Because of this, these watches were packed full of amazing features, ones that now get to be used by those who want dependability in their watches. These features include:

  • Precision Quartz Movement
  • Tactical Spec Precision Accuracy
  • Waterproof up to 100 Meters (300 feet)
  • Dive Grade PU Band
  • Electroluminescent Lighting
  • 5 Alarm Settings, Accurate to the Second
  • Multi-Function 24 Hour Stopwatch

And these features are just the beginning of the benefits offered with the purchase of the M1000. Other benefits include:

  • Nearly Impossible to Break
  • Nearly Impossible to Scratch
  • Consistent Precision
  • Accuracy in all Modes
  • Lifetime Year Latch, Clasp, and PU Band
  • Durable and Dependable

And, if users find that the M1000 doesn’t reach the expectations or have all the amazing benefits listed above, it is guaranteed. If the face of the M1000 receives even the smallest of scratches, users can return it to the manufacturer and get a brand new watch, no questions asked.

However, because of the superior quality of the watch, it’s highly unlikely this guarantee will need to be taken advantage of.

Buy The Military-Grade M1000 Smartwatch?

As mentioned above, there is a huge discount at the moment for the M1000. While the watch typically costs several hundred dollars, it is now available at a 75% discount.

Because the watch was never able to make it to the people it was supposed to serve, military and others who faced daily combat, these watches have been sitting in a warehouse waiting to be sold for years. Because the manufacturer is ready to get these out of the way, they are now available at an incredibly cheap price.

What makes purchasing the M1000 so amazing is that even though the watch is discounted in price, the quality is the same as any other military combat watch. In fact, the M1000 is still backed by its guarantee.

Not only is the M1000 guaranteed to work for over 10 years, at least, but if the watch is scratched or stops working, it will be replaced, no questions asked. This guarantee itself is worth more than the watch that is being sold, making this current deal an amazing option that can’t be beat.

Below are the price listings for the M1000.

  • 1 M1000 Watch – $56/each ($56.00 total)
  • 2 M1000 Watches – $48.50/each ($97 total)
  • 3 M1000 Watches – $39/each ($117 total)
  • 4 M1000 Watches – $42.25/each ($169 total)
  • 5 M1000 Watches – $29/each ($145 total)
  • 10 M1000 Watches – $35.00/each ($350 total)
  • 15 M1000 Watches – $35.00/each ($525 total)
  • 20 M1000 Watches – $35.00/each ($700 total)

As is obvious above, the more M1000 watches purchased, the bigger the discount on the per watch price. This make purchasing watches as gifts for friends and family or even splitting the cost of the M1000 with others interested in purchasing the watch a great way to save money.



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