Infinite Power Solutions Chronos Wearables Review – SmartWatch Fitness Tracking Technology?

Chronos Wearables Review – SmartWatch Fitness Tracking Technology?


Chronos Wearables Review

Every man deserves to feel like he’s on top of his game. While inner confidence and a positive body image will certainly lend themselves to that feeling, it also helps to have the right man gear – like a classic looking watch with high-tech capabilities. It seems though that these qualities in a watch contradict themselves but fortunately, one brand is working hard to change that and is succeeding.

Chronos is the latest technology that you can attach to the bottom of any watch to attain smart technology that certainly helps you throughout your day. Here is everything you need to know about Chronos.


About Chronos

Chronos is smart technology that allows you to do so much more with your traditional watch. The technology is a smart little disk that you attach to the bottom of the clock. The disk is directly attached to the bottom of the clock, so it is not visible and it also does not touch your skin directly unless the clock is touching your sin too.

One of the best qualities to Chronos is its versatility. The product fits onto any watch that you own and you can even attach and re-attach it to utilize its great capabilities. While the product is certainly great option for your own needs, it also works well as a gift for a friend or that special someone in your life. Moreover, the product is mainly marketed towards men, however if you know a woman or are a woman who has a watch and needs smart technology, the it is still an ideal options.

Featured in Numerous Publications

You know you’ve found a high-quality and reliable product when its featured in numerous popular publications. Chronos has achieved widespread acknowledgement and a positive rapport for its capabilities. For example, the technology has been featured on the BBC, in the New York Time,  the Wallstreet journal, Bloomberg Business, and so many more publications.

Designed with “You in Mind”

Many products tend to miss their mark when it comes to marketing and design – but not Chronos. This product “hits the nail on the head” so to say. The product has many design features that you can certainly get excited about and enjoy from.

The main design features that you are bound to love and appreciate include:

Water Resistant

The small chip that you add to the bottom of your watch is splash proof. You can take your watch anywhere without having to worry that the chip is going to become damaged. Keep in mind that while the chip itself is protected, your watch may have different conditions that it can handle or cannot handle.

Fast Charge

Chronos is a device that needs to be charged, but unlike most technology, this chip will last you for an entire three days. The product comes with its own charging station so that you can refill the battery and apply.

Vibration and Light

The chip also combines custom pulses and light for notifications. For example, if you get a message on your cellphone, the chip will vibrate and emit an LED light. This makes managing your messages more convenient and easy. Another great and unique feature to the light is that it is fully customizable. You can set exactly how you want the chip to notify you of messages and other important information.

Magnet Free

Finally, if you are worried about residue left from attaching the chip to your watch, there is nothing to be concerned about. The chip is non-magnetic and the micro-suction chip detaches and it does not leave any residue in its wake.


Now that you know a bit about the watch technology and how the technology works, you are probably interested in hearing about the most important qualities of the chip, which are what it is capable of. When you use the Chronos chip, you can enjoy from the following capabilities:


If you enjoy listening to music but hate having to control it from your telephone, you can now do so through the chip technology. The chip allows you to keep music at your fingertips.

Health Data

Perhaps one of the most interesting features to the chip is that it provides you with health data that it gathers throughout the day. For example, as the chip rests against your skin, it tracks how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day, whether you’re meeting your fitness goals, and even your heart rate. This capability enables you to lead a healthier and better life.

Locate Your Phone

Losing your phone is a serious waste of time and it can also be stressful if you really do not recall where you’ve placed it. To make things so much easier for you, the chip contains technology that enables you to locate your device. Upon activating the technology, it will send a message to your phone, causing your phone to beep. This way, you can hear where your phone is located.

Control Your Camera with Your Watch

The chip technology also allows you to control your camera with your watch. You can take pictures, set the flash, and alter the camera shutter. This makes managing your photos and camera much easier.

Silence Calls

If you are in an important meeting or need your phone on silent, then you can inconspicuously do so through your watch. This prevents you from needing to fumble with your phone to silence it.

Pre-Order Today

If you are interested in Chronos technology, then you should visit the brand’s website as soon as possible. The company is currently offering the product at a promotional price of just $69, which is different from the original price of $129.

While the product may seem costly, it is well worth the price. Those who have already received their Chronos technology are very pleased with the results and all of the interesting and useful advantages that the product has to offer.


Overall, Chronos is highly recommended for both men and women. You’ll love the range of capabilities, the way it fits onto the watch, and the lack of permanent adhesion. The device also enables you to lead a healthier, more convenient, and better lifestyle.



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